Live Tweets 2.1 - jQuery - Twitter API 1.1 Ready

Live Tweets 2.1 - jQuery - Twitter API 1.1 Ready - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Live Tweets is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily create a LIVE Twitter feed on your website. You can search on hashtags (#apple), usernames, @mentions and more using the Twitter operators. All results will be pulled into your website resulting in a up to date feed.

—New features as of 2014-02-01
- Users can now reply to a tweet.
- Users can now retweet a tweet.
- Users can now favorite a tweet. - Updated documentation
- Restyled CSS of LiveTweets

Check out the renewed LIVE preview!

— Twitter API 1.1 Ready!!
As of June 11 the Twitter Public API has been deprecated, I have released an update for LiveTweets that communicates with the new Twitter 1.1 API. Please download the new version of the plugin.

Its completely written in JavaScript using the jQuery framework.

We recommend the Live Preview!

Features - Twitter operator based search. - Set the number of start tweets. - Set the tweets per second. - Convert hashtags and usernames to links. - Show thumbnails on/off.

Features - Live Tweets - Search on all available Twitter operators ( - Customize through CSS - Easy implementation

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