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Live Composer is a front-end WordPress Page builder plugin. The front-end means you are building your posts and pages directly on the page, not in the admin.

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Want to use Live Composer in your Themes?

If you want to use Live Composer in your themes here on ThemeForest, please purchase 1 extended license for each themes (as long as there is no Developer License available) you put on the marketplace! If you have questions about this agreement please contact us.

What is Live Composer

Live Composer is a front-end WordPress page builder plugin with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to be made easily and without any coding.

Live Feeback

In Live Composer, the content of you pages is built directly on the page, right there in the front-end. This allows you instant feedback on the changes you make and removes the need to go back and forth between the back-end and the front-end.

Extends the theme

Besides the usual modules such as buttons, text, accordions, Live Composer comes with special post types like Projects, Galleries, Downloads, Testimonials, Staff and Partners which push any theme to the next level.

Module Options

Each of the modules comes with many functionality and styling options which allows countless variations to be made easily and without any coding. Want to change paddings, margin, font size, font families, border, background… it’s EASY.

Responsive Options

Easily adjust the modules for tablets and phones with the help of numerous simple to use options that each of the modules comes with.

Templates System

Using the template system you can easily export and import content from one page to another, even from one website to another. LC also comes with some premade templates you can use and modify to your needs, and there will be many more templates to come.

Single Post Templates

Apart from being able to create custom pages, Live Composer also allows you to create post templates that will be used when a single post is shown ( like a blog post ). You can of course have as many templates as you wish, you can choose which post will use which template.

Acces Control

Access control allows you to set who can use Live Composer features. Separate options for who can add/edit/delete downloads, projects, portfolios…

Interactive Tutorials

The interactive tutorials from the demo website are now available in the plugin itself, so you ( or your clients ) can access it directly on their website.

Element Modules

  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Image
  • InfoBox
  • Notification
  • Progress Bar
  • Separator
  • Slider
  • Social
  • Tabs
  • Text
  • Widgets
  • HTML

Posts Modules

  • Posts ( all post types )
  • Blog
  • Downloads
  • Galleries
  • Partners
  • Projects
  • Staff
  • Testimonials
  • WooCommerce

Post Template Modules

  • Comments
  • Comment Form
  • Content
  • Download Button
  • Gallery Slider
  • Meta
  • Thumbnail
  • Excerpt


May 28th 2014 ( v1.0.4.5 )


- Sometimes when editing text ( the WYSIWYG ) the current content does not show in the editor
- Meta Module - Class issue
- Tabs & Accordion Modules - Backspace not working when editing titles
- Product Module - Altering defaults does not work


- All Post Modules - Do not show any of the thumbnail elements if post does not have a thumbnail
- All Post Modules - Newer/Older ( Prev/Next ) pagination option added
- Image Module - Options to resize the image's height and width
- 71 new icons ( Font Awesome 4.1 )
- Staff Module - Option to enable/disable linking to the single staff member page
- Separator - Thickness option
- Load the fonts that are needed for LC mode only when LC mode is active

May 6th 2014 ( v1.0.4.4 )


- Password protected LC pages didn't show the password prompt
- Error when a module that no longer exists is on a page
- Error when a styling option is added in functionality section
- Meta Module - All cateogies/tags were shown instead only the ones that are attached to the post.
- Infobox Module - Title slashes issue


- Single Post Module now available when templating system disabled
- Removed fadeIn/fadeOut animations on module/area/row hover for a more smoother experience ( fading slowed things down )
- Contributors added as a possible option for access control
- No calling of WebFont when the font is a regular one
- All Modules - Justify added as text align option
- Text Module - Content styling changes now affect paragraphs as well
- Text Module - Margin bottom option for paragraphs
- Blog Module - Additional class added for blog posts regarding their format, blog-post-format-THEFORMAT
- Meta Module - The categories/tags now link to their archive page

April 17th 2014 ( v1.0.4.3 )


- Next tutorial link ( at the end of a tutorial ) not working
- CSS issues with comments module
- Testimonials slug wrong
- Single download page returns 404
- Gallery Slider Module - Default animation type wrong
- Gallery Slider Module - Width sligtly bigger than container
- Gallery Slider Module - Border Radius not affecting image
- Testimonials Module - Layout issue when author set on right side
- Meta Module - The spacing option ( between the meta sections ) affects each category ( and tag ) making too much spacing
- WYSIWYG Editor - Some actions broken ( WordPress 3.9 related )
- Accordion and Tabs content editing broken


- Do shortcode on [dslc_custom_field] shortcode output
- Thumbnail Module - Bottom margin option

April 10th 2014 ( v1.0.4.2 )


- WP classes on non-singular pages ( archive, search, homepage ) overwritten by LC and in some cases an error shown
- Columns break when a post doesn't have a thumbnail.
- Module options tabs don't get hidden on save/cancel ( specific scenario only )
- The WYSIWYG editor shows processed shortcodes ( instead of a call it turns into the HTML output )

April 1st 2014 ( v )


- Issue with text not being editable in some modules ( button, notification... )
- Templates not showing in admin

March 28th 2014 ( v 1.0.4 )


- Issue with Comments Form module
- Instagram duplicated in Social Module
- Conflict with another drag&drop feature from a theme
- Bug when changing the modules filter when the modules listing is scrolled
- Page scrolls to top when changing vertical padding on a row
- Issue with parallax feature on long pages
- Product price CSS issue
- Carousel item spacing not correct
- Icons not being properly centered
- Error messages on 404 page
- Issue with content not being properly returned when no LC content added ( on some themes )
- Backspace key ( when not in an input ) going back to previous page
- Products Module – When title and categories disabled the whole main area disapears
- Issue with Text module styling options not being properly applied
- On some themes media modal ( adding an image ) goes behind some elements
- In Chrome the module helper ( blue square when dragging a module from the list ) position issue
- Templates list scroller not working
- If modules has padding the masonry does not calculate properly and brakes the layout
- Issue with the !important option for CSS
- Issue with parallax on mobile ( now switched to regular BG when on mobile )
- Meta Module – Styling issues
- Google fonts not working properly on https
- Default state of colorpickers in row options not correct


- Allow DISQUS to take over the Comments module
- Possibility to set “max width” in percentages
- Allow theme/plugin developers to alter which post type will use the “post templates” system and which one will behave normally ( like a page )
- Option to put thumbnail aside of content ( like in blog module ) for all posts modules
- Ask for confirmation when deleting a row, area or a module
- Use WordPress WYSIWYG editor for Text module
- Option to show full content instead of excerpts in all posts modules
- Enable HTML editing for tabs and accordion contents
- Widget Module – Styling options for lists
- Text and HTML modules – Styling for H1
- All Posts Modules – Option to disable row separator
- All Posts Modules – Do not output the main area when all the main area elements are disabled
- All Posts Modules – Option to set width for the thumbnail to be resized to
- All Posts Modules – Call shortcode on excerpt output
- All Posts Modules – .dslc-post-no-thumb class on .dslc-post element when the post does not have a thumbnail
- Blog Module – Avatar added
- Meta Module – Avatar added
- Switch tabs to regular content with headings on mobile


- “In Viewport” animations for modules
- Option to turn off columns spacing in a row
- Access Control
- Interactive Tutorials ( like on the demo ) accessible on any installation
- Option to set custom classes and IDs for rows
- All Posts Module – Option to put the main area inside of the thumbnail animation options position options
- Row Export/Import
- The Excerpt – New Module
- For Developers – Generation of code needed for altering module defaults

February 21st 2014 (v 1.0.3)


- Numerous notices in the backend settings.
- Blog Module - General styling options weren't affecting anything.
- Issue with the column layout braking in some cases.
- Issue with a specific popular theme that made the layout ( width ) options not show on click.


- Product Thumbnail now links to the post
- Colorpicker replaced with a better one ( accepts alpha/transparency )
- Text Module - More styling options for the headings (h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 ) like bg, padding, border...


- Dashboard updates system integrated. ( known as "Automatic Updates" ).
- Translation Ready
- Feature Control ( ability to enable/disable modules )
- Posts Module - Displays posts from any post type registered ( plugins can be used to create custom post types )
- Option to force !important on CSS rules made by LC ( in case the theme's CSS overwrites LC CSS )

February 5th 2014 (v 1.0.2)


- When the columns do not amount to 12/12 ( 10/12 + 4/12 ), the columns in the next rows were broken.
- Page content ( from WYSIWYG editor ) was showing when you activate the LC mode on a page without LC content.
- Input height on save and load template popups
- The carousel was forced to 4 columns on <1199px, 3 on <980px and 2 on <768px ( owlCarousel plugin defaults )
- On some themes the post title options ( 6 modules ) weren't affecting the post title.
- RTL ( right-to-left content orientation ) fixes.
- In some themes the row controls weren't positioned properly.


- On some themes the LC content was not showing, the whole logic behind figuring out if it should show or not is rewritten.
- Staff Module. New option added to choose whether the social links open in a new tab or not ( Functionality ? Other ).
- Galleries Module. Option to show the gallery lightbox on thumbnail/title click ( Functionality ? Other ).


- Shortcode for outputing a custom field value. [dslc_custom_field id="FIELD_ID" post_id="POST_ID"]. Use the post_id parameter only if you want to output the custom field value of a specific post/page, leave empty for dynamic.
- Possibility to programmatically change the default option values of existing modules. Main purpose is to let theme developers that want to use LC in their theme set the defaults to fit their design. More info will be in a dev tutorial.
- The  will have "dslc-page" class if the currently shown post/page has LC powered content. Main purpose is so users can easily target the content wrapper of the theme and make it full-width only for LC without affecting the regular pages powered by the theme.

January 23rd 2014 (v 1.0.1)


- The drag&drop helper element had an offset bug in Chrome v32 based on how far the page was scrolled.
- Setting row vertical padding to 0px was defaulting to 50px.
- Height of the select input field was short in Safari.
- Issue where a module already added on a page was not getting the default value of a newly introduced option.
- LC options were not showing in the admin.
- Had issue with another plugin that was hooking into get posts filter and using some WP variables that weren't ready at the point when LC used get_posts function.
- Fatal Error with themes that had Aqua Resizer script but no conditional to check if it was already defined.
- On some themes, the CSS from the theme was influencing the height of the module/row option form fields.
- For some themes the content of LC wasn't showing, the logic behind figuring out when it should show is improved now.
- The add to cart and details links didn't have correct links in the products module.


- All posts modules now have a new option, offset to set how many posts to skip. Good for building a magazine layout.
- Product Module - Options to change the "Add to cart" and "Details" text.


- HTML module. Use it for custom HTML and for calling shortcodes ( most importantly for the shortcodes, since the text module was parsing them imediately which made it imposible to edit the shortcode after that ).
- Content module. Output the page's content ( from the WYSIWYG editor ).