Lively Validator

Lively Validator

Lively Validator is the jQuery plugin that validates form input data. It checks that only valid data is submitted, and also provides a user-friendly, responsive and lively interface to guide users as they fill out a form. With a selection of over 30 different validation types including required, confirm, alphabetic, credit card numbers, minimum and maximum number or characters, file size, file type and dates.

The plugin displays two types of messages: guides and alerts. Both are displayed in stylish tooltips whenever a user points their mouse over a form’s field. Guides are displayed when a field is empty, and contains instructions on how to fill the form field. Alert messages are displayed whenever a field is incorrectly filled, and warn the user about a problem.


Over 30 validation rules for different types of data including numbers, files, dates and strings. You can easily extend the plugin with their own custom rules.

Both client-side (the jQuery plugin) and server-side (a PHP class) validation supported.

Stylish tooltips for instant feedback. The look is fully customizable using CSS.

HTML5 aware – recognizes and supports all the new HTML5 form input types and attributes.

Two types of feedback messages: Guides for helpful instructions before filling, and Alerts for errors messages. Each validation rule has its own Guide and Alert message, which you can change and customize for all fields at once, or just one form field.

Allows multiple validation rules to be specified on the same element.


  • required
  • confirm
  • min
  • max

  • alphabetic
  • alphanumeric
  • color
  • credit card number
  • email address
  • maximum character length
  • minimum character length
  • numeric text
  • telephone numbers
  • URLs

  • age
  • maximum number
  • minimum number
  • number

  • document
  • file extension
  • file mime subtype
  • file mime type
  • image files
  • maximum file size
  • minimum file size

  • date
  • HTML5 datetime
  • HTML5 datetimeLocal
  • maximum (latest) date
  • minimum (earliest) date
  • HTML5 month
  • HTML5 time
  • HTML5 week
  • by