Live Composer - Front-End WordPress Page Builder

Live Composer is a front-end WordPress Page builder plugin. The front-end means you are building your posts and pages directly on the page, not in the admin.

Looking for the perfect theme to use Live Composer? Volts it is!

Want to use Live Composer in your Themes?

If you want to use Live Composer in your themes here on ThemeForest, please purchase 1 extended license for each themes (as long as there is no Developer License available) you put on the marketplace! If you have questions about this agreement please contact us.

What is Live Composer

Live Composer is a front-end WordPress page builder plugin with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to be made easily and without any coding.

Live Feeback

In Live Composer, the content of you pages is built directly on the page, right there in the front-end. This allows you instant feedback on the changes you make and removes the need to go back and forth between the back-end and the front-end.

Extends the theme

Besides the usual modules such as buttons, text, accordions, Live Composer comes with special post types like Projects, Galleries, Downloads, Testimonials, Staff and Partners which push any theme to the next level.

Module Options

Each of the modules comes with many functionality and styling options which allows countless variations to be made easily and without any coding. Want to change paddings, margin, font size, font families, border, background… it’s EASY.

Responsive Options

Easily adjust the modules for tablets and phones with the help of numerous simple to use options that each of the modules comes with.

Templates System

Using the template system you can easily export and import content from one page to another, even from one website to another. LC also comes with some premade templates you can use and modify to your needs, and there will be many more templates to come.

Single Post Templates

Apart from being able to create custom pages, Live Composer also allows you to create post templates that will be used when a single post is shown ( like a blog post ). You can of course have as many templates as you wish, you can choose which post will use which template.

Acces Control

Access control allows you to set who can use Live Composer features. Separate options for who can add/edit/delete downloads, projects, portfolios…

Interactive Tutorials

The interactive tutorials from the demo website are now available in the plugin itself, so you ( or your clients ) can access it directly on their website.

Element Modules

  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Image
  • InfoBox
  • Notification
  • Progress Bar
  • Separator
  • Slider
  • Social
  • Tabs
  • Text
  • Widgets
  • HTML

Posts Modules

  • Posts ( all post types )
  • Blog
  • Downloads
  • Galleries
  • Partners
  • Projects
  • Staff
  • Testimonials
  • WooCommerce

Post Template Modules

  • Comments
  • Comment Form
  • Content
  • Download Button
  • Gallery Slider
  • Meta
  • Thumbnail
  • Excerpt