Link Aggregator - PHP Link Sharing Script

Link Aggregator - PHP Link Sharing Script

For anybody having trouble installing it and getting a database error, you need to run the sql code from UPDATE.SQL in your database ;)

Link Aggregator is a PHP script which allows you to create your own link sharing site similiar to Reddit, Digg, Fark & etc. For example, you can use it to create the next Reddit or offer a type of news portal for your clients.


  • Users can submit their own links
  • Category system
  • AJAX Liking System – Users can ‘like’ links
  • Login/Registration with Captcha
  • Built using CodeIgniter, jQuery and Skeleton
  • Commenting System
  • Reporting System
  • Share links
  • Simple & beautiful user interface
  • Customize your site using the config
  • RSS feed exporting
  • Sort by New, Top, or Hot
  • Powerful admin area
  • User profile system (users can edit settings)
  • Pagination
  • Spam Protection


You can access the live demo here. Please note that the links/images in the demo have been uploaded by viewers and may contain nudity or disturbing images and that the author of this script is not responsible for it.

Demo User

Username: demo_user

Password: demo12345

Demo Admin

Username: demo_admin

Password: demo12345


  • Upload the files to your server
  • The installation folder depends on where you installed Link Aggregator. If you uploaded the files into a subfolder, the link to the installation assistant would look like this:
  • Follow the instructions of the installation assistant
  • If you’re having trouble with the installation, send me an e-mail at or leave a comment.



- Added “Share” button - Added thumbnails - Added reporting system - Minor design changes - Added commenting system – Users can leave comments – Users and admins can delete comments - Cleaned up code