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Sadly this is still one of the best lightbox solutions for wordpress if you want to have some decent customization.

But the problem is its not responsive. IS it ever going to be responsive for videos?!

Can I see what the backend looks like on Wordpress?

One of the main things I want to do is ot add videos. Is it possible to have a shortcode to add youtube videos.

Say something like [LE]ZcjLoBkuNLQ[/LE] – the bit in between being a youtube video code

If I get the Wordpress version… do you get the standalone version included?

I’ll wait for a reply before buying



Support for this product no good

I still might buy as I don’t see anything better

It’s rubbish though that there is no replies to questions :(

Hi I need some help here. On: http://www.phnompenhrealestate.net/ I not have any direct Start Page or Home. Its build in a different way.

Now I want to put out a “popup” on the start page that automatically popup when the start page is loaded – how can I do this?

I got the code placed in the footer and it work as you see, but how do I get the image to show . I dont know where to place the shortcode because I not have any start page.

I go for refund… cant fucking wait 15 days for a answer that some seams to do!

Hello, I want to know how I can resize my photo in this way ( width = 100% of the window of the browser height = height*aspect ratio ) thanks.


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Great to see a new version of this awesome plugin! :) Thanks – hope to see continuing support into the future once more

Thanks for reviving this excellent plugin!


Ace47 Purchased

This is responsive,... Right?

No, sorry!

Thanks for reviving man great to see u back!



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Hello, I have a problem with playing video in lightbox. The lightbox does appear, but it stays open for ~1 seconds then redirects me to youtube website. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks, Sebastian

Could you send me the link of the video? Also, in which browser do you have that problem?

Can I create multiple separate galleries in a post or page? so as not to have all the images in zoom? :-)

Yes, of course.

On the visual editor, click on “Add Media”, Create Gallery, Select the pictures you want, Click on “Create Gallery”, and in the right side of the panel you will see the “Gallery Settings”. Select “Link To: Media File” and Insert the gallery.

Each gallery is independent.

I bought the plugin, but I do not know how to get out into the lightbox title.

Help !!!

Edit the gallery, select each image and remove the field “title” under “gallery settings”. If you want to add a caption in the lightbox but not in the gallery, set a “description”.


I just purchased your plugin and exchanged one free plugin because of browser incompatibility. Now the lightbox opens well, but I have different problems – my Vimeo files can’t be played. They are hidden from vimeo.com but can be played when you are logged in. With you plugin I have problems to play them back. I used the shortcodes from help and no success. There is also a difference in plugin behavior between Firefox and Opera.

Any suggestions how can I playback the vimeo files?


Any update regarding this issue?

Hello, any updates?

Hello, do you plan to respond to my questions? Your lightbox is not working properly and I need to fix it. Please respond.

Hi, are this plugin compatible with WordPress 4.3.1?

Is this plugin responsive?

This plugin attacks your adsense ¡Caution!

Version 1.8.1 of the plugin gives the following error:

Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback

any solution?


Quick question … I need a lightbox plugin that I can use shortcode to surround content in my post templates rather than manually create each lightbox. Then somehow the surrounded content opens in a lightbox.

Does your plugin allow something like this:

[lightbox] [post_title] [featured_image] [gravity-form] [/lightbox]


when I try this http://codecanyon.net/?lightbox[iframe]=true&lightbox[width]=770&lightbox[height]=460" class=”lightbox”>Open Google I have a blank popup.

I need support on this item ? please


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Any support is possible, i’m facing an issue. All lightbox are working fine, but inline html lightbox is not at all showing. Can you help or anyone else please if they have sorted this out if faced it?