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Master Slider WordPress is a premium high quality designed image and content slider for WordPress, with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gesture that you have never experienced before. It’s a truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfect in all major devices. Master Slider is an awesome layer slider as well, with the ability of adding any HTML contents (texts, images, …) in layers. You almost have everything in Master slider which is the most complete among the best, hotspots, thumbnails, variety of effects, Video support and much more.

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Master Slider Changelog

Version 2.2.0 / (25.07.2014)

- [New Feature]: Introducing scroll parallax effect 
- [New Feature]: Auto play option added to youtube and vimeo videos
- [Fix]: A minor bug in looping slider fixed
- [Update]: Translate files updated

Version 2.1.0 / (22.07.2014)

- [New Feature]: Pattern overlay added to slide
- [Fix]: An issue with aligning layers fixed

Version 2.0.4 / (14.07.2014)

- [Improvement]: Some improvements in importing process
- [Improvement]: The fallback for old versions of jQuery removed
- [Fix]: An issue with adding inline css for tab control fixed
- [Update]: Translate files updated

Version 2.0.3 / (03.07.2014)

- [Fix]: An unwanted log error fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with 'go to slide' action fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with thumbnail control fixed
- [Improvement]: some improvement for positioning layers when admin panel inits

Version 2.0.0 / (01.07.2014)

- [New Feature]: Introducing new layer type for adding buttons to slides.
- [New Feature]: Introducing visual button editor. Now you can select your preferred button style from huge collection of ready to use button styles or create and reuse your custom buttons.
- [New Feature]: Introducing layer action. Now you can set special action for layers ( go to next slide, go to previous, pause slider, .. )
- [Improvement]: An issue with displaying several instance of same slider on single page fixed ( when built-in cache was enabled )
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying widget title in sidebar fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with flickr API fixed
- [Update]: Translate files updated
- [Update]: Documentation updated

Version 1.8.8 / (21.06.2014)

- [New Feature]: introducing cache boosting to make Masterslider even more faster! (enable from Masterslider setting)
- [New]: Categories and tags added to dynamic tags in post slider and woo slider
- [Improvement]: Usability improvement in license activation form
- [New Feature]: Uninstall feature added to Masterslider
- [Fix]: An issue with adopting proper style after importing slider fixed
- [Fix]: return empty value if meta tag value is empty or not found in post slider and woo slider
- [Update]: Translate files updated

Version 1.8.5 / (12.06.2014)

- [New Feature]: New option added to layer options to fix layer position
- [New Feature]: Compability with prettyPhoto lightbox added
- [Fix]: An issue with aligning slide info fixed 
- [Fix]: An issue with max-width in hotspot fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with z-sorting in 3D view fixed

Version 1.8.4 / (06.06.2014)

- [Improvement]: Performance improvement for parallax effects
- [Fix]: An issue with height of slide info fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with auto-play feature on video slides fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with woocommerce product slider in multisite fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with positioning layers in first slide with no slide background fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with updating layer content while typing in text editor fixed
- [Update]: WooCommerce single product slider is now disabled by default. 
- [Update]: Language files updated
- [Update]: Documentation updated

Version 1.8.3 / (03.06.2014)

- [New Feature]: Masterslider is now multisite compatible.
- [New Feature]: New API to let developers add their own slider skins
- [Fix]: Now post slider accepts special tags for slide info too
- [Fix]: An issue with loop option for slide video background fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with layer position origin fixed

Version 1.8.0 / (30.05.2014)

- [New feature]: Introducing WooCommerce product slider
- [New feature]: Introducing layer position origin. Now you can position layers from top left, center, top right, bottom left, ..
- [New feature]: New option added to slide options to specify background color for each slide ( under slides > Misc tab )
- [New feature]: New option for link target added to slide options in post slider
- [New feature]: New option for hotspot added to "Stay tooltip on mouse over" 
- [New feature]: New feature to replace woocommerce default product slider in product single page with Masterslider (You can enable or disable this feature in Masterslider setting)
- [New feature]: Thumbnail control added to post slider and woocommerce product slider
- [Fix]: An issue with "Show layers before slide transition complete" option in layer options fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with slide duration in post slider fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with automatic update fixed
- [Fix]: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.7.3 / (24.05.2014)

- [Improvement]: Style improvement for vertical arrows
- [Fix]: An issue with layer effect on image layers fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying the list of post types on edit page fixed
- [Fix]: An Issue with playing video backgrounds with ogv extension fixed

Version 1.7.2 / (16.05.2014)

- [New feature]: Support for post meta fields in post slider added.
- Now you can display post meta fields in post slider by adding post meta key in {{}}
- For example to display value for a meta field with 'project_link' id you just need to add {{project_link}} in slide content.

Version 1.7.1 / (15.05.2014)

- [Fix]: An issue with post slider on front page fixed

Version 1.7.0 / (15.05.2014)

- [New Feature]: Introducing post slider. Now you can create a slider to dynamically load content from any post types.
- [New Feature]: Introducing parallax layers effect. Now you can add parallax effect to layers while swiping slides or moving mouse.
- [Improvement]: Improvement on positioning slider controls
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying slide image on video slide fixed

Version 1.5.0 / (07.05.2014)

- [New Feature]: Introducing facebook slider
- [New Feature]: 8 new slider templates added. ( Tablet and Smartphone templates )
- [New Feature]: 8 new sample sliders added. ( for Tablet and Smartphone templates )
- [New Feature]: New option added to thumblist control for controlling thumbnail fill mode
- [New]: Developer documentation added
- [New]: get_masterslider_parsed_data function added for theme developers
- [New]: New filter and action hooks added for theme developers
- [Fix]: An issue with displaying "created_date" in list view fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with overlapping contents on bottom side of slider fixed

Version 1.3.3 / (30.04.2014)

- [New Feature]: Now imported images will be added to media library too, for easier media management
- [New]: 2 new sample sliders added. "video gallery sample 2", "fullscreen slider with video background" 
- [New]: 2 new templates added. "flat-display" and "flat-laptop" 
- [New]: New option in global setting added that let you to hide update/info table
- [Improvement]: Some improvement in pagination of list view table
- [Improvement]: Performance improvement
- [Fix]: An issue with themes using bootstrap 3 fixed. Now master slider is fully compatible with bootstrap
- [Fix]: An issue with "display" template fixed
- [Fix]: An issue with running 3D transitions on Enfold theme fixed

Version 1.3.0 / (28.04.2014)

- [New feature]: Introducing flickr slider
- [New feature]: Rich api added for developers to add their preferred sample sliders.
- [New feature]: 23 new sample sliders added to slider panel. Create your preferred slider with just one simple click!
- [New feature]: Auto Importing/Fetching images added to importer!
- [Improvement]: Filtering added to sliders table.
- [Fix]: Some typo fixed in help tab

Version 1.1.2 / (20.04.2014)

- [New feature]: Auto update feature added
- [New feature]: CKeditor editor replaced with TinyMce 
- [New feature]: New option "Slider wrapper width" for "boxed" and "parialview" layout added
- [Improvement]: Now you can import export preset styles and preset transitions too.
- [Improvement]: Some style improvement in admin panel
- [Fix]: addressed some issue with loading jquery on some themes and bug fixed.
- [Fix]: An issue with adding custom css code to page fixed.
- [Update]: language files updated

Version 1.0.5 / (15.04.2014)

- [Improvement]: some style improvement for gallery template

Version 1.0.4 / (15.04.2014)
[fix]: An issue with hotspot alignment fixed.

Version 1.0.3 (14.04.2014)

- [New]: Auto image crop feature added as option
- [New]: Now you can add shortcodes as content for layers and slide info
- [Improvement]: laptop and display templates added
- [Update]: force browser to reload cached css after saving slider

Version 1.0.0 (12.04.2014)

- Initial release