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tnscnate Purchased

Hi, I purchased the plugin, but every time I go to activate it, it says an unexpected error occurred. I have tried for two weeks now, and it always gives this error. Please help. Thanks!


Please send us an email with your purchase code and we will check if there’s anything wrong with it.

How can I make the audio file loop? I have added it as a layer in the slide. They want to have a background audio of birds chirping while the user is on the page.


You can loop the audio layer (, but the audio will stop playing when the slide changes as every layer transitions out when that happens.

Awesom! Thanks. That worked out great.


mkallis Purchased

All of a sudden I have some problems with Layer Slider WP. Please help, this for my business page.

1. I can’t edit any sliders because when I click on a layer to edit it, nothing happens. 2. Layer Slider link is on the WP left menu, but It’s not showing up in my list of installed plugins. 3. I tried to install the new version. It says it installs but then I don’t see it listed anywhere.


The issue that you can’t edit the slider is likely a conflict of old versions with new WP. Please install the newest release, you can find instructions here:


mkallis Purchased

I went through the install and WP says it’s installed but the pkugin isn’t showing up

Please try to access the plugin with this URL (change the site name) in your WP installation to see if that works:

Hi: Since I bought Layer Slider WP, I can’t find how show transitions effects, I just see scrolling from right to left, Slider works fine, but not effects for me… Can you help me ? pd. sorry for my english !


You need to set up a slide background (slide image) for the slide transitions to work. You can find more info about slide options here:

Hi, I have Revolution Slider because of my purchase of the Avada theme and I love the slider, definitely the best one I have used so far and I have used about 4 other sliders.

I’m having trouble with a sublayer on a slide. I am trying to have one sublayer fade in for a short period of time, then have it fade out and be replaced by another sublayer that will fade in and fade out. I don’t want all the sublayers on the slide appearing at once, I want them timed to fade in and then fade out and replaced by another sublayer. Is this possible at all?



I’m afraid this is LayerSlider and not Revolution Slider.

Sorry about that. Does LayerSlider provide what I need because I have LayerSlider purchased through Avada theme as well. I just need it to do that function and I am happy. Does LayerSlider provide this?

Yes, you can achieve this with LayerSlider easily by using the duration, delay and show until options.


marimar79 Purchased

Hi! I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and everything used to work Ok. Yesterday, I removed some cache plugins I had installed (WP Supercache and ZenCache) as they were creating some issues with the page updates and suddenly, layersliders disappeared from my page. The space for the slider and the code is still there, but it turns white after loading. I re-installed the WP supercache, I tried creating a new slider, and also tried going back to the original version in which de sliders were made (5.3.2) but nothing, I can not get them to show again. Could you please advise me as what I need to do to get it working again??

You may check this on a new test page I made with just the new Slider on it:

Also in my home page at the very bottom, before the footer you can find the slider that was originaly working ok.


There are jQuery errors (jQuery is not defined, lsjQuery is not a function) on your site. This usually means that your jQuery is not loaded or not in the right way. LayerSlider needs it be loaded in the header to be able to display the slider properly.

Alt tags not working for layer images even though I’ve filled in alt data. Looking at the page source I’m not seeing alt tags at all for my 4 slider images


You’re using an older version of LayerSlider, please update to the latest release.

I’m using v5.5 from July 2015, it doesn’t support alt tags? Why is the field there at all? I’m using Pantheon hosting and updating plugins is a huge pain and can’t be done on live site.

The alt tag feature was changed and improved since then in the newer releases.


Create91 Purchased

I love this slider, but I cannot figure out how to (for example) link text on slide 1 to take me to slide 4. I’ve been looking at documentation for deep linking but I’m just stumped.


I’m wanting to know if I can track events with this slider for A/B testing purposes? Do you have a guide for this possibly, or anything in your docs?

Thanks, Josh


There is no built-in option for this in the plugin but you can use LayerSlider API to achieve this. Please note that it requires CSS knowledge and web development experience to use.

Can you send me some info on that?

Thanks, Josh

You can find the API methods and functions in the documentation:


rsmb99 Purchased

I purchased Layerslider 5.6.2 yesterday. Until then I had been running LS 5.3.2 which came bundled with Daisho 2.3 theme that I had downloaded from a sharing site. Now I have removed the old version and installed the purchased LS 5.6.2. But after installing it, I am unable to edit or save any of my slides (created with LS 5.3.2) or add and save any new slides.

So I reverted to the previous LS 5.3.2 version and then I was again able to edit and save the slides like before. I tried deactivating and re-activating all major plugins like W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, Wordfence, etc but that didn’t help. I am still using the same theme Daisho 2.3 with LS 5.6.2 and I am unable to do any work on the slides due to the problem

Please help.



I believe this is a conflict issue. Please try to temporary switch to a default theme and disable every other plugin to see if that solves the problem.

I disabled every plugin on my site and switched to basic Twenty Fourteen WP theme and now I get an error message which says:

” It seems there is a server issue that prevented LayerSlider from saving your work. Please, try to temporary disable themes/plugins, or contact with your hosting provider. Your HTTP server thrown the following error

Not Found “

I never had any of these problems when I was using the old version 5.3.2. The chance of any conflict is zero as I have no plugins currently active on my website now and am also using one of the oldest, most basic WordPress themes (Twenty Fourteen).


If I had a ACF field called author name (author-name), how would i get it to show in layer slider using the dynamic content meta? is this possible?


There are the ‘author’ and ‘author-id’ post placeholders available in the plugin that you can use.

Hi, it’s a custom acf field not the book author, i guess a better example would be if i had asked for a custom acf field called “book-title”. How would i call that?


DataHome Purchased

Hello there, I am trying to export/im[port LayerSliderWP from 1 store to another store. I tried with and without image. But each time, nothing happen after import. Can you help me figure out why please.. I am on 5.6.2 in both side


Which version of the plugin and WP do you use currently ?

Thanks for the reply. Both WP sites are on 4. 3. 1 version and plugin version is (5.6.2)

Hello, I couldn’t find out how to align an element or image to right in layerslider. It’s only possible to define the position from left. I tried to align the image with css to right, but it didn’t work.


Currently you can only align elements from top and left, but you can use percentages as well in these options for better positioning.


I’ve had a Layer Slider on a colleague’s site for a year or two now and recently updated the plugin. Now, the admin section doesn’t show any content or play the preview. It still works on the homepage, though. I’ve tried it with and without the “Put JS includes…” and activated and deactivated the rest of the plugins without any luck.

Any ideas on other things to try? Do I need to roll back to an older version of the plugin?


I’ve purchased the slider and I did create some good slides, but I’m having an issue with external link, I’m trying to use facebook and twitter icons in my slider, using direct link such as .... and slider appends that link to my website path and I’m getting an error. I reported this problem one week ago and still no solution, no communications. Are they still in business, is there any support for the slider? If no they can not sell it with claims free and live support.

I have replied to your email.

You have asked me to provide a temporary user id and a password, which I did. I asked you to confirm – you did not answer.

Hello, I am having issues embedding a youtube video into the slider. 1.) I cannot get the video to center 2.) Since I do not have the slider set to autoplay, there is a preview image but it is stretched. I am not well versed in coding so if that is required please provide the snippet of coding. Thank you

The LayerSlider WP came with a theme that I bought. When I went into the plugin to see if I could build a slider, there was a message saying that I didn’t have the current version and to get support, I needed to purchase the premium edition – which I did. When I try to install it, I get a message that says the directory already exists – plug-in install failed.

I tried deactivating the plug-in and then installing the premium edition but no luck. I tried entering the purchase code in the area on the panel provided for it – but it won’t retain the information because it thinks I don’t have the premium edition. It’s a Catch 22.

How can I install the premium edition when I already have one from the theme?