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PaulJ1 Purchased


My Layerslider galleries are behaving badly when the browser width is decreased (responsive mode). I have the responsive option activated. Here are two examples:

My website is

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



It is likely that your theme or one of its methods cause this. Please try to temporary disable other plugins and switch to a default theme to see if that helps.


fkond Purchased


i need to fix an adjustment problem to two words in middile of page different size of the browser.

i need to adjust 2 word in middle of the page but two words comming from different sides and they are different sizes also. i use to percentage fouction but its not work well all sizes of browser screens.

if i change the browser screen size the words move closer or the other way.

i have some images to explain the situation.

i need to correct dimension or style code or whatever can fix the issue.

thank you


You cannot position content with the right attribute, you can only use top and left values.

Hi man,

okay, how do you really make this Slider responsive?

This here:

=> It’s set to responsive, I use percentage values for max-width/max-height and placement information, as well as rem for font-size.

But it’s not resizing.

And here:

=> The slider is going smaller way to fast.

How can I get these adjusted to work with the page?



In case you’re using a full-width layout, you need to use the responsive under and layers container options instead of the normal responsive mode.

Hi I really love the plugin. But is there a way i can use it fullscreen. And not only with a full width. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Holland


Currently there is no built-in option to create fullscreen slider.

Hi, for other users with the same question. I did the trick by putting the slider in a div and give it a 100% height width etc and now its full screen. Greetings

Yes, you can set the slider to fullscreen manually by giving it 100% width and height but the responsive behavior of the layers will not work properly this way.