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can’t get new version to work, where can I find older versions to revert, thanks

Hi – I can’t seem to find your reply to my email about the text not wrapping. I would like to try an earlier version of LayerSlider to try and troubleshoot this. Any text added to the slide does not wrap, even if it is enclosed in html div with fixed width. I see this in both editor and frontend. thanks

Doh! found button hidden away in styles to wrap text

The email was sent on wednesday last week, but in this case I will not resend it. Thank you for the feedback.

Unfortunately the version LayerSlider 5.6.8 from 12th May 2016 with improvement image preload under IE and Edge browsers does not work fine in all major browsers after the second slide.

Ther is something wrong have to go back to the older version!

We can see and are able to reproduce the issue, we will release a new version with the fix for this as soon as we can. Thank you for your feedback.


After further investigation we’ve found the source of the problem, which has no relation to LayerSlider or its new update.

One of your plugins (or the theme itself) uses an outdated version of GreenSock, this causes the issues you’re experiencing. Please try to update all of your plugins and the theme. If the problem still persist, try to switch themes and disable your plugins one by one to see which one causes this issue. Please contact the author of the problematic item and ask them to use a newer version of GreenSock.

First of all thank you very much for your quick support. I will check this. Just informed the theme developer and will come back with further information if necessary. – only the first slide works and after this just the background

I have replied to your other comment.

hello I can not activate layer slider. The theme I have purchased but the notebook does not come me the code . Please I need to activate


In case you received LayerSlider with a theme you cannot activate it or use the auto-update feature as the theme’s purchase code is not valid for the plugin. You can only update the plugin through your theme, please contact your theme author about the available new versions if needed.

Dear Kreatura,

I’ve been using Layerslider for the first time now, it came with a theme I purchased. It is a wonderfull plugin, but i seem to have one issue i can’t resolve.

I made a slider with text. This text looks perfect on my laptop, but it is not responsive on mobile (it cuts of the sides and doesn’t scale). I checked all my settings, but i can’t find the problem.

Hope you can help!

Web printscreen: Mobile prinscreen: My slider settings:


Kind regards, Nathalie


In case you set up a fullwidth slider you will need to use the responsive under and layers container options instead of the normal responsive mode.


raptusag Purchased

After installing version 5.6.8 of this plugin, I am unable to create new sliders. I only get the following JS-Error: “Cannot read property ‘new’ of undefined”


raptusag Purchased

I have also tried switching to a default theme and deactivating all plugins – I still get the error.


raptusag Purchased

We found the problem – the DB settings did not allow the DB User to create a table which led to the described error.

Thank you for the feedback.

Hi Kreatura,

We are currently using Layerslider 5.5 for wordpress. Is it possible to display the next and previous slides to the right and left of the current slide? We use the navigation buttons, but it would be nice if they were situated over a little portion of the slide that the button will make the current slide if clicked, sort of a partial preview or slide. Not sure if this is possible within this plugin, given the wide range of transitions you support.

Thanks! -Patrick


At the moment there is no effect like this is available in the plugin.

Hi there, I want to purchase Layer Slider Responsive for my multi-media site. Before I buy, I thought I should check if there are any compatibility issues between your plugin and the Divi theme. I did a search but couldn’t find any recent comments. I BADLY want this slider. Any feedback from developer or users will be greatly appreciated.


LayerSlider should be working with any theme, but unfortunately we have had several issues with the Divi theme in the past, we have received complaints of compatibility problems on multiple occasions.

Hi, Presale question.

I am building a 360 virtual tour wordpress site. The 360 virtual tour I created is based on linking as HTML, so will need iframe for this. I have one like this: which is a premium themeforest theme. It comes with options to input the iframe code, with the standard code template provided, which is:

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

My question:

1. I want to include this iframe in 1 layer of your slider, then for example I set the responsivenes to be at the ration of 2:1 (on desktop is 2000pixels x 1000pixels, on mobile it will resize responsively). So the iframe content will view as according to the layer container’s size I just mentioned. Is it possible? If you want to try you could use that 3D I created above.

2. Is the slider compatible with visual composer? I have always been building websites with visual composer.



Yes, you can insert this iframe to the slider, it should be working, and if you apply 100% width and height like in the example it should be responsive as well. The responsive mode will resize the slider proportionally to fit on every screen resolution.

Yes, LayerSlider should be compatible with Visual Composer.


I’m using theme Jupiter which has Layerslider included. I have a problem with Layerslider, they can’t help. Maybe you can?

On a slider with 3 slides I have 1 with dynamic content (posts) but [post-url] does not work. Other dynamic content like [title] is working correctly. See I click on ‘use post URL’ and click on Save Changes. I see [post-url] but when refreshing, it disappears.

Regards, Myra


Which version of the plugin do you use ?

5.6.5 I guess it’s the most recent, Jupiter is up to date

The latest release is 5.6.8, please request the update from your theme author, we have implemented multiple fixes in the recent versions.


Doyley Purchased

Hi Layer Slider, Ive used your slider for a client in a different themes and now redoing one in a whole new theme using elegant themes .. the problem is the ‘you tube’ video and sizing of it… can you look into this as been spening lots of time trying to sort this… could this be your new version not working with videos. the size is correct then stretches it.

If you can get back to me ASAP please.



The issue is caused by the FitVids Javascript plugin that most likely your theme is using. You need to disable it or change the selector where your theme calls FitVids to prevent it applying on unwanted content.


Corey Purchased

Hello, I have LayerSlider 5.6.8, running with the Flatter 1.6.2 (from Themeton) theme. The slider no longer works, and it’s throwing a javascript error:

“ReferenceError: lsShowNotice is not defined ...on’];if(typeof(conv_handler)==’function’){conv_handler(opt);}}</script><script t… (line 41, col 85)”

I can enable on website, but it is not enabled now as it is a live site and won’t display properly because of the error.

Please help. Thank you!


This error message is not related to the latest release. Please show us your site with the slider where we can check it.


Corey Purchased You can see there how the slider is not functioning, and the JavaScript error. Thank you.

It seems like the layerslider.js is not pulled into your site, that is why the slider fails to load. It could be caused by a corrupted installation, a conflict with your theme or another plugin might be preventing it.

I purchased a theme yesterday that included LayerSlider. I added a custom background colour and font colour to a text layer. After saving it, it looks fine the first time I viewit on the live site. After that all my styling is gone even though the options are still saved in the editor. Any idea what the fix is for this?


Which version of the plugin do you use currently ?

5.6.8 is what came with the theme (Nebula). Purchased Sunday.

Hi, I bought the avada theme that came with this great slider plugin. But I have an issue with one slider. I have this page:, with a slider at the top. If I see the page into a big monitor, everything look fine, but If I see in a notebook, the responsive mode doesn´t work.

Can you support me with this problem? Thanks a lot!!!! regards