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Item support says to leave a comment. We are using Layer Slider 5.1.2. The navigation icons and the tumbnail icons do not have alt text, so they do not meet WCAG 2.0. I need to show those images/icons are links using by using alt tags. Can you point me into the right directions where I can add the alt tags in the PhP code? By law we have to have our web site meet WCAG 2.0 or 508. Here is a link to our site:


You should check the files in the following locations:




ovpruga Purchased


I see the thumbnails have an alt tag but it is not showing up in the active code.

Here is my code you can see which ones are not working:

Where the one is is either missing text in the href I understand how it is done but is there a work around? the two tumbnails do not have alt text. None of the icons have alt texts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your quick response.

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CodeCanyon filtered your code so we couldn’t check anything important, please use <pre> tags.

I have spent some time going in circular loops in an attempt to find item support. There isn’t any. The ticket system will be available soon but does not yet exist. I have wasted a lot of time, – all the links eventually lead back to the FAQ page with no way to post a support query. I cannot find an email address to send support a query either.

Recent purchase of LayerSlider: Slides display correctly on I.E. and Firefox but not on Chrome. The slides are cropped at the top which makes the text that appears on the Layer on top of the slides hidden or half hidden in Chrome. Please help !

As I can see your top menu area is positioned over the slider and it hides a part of it. You can try to use a larger responsive under value and/or set a layers container.

Hi – thank you again. We tried both the above but it made no difference. It seems it is not the fault Slider of the slider but in how Chrome displays. We are going write a Chrome specific instruction in the css of the page. Thanks once again for your help.

Thank you for the feedback.

I updated to wordpress 4.5 and updated this plugin to the newest version 5.6.6 but the sliders will no longer display on our site. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Please show us your site where we can see this issue.


I am finding there is blank space between my header and the slider. How can I remove that space so that the slider is directly underneath the header with no gap.

Site is:


I cannot access your site, it gives the following error:

This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.

Hi, there! My customer wants to run the ken burns slider in a lightbox, when the user is clicking a link on a website. Is this possible by any chance? THX in advance for your reply! Cheers, Nick


Unfortunately there is no option for this effect currently in the plugin.

I love the layer slider for wordpress! However, all my images/sliders have disappeared from the front end. I can still see them when I go to edit but the images are gone. Do you have any idea why?


It seems like your images are no longer available on your site so the slider cannot access them to display. Please check on these images if they were moved or deleted (if you open up the browser console you can see the error messages).

I am having the same problem as everyone else posting in the last 12 hours.


There were three comments in that time interval and all three were asking a different question, so would you mind specify the problem you are exeriencing ?


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Good evening,

I’m with the broken image in the preview slider , it does not appear . The only change was the change of a name in the address of my website because I changed to root in Wordpress , he was in a subfolder. What can I do?


As you have changed your domain name you will likely need to change the route to these images as well. Please check if they are still available for the slider to use, you might need to re-add them.


afspena Purchased

How do this ?, why are the standards that came with the program.

You need to update the location of these images so the slider can access them again. I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand your second sentence.


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Question – we use your slider that came with multiple themes. Now we are trying to use it with WPML, which you say you are compatible with.

How does one translate a link? I can translate the text of the slider, but if I enter a link/url to a page/post/product then both languages link back to original language.



There seems to be a problem with the relative urls that might cause this, it is going to be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can use the full urls as an alternative, just make sure you do not include the “lang=XX” part, the plugin will change that automatically.

so you are saying link should be and then where do I put sorry if I am a bit confused

We are using the layer slider to do an autoplay video reel and I’m finding that there is some strange delay between the end of the video and the start of the next one.

We are using vimeo video embeds for each slide and have the autoplay enabled.

The behavior is best described by the slide transition not happening when the video completes. It can take anywhere from several seconds to close to a minute to start playing the next slide.

Any ideas on why this might be or how to fix it?


Please check the duration of these slides as it is stopped while the videos are playing so you will likely need to use smaller durations.


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I am desperately looking for a way to have a background fixed (WordPress version) – I watched a video of layerslider for Joomla – easy – slider settings > insert background image > and all background positions come up in fields below – that way you can have a fixed background that when you scroll down it stays .. er.. fixed .

Little problem is that when I do the same – settings etc .. insert my background image – no fields below so I can not set up my bg position – I mean the fields that are on this video for Joomla are not there in WordPress..

What am I missing here?

Thanks :-)


The Joomla release of LayerSlider is developed by another team. The two versions are similar but not identical, they have some different settings and options.

Cannot seem to get any images to fit the slider size, how do you resize the images automatically, surely there is an option for this? I do not want to upload duplicate images of different sizes, can the slider not automatically fit the image to fit what ever size the slider is, especially as I have not decided yet what size to make the slider until I know what it looks like on the page?

I’m trying to create the following with little success:

A seperate nav bar that is not attached to the slider. It will sit below the slider in a separate div. I need the links on the nav to trigger specific slides. I understand the API functions, but I cant get them to work.

I followed the instructions on this page:

I created a div using the code and applied the css. No problem.

I inserted the JS and Jquery functions into my themes custom JS text box. My theme (Bridge) has a note: Enter your custom Javascript here (jQuery selector is ”$j” because of the conflict mode)

I changed the code so it reads:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $j(document).ready(function() {
        $j('#layerslider_nav li').click(function(e) {

            // Prevent browser's default submission

            // Get selected layer index
            var index = $j(this).index() + 1;

            // Change slide by calling LayerSlider API function

<!-- cbAnimStop callback function to set active class and highlight -->
function(data) {

    // Remove highlight from every menu item
    $j('#layerslider_nav li').removeClass('active');

    // Get the index of the active layer
    var index = data['curLayerIndex'] - 1;

    // Set active class and highlight
    $j('#layerslider_nav li').eq(index).addClass('active');

When I load the page, I my nav bar links do nothing. Am I following this correct?