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I initially got a response. Thank you for that. Thanks for supporting the plugin when you are not obliged to. Other than the fact the plugin is fine, why or why are you ignoring me?



We are trying to answer every customer’s question as soon as possible but we have limited time and resources. Every request is different and some problems take more time to figure out and answer properly.

The issue seems to be a conflict between your chosen transitions and your theme. Please try to select only a few transitions as some of them are starting the animations outside of the frame, which might make the page scrollable for a brief moment. Also, please temporary switch to a default theme to see if the issue still persists.


Thank you.

Hello, I purchased a theme that came with your slider. I really really love it, but I can’t delete slides for some reason. When I hit the x, a note pops up for me to confirm, so I hit okay and it just moves to the next slide. My version is 5.3.2

Thank you for any help.

Hi, contact me. ’ Layerslider WP ’ I bought and I founded . Some web browsers wants username and password ? Can you help in the solution?

kearley Purchased

I am having problems with fonts – I have set the font to a color, however it is showing up in the browser as black. I searched this comment area already without finding anything that fit (that was recent). I’ve used this slider numerous times before but for some reason, I’m having one problem after another with it this time. It came with a theme (Karma) but after not being able to do anything with it, I deleted it and uploaded a purchased copy (purchased by same site owner). Since then, I have had to delete the slider because it wouldn’t load for editing and start over – still having these issues.

Are you able to link from an image or button in one slide to another slide?