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Hi, I have been using this slider for sometime on many sites without issue. Now on one of my sites I can no longer select certain buttons, ‘Slider Settings’, ‘Event Calbacks’, or even cycle through the current slides. I’ve updated to the latest version but still not luck. Have you seen this before?

I am also not having any luck entering in my license code for future updates, nothing happens after hitting Update, not even an error.

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Every time I’ve tried using this plugin I have never been able to successfully import the demo sliders, then I think about how complex the slider and never ask for assistance because ultimately know it’s just too damn much to learn.

But here, I am. I need some help please. It will not import because it says it was exceeded the maximum number of times, and then when it does import it never contains the images.

Please help.

PS: Please take into consideration the complexity of this slider, that your best asset is with your customers who have created their own slides and would be willing to share their pre made templates with the SlideLayer community, that would be amazing. You’d also own the slider market.


The LayerSlider does not seem to work on my development site using Xampp. It showing as a blank box.

Do you have any ideas why this would be?

The site is local so it’s tricky to show you the example (sorry!)


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My Purchase code is not working with my Corporate theme: http://themeforest.net/item/corporative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/7675542

What’s the best way to get the 5.3.2 update?


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Was able to correct this by doing a manual install.

Hello. I am having an issue with not being able to save new slides. When I go to save it just hangs saving but never saves. If I delete a couple of slides, I can create a new one and it saves with no problem. I’m at 25 slides and can not create and save new ones. Please help. I’ve tried adding the line below to my config.php file but it did not help.

/** Memory Limit */ define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

Please help, I still need to build out 25 more slides and am running out of time to meet my deadline. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you,



the site is http://www.wheelsonlinemagazine.com/magazine-preview/ in case you need to see it.


I’ve bought a theme that includes your slider and I’m finding it hard to get it to work properly mainly because I create a slider, save it but the I don’t get to see all the layers on slide once on the website, but I do see them when I’m setting everything up in the wordpress panel.

I also have more than one slide, and it’s supposed to go to the 2nd one, it gest stuck like it’s loading I don’t know what, but it goes on loading and loading. Any guidance, please?

The webiste is: www.sienasocialmedia.com


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Hello. This slider is very good, but Im having a big problem with it: Sometimes, it doesnt load sliders at all in chromium, or hangs in middle of a video.

Here is the link Im using: http://via.asanteit.com/fit/screensaver/

Can you review this? Im using the last version.

Thank you,

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Hi. I just updated to the latest layerslider plugin (v 5.3.2) and it works great. I did have one question, though. I have a layerslider set up with a youtube video on one of the slides. The video is set to NOT autplay so you have to click the video preview image to start if playing. All works as expected.

However, I wanted to have an extra link/button off to the side that would also start the video playing. Is that possible? If so, how would I implement this?

Hello?? Is anyone there? We filed a ticket yesterday morning for a broken LayerSlider function, and our ticket still has not been answered. Here’s a copy of the problem:

“It appears that the only way to tell the slider to stop when a video plays is to force the video to auto-play when the index.php is loaded. We also see that it auto-plays the video EVERY TIME that slide displays.

Is there a way to alter the code to set “Pause slider” when the user manually clicks play, so the video does not have to be set to auto-play?”

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I have purchased the LayerSlider. It does not seem to work on my development site using Xampp. When I click on ‘Add New’, nothing appears. And if I import an existing slider, it does not show up on the site.

Could you please assist?

Your quick response will be highly appreciated as this is urgent.

Many Thanks!