Lightspot Slider - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Lightspot Slider is a WordPress plugin that allows you easy and fast to create and control image slider for your page header.

  • jQuery Driven
  • Uses AJAX (optional)
  • Uses Image Preloader
  • Image links for further reading (optional).
  • Auto slideshow with pause on hover (optional).
  • Resizable.
  • Control number of visible thumbnails (minimum of 2)
  • Control number of visible right side buttons (minimum of 2, can be turned off).
  • Image description box with option for individual background color (optional).
  • Thumbnail description box with option for individual background color (optional).
  • Shortcode

From your Admin Panel go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Browse and pick the lightspotslider archive file. Click “Install Now” button. Click “Active Now” after the plugin has been installed. A new menu should now appear in your Admin Menu called “Lightspot Slider”.

Before adding images you will have to create a category that will hold your images. You will have to create at least 1 category.

By default the slider displays images from all categories. You can specify in the general settings or in the shortcode itself whether you want to display images from specific categories only.

From your Admin Panel go to Lightspot Slider -> Categories -> Add Category. Enter category name and click “Save Changes”.

From your Admin Panel go to Lightspot Slider-> Slides. You will see a list with categories you have created and button to the right “Add slide to this category”. Add the slide information and click Save Changes.

The plugin uses the shortcode [lightspotslider] to display the front-end content. From your Admin Panel create new Page or Post and type [lightspotslider].

If you want to call it directly through “do_shortcode” use: <?php echo do_shortcode(“[lightspotslider]”); ?>

Default usage:
Load specific categories only:
[lightspotslider defaultcat=1,2,3,4]
Where 1,2,3,4 are categories id.

If you intend to call the shortcode with “echo do_shortcode(“[lightspotslider]”);” make sure you have loaded the scripts first by using:

<?php Lightspotslider::enqueue_scripts(); ?>

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