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Hello Mate, Is there anyway to have the images fade-in-out the exact same speed as the captions?

Cheers Chris


Sure, you can configure every layer’s transition in the ‘Layers’ section under the ‘Transition’ tab.

Nice one, I’ll give it a go! Cheers!

Can I build things like this with this slider?: (the plug-in slide where you can click on patterns and it changes the background)

I have replied to your other comment.

Can I build things like this with this slider?: (the plug-in slide where you can click on patterns and it changes the background)


Unfortunately there is no option like this in LayerSlider currently.

Hi all – Using the latest WP version along with the newly purchased LS 5.4. Is there a shortcode available for Woocommerce price? I don’t find it in the Meta list. Thanks, Frank


There is no built-in option for Woocommerce prices in the plugin but you can insert content from other plugins with their shortcodes.

Hi – Can you give me an example? Not quite sure what you mean…

I mean that there is no built-in option for this in the plugin but you can insert buttons for Woocommerce pricing with shortcodes for example.

Hey, is it possible to achieve this with your slider:

- full-width Horizontal Slider – VARIABLE WIDTH images (so no padding to the image left or right), same height (for nicer integration of Landscape & Portrait Images) – multiple images shown

- responsive (where images change to vertical for portrait mode).

Thank you


Unfortunately there is no feature like this in LayerSlider currently.


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Hi there,

Is there a way to target classes in certain layers into my own css file? For instance, I want to target ae text layer and adjust the font size in one of my media queries so it will be more readable on mobile devices.

I would also like to target certain image files and change their margin positions, is this possible?



nomadic5 Purchased

Sorry, back again. I’m using the css hero plugin and I can target: .ls-animating, ls.inner, .ls-container and .ls-gpuhack but neither of my layer classes appear anywhere, I’m inputting the class names without the ”.” in front. I have also set skin to “none” if that helps.

Sorry, I’m working localhost at the moment.



nomadic5 Purchased

lol, nevermind, I had to add the class element in css hero plugin manually and add the all important ”!important” opn most most things for them to override.

Great plugin by the way, I hope to see an advance settings someday for customising individual breakpoints. That would be a great lifesaver!



I’m glad you could solve the problem and thank you for your feedback.


I bought this plugin and using it on my site. It is great plugin by the way.

However, for the mobil and phone users I bought another theme and before the migration I installed a local server on my mac pro just because I have to study the theme itself and check the plugin compatibility etc. I have 3 main questions if you do not mind.

1-) For the activation on the localhost should I use my original activation serial number? What can I do? It seems stable but I wanted to ask just in case.

2-) I installed MAMP’s free version on my mac. I exported layerslider files including the images from my actual site for the local server. For one slider: there is folder ( named by the name of the layer slider and inside that there is a file named “settings.json” and another folder named “uploads” and inside images are there.

I imported the “setting.json” file but in spite of checking the “Import images (if available)” in the preview, I cannot see the images, the layers have blank icons instead of images but the texts are there. I guess it cannot find the images because they are not in the folder or the import option could not copy those files. I don’t know. Could you please help me? In a more mechanical fashion may be I need to put the slider folder ”.json” file and images in a specific folder on my server but don’t know where.

Info: I exported the sliders from my site and in that site the version of layer slider is 5.3.2. But on the server because it is the latest one ( I just downloaded again fro m my account ) it is the version 5.4.0. May be you changed the folder structure I do not know.

Awaiting Your Reply Thanks


Thank you for your kind words, and I’m sorry about the late reply.

A license key can be activated on two installations, so you can experiment on your development server freely. There’s also a ‘Deauthorize this site’ button if you would use the license key elsewhere.

You should upload the ZIP file directly when you want to import sliders. The plugin will automatically unpack it and upload the images it contains.

The settings.json file itself only contains your sliders settings. LayerSlider still accepts this file (instead of a ZIP) to provide backwards compatibility, but in that case it won’t upload the images and their URLs will point to the old location.


We bought your product. Now my 2.3.4 slider are working fine but after 1st slider it not move further. Please help. I have check every setting.


You have missing images on your site, if you open up the console you can see them. The slider cannot load these images so it fails to proceed to the next slide.

Hi admin, Image place perfectly, because when I set start number of banner from 2 it works and stop right after 3rd banner.

I have checked your site and the slider does not stop for me. Have you fixed the issue in the meantime ?

Hello. Is it possible, and if so, how would you add a slider to specific post categories?

For instance. I run a fitness website. Say a user clicks on the Workouts post category. Once that page loads, I want a LayerSlider to be on that category page. And if the user clicked on the Nutrition post category, a different LayerSlider would be displayed on that page.

How can I go about doing this, what code would I need and where would I place it?

Please support. Your help would be tremendous!


You need to insert the sliders one by one to each posts with their shortcodes.

To insert it on the category page you need to edit the template files with this php function:

<?php layerslider(sliderID, 'category-name'); ?>

Hello, I have the plugin from the Bridge theme. Im having 2 issues:

• The slides transitions are not updating when I change them. The slider only displays the first one I tried. No cache plugins installed.

• The youtube embed is freezing with an incorrect position a couple of seconds before it autoplays (then it acommodates to the correct position). This is located on the 2nd slide of the Homepage (at bottom)

Please check: *Let me know if I have to buy a license to receive support. Thanks a lot in advance!

I fixed the 2 transitions problem. Thanks a lot!

Video issue is happening in all browsers- testing in Chrome/firefox. Please see screenshot: This is displaying for 2 secs. aprox., then it autoplays in correct dimension.

Direct link of Layerslider:

You have added padding to the video and that is causing the issue. You need to remove it and position the video in the Styles tab with the Top and Left fields.

Now its working great. Thanks a lot for your support!


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How can I filter out dynamic content posts, so that ones with specific empty fields are not shown?


Unfortunately there is no option for this in the current version of LayerSlider.


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I have issue with updating the LayerSlider plugin in WordPress. I clicked on the update button and it hanged at the “updating…” stage and never completed the update. It is a paid version with purchase keys entered in WordPress.


WordPress: 4.2.2 Chrome: Version 43.0.2357.130 m (latest) Windows 7 64 bit:

I can provide further info if needed.

Your help is much appreciated!



We are aware of this issue. But even though the process seems stuck, the update should be finished in the background and the latest version (5.4) should be installed.

Great slider- came with my theme- I have a problem where my placed images (placed using HTML so they can be buttons with hover) are not scaling, they maintain correct position, however because they stay the same size they overlap as the window is scaled smaller. All other layers scale perfectly. Slider is 100%x600px, responsive off, full width on, responsive under 1280, container 1280. Have positioned images using , px, set layer size to px and %, have set image size to 100 , auto% and actual px, no change. Any ideas?


When you insert content from other plugins or by using HTML you need to make it responsive separately. The cointainer (layer) itself is responsive in the slider but the content is not, you have to make it responsive as well so it will work as the rest of the layers.

Never mind- you answered this question elsewhere (didn’t see it before)- added style 100% w and h tags, and set the layer to dimensions of image like you suggested. Thanks for the great product.

Hi. I’m using this here: Currently I’m not able to edit any layer inside the slider. At the front end looks alright, but I need to edit the content. Here’s what I tried: Disabling as many plugins as possible. Increasing PHP memory. Creating new sliders. Any Idea?


Please temporary disable every other plugin and switch to a default theme to see if that helps. It is also recommended to update LayerSlider to the latest version.


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Hey, love this plugin! I was wondering if the dynamic content can handle videos? I would like to create blog posts with 4-5 videos, and then have the ‘daily’ post displayed within a layerslider. I noticed that the content and featured image showcase no problem. Is there a way I could dynamically showcase multiple videos?


Unfortunately there is no option to pull videos dynamically from posts in the current version of LayerSlider.

Hi, I added the following to the custom css editor but it’s not showing up in the preview, just the front end. The preview just show’s the default h1 and font-family. Any suggestion how I can view instant changes in the preview screen?

.ls-slide h1 { font-family: Roboto, Sans-Serif; font-size: 44px!important; }


Please make sure that you have added this Roboto font in the LayerSlider’s admin interface as well in the Google Font section.

Hello ,

I onl joined the new forum and would like to welcome you.

I have two questions :

1. I have used on an Internet site the Layer Slider . The problem is that sometimes the slider takes several seconds to establish . I have set a still picture in the side at the beginning , but have you any idea how I can avoid this waiting time . 2. In the Layer Slider you can work with Hoover , ( so if you go with the mouse over the slider , it should stop / pause ) ; but it does not. What am I doing wrong? Is there a PHP / CSS code , how to manually set up that ? Do you have an idea? The Internet site is :

Greetings Selma (


I have sent a reply via email.