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can i user the script in two subdomains? duplicate the folder and assign each folder for my two subdomains?

Yes sure. Just let Maili to use the same database and you’re ready.

Can you import email address via text or excel files?

Yes, usually I pass you a script to import email addresses from a csv files

Hi there

I am interested in trying this out but the demo won’t let me login – could you please check if everything is ok and if no send me correct login details / link.

Thanks X

Hello. I have just verified the login credentials and all works properly, actually everything seems to be ok. Username: “andrea” | Password: “thisisok”. Let me know if all works at your end. Best, Andrea.

Hi Andrea, congratulations for the great script. I bought it some time ago but I’m only trying now. I wanted to ask if you can set up Maili on a shared aruba hosting, and if so, could you tell me the configuration settings smtp? if aruba is not able, can you tell me some other hosting? thanks

I andreagruttadauria, I’m glad to hear you like it! However, you can set up Maili wherever you want to. Personally, I have tested it on a shared hosting on netsons. For the SMTP credentials, you need to have them in order to use their server to send newsletters. If you have any troubles please contact me via email :) Best

Ciao Andrea, complimento per il lavoro; come posso importare i miei contatti? grazie

Ciao, grazie per i complimenti :) contattami privatamente a mezzo email, ti invio uno script di import :)


We had a quick look on your script, but i have couple of questions?

1.-It is possible to upload any data bases from excel or similar?, if so, how?.

2.-Any limits on the amount of subscribers, data bases?

3.-Any limits on the amount of emails to be sent?.

4.-Any particular needs to set it on the server?



Hello Joe

1. csv format. I have a script which I could give you to perform the import.

2. no limits. Just your db’s size

3. it depends on your server. Also, you can set up an external server mailer.

4. mod rewrite is suggested.

Best, Andrea

it is possible that the smtp server is not working I write down my settings for the SMTP but the mails are not sent please help

What is the hostname setting for smtp?

hello sacha007. Something like smtp.hostname.ext or ip address, as you prefer. If you’re experiencing any troubles please send me an email with your report: I’ll help you asap. Best

Hi I interested in buying this but have some pre-purchase questions

1) Can this be just used to for newsletter email signup. I won’t be using it to send emails just collect them

2) Do you any preview link not the admin but a site using the newsletter sign up


Hello pepin,
  • 1) Yes, sure!
  • 2) I don’t have a site with subscription form only. You can include the subscription form wherever you want. You can check it here. One thing more: you can manage all the fields you see from the admin panel.

hello… i did purchase it long time back.. i dont remember when..

now i have started using it but facing problems..

when i put any completer html newsletter code in the template and save it it saves but when i try to add in the newsletter it doesnt and when i checked the source everything is messed there.. can u please help and please if u can assist to make the default language to english??

waiting for your kind and prompt response…

but when i check the same process online it is working fine regarding putting the htl code and etc….

Hello, please send me all the information about the issues you are facing via email: I will offer support through email.


email sent to u please check

Do you have an English Demo version. I loved your product but couldn’t get much into the demo without English.

Absolutely yes, Maili comes in two languages as default: italian and english. Maybe somebody has changed the system language to Italian. If you wanna change it to english you should follow this steps: “impostazioni > seleziona lingua > en > cambia lingua” and you should have done it.

I’m looking to get a new Newsletter program and am looking at yours. I’ve been into the online demo but I don’t see where to create the subscription form. Is it left out of the demo or not part of the demo?

Hello JenJohnston, you can find the subscription form here. You can manage and customize it by using the administration panel. The way to implement it with one row of code is explained inside the quick start guide already included in the package, ready for the download. Enjoy


DannLea Purchased

Any process on updating to MySQLi? I just started coding it but curious as to if you are working on it already.

Hello DannLea, actually it is not in planning yet. Thank you