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My site is http://simpleplumbersites.com

In the drag ‘n drop I have ‘we build a direct’ & ‘pipeline’ on top of each other, but I can’t seem to get it to display correctly live in the browser.

How do I get consistency between the slide builder and the end display?

Love the plugin!


Please create us a temporary wp-admin access and send us from our codecanyon profile page. We should see how it looks on the backend preview.

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Hi, I’ve just upgraded to the 5.2.0 version of LayerSlider and find I can no longer delete a slide with the small red “x” on the slide tab. After confirming deletion, the focus changes to the next slide but no slide is deleted.

I see the same issue reported on the Enfold theme forum but couldn’t successfully delete using another browser or by changing the browser window width as suggested: http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/layerslider-in-wp-3-6-enfold-2-0-firefox-23-cannot-delete-slides/

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your feedback, we will check this issue soon.

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how to force landscape view?


I’m sorry but how do you mean: landscape view?

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Can a slider start on other than the first slide when a visitor returns? or even just start on some random slide?

Maybe a visitor saw slide 1 and 2 before leaving the site. It would nice if the cycle picked up with slide 3 when the visitor returns.

The effect could be approximated by simply starting each cycle on a random slide instead of the first one every time.


No, we are sorry, the slider is not remembering the last viewed slide.

I can’t seem to get a parallax effect on the background image on my slider. I don’t want the text layers to have the effect. Is there a way to get the parallax effect on the main slide image? I’ve tried removing the background image and instead putting the image as a layer but it just positions itself like this instead:


I’m using the River theme if that makes any difference. Thanks!


No, the parallax effect is available only on layers but not on the slide background image.


Thanks for the reply. Then how do I get this effect? http://kreaturamedia.com/layerslider-responsive-wordpress-slider-plugin/ on slide #3

It appears the image is moving, not the text.


The moving images are not slide backgrounds. You can add different parallax levels to the different image layers but if you don’t set any parallax level to your text layers, they won’t move.

This has been a great plugin up until today! I’ve noticed that the layersliders have stopped working because of a jquery issue. I’ve consulted your FAQ and the lines you have suggested changes to in the functions.php do not exist in my version of functions.php. Nor do they appear to be in any of the other files on my website.

I can’t find a single piece of definitive information on how to get around this that isn’t years old and no longer works.

The Jquery Update plugin has no effect.

It’s doing my head in!

Site address is investorproperty.com.au

Theme is Avada 3.5.3

WP version 3.9.2

LayerSlider version 5.1.1

Do you have any ideas? The latest version of Avada, which I do have installed, didn’t come with the updated version of LayerSlider. Is this my issue?

ANY help would be so much appreciated!


EDIT: I purchased and updated the plugin separately and it hasn’t fixed the jquery issue.



LayerSlider needs at least jQuery version 1.7.0 to work and you have only version 1.2.6 available on your site. There is an option in the plugin that can help you with jQuery problems. Please enable the ‘Use Google CDN version of jQuery’ option in the ‘Troubleshooting & Advanced Settings’. This menu is closed by default so you have to open it.

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i’m having a problem with your plugin as on few computers WP freezes when opening LayerSlider – tested on Firefox, Chrome and IE.

It “eats” the processor, while 4GB of RAM remains below 100%.

I could give you administraton login so you could tell me if there is a problem that I can solve.

Best regards, Tomislav



This is a strange issue that we did not encounter before so I’m not sure what could be the problem. Please create us a temporary WP login so we can check this. You can send us a private email from our CodeCanyon profile page.

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I need to remove the arrows (left/right) how can this be done?




You can hide them by disabling the ‘Show Prev & Next buttons’ option in the ‘Slider Settings’ under the ‘Navigation Area’ tab.

My slider is no longer responsive after the latest update. www.burton.tv.


Disregard, I had to enter a value in the ‘responsive under’ field.


LayerSlider came installed with my theme – I like its flexibility very much, though there is a learning curve, as I’m new to web design. I am using all landscape photos, full-width slider with 500px height, responsive under 1280px. My question is, since I will always only be displaying a panoramic strip of my photos anyway, will cropping them to just a bit higher/lower than my desired strip of the photo help the individual slides to load more quickly? In other words: does the slider have to load every pixel of the photo – even if it is not displayed in the slider?

One other thing: I’ve noticed that sometimes when I add in html formatting to text on a layer, e.g.:

<i><span style="font-weight: 400; color: #a30d91">we need to <span style="font-weight: 900; color: #a30d91">WOW!</span></span></i>

some strange things can happen. In this case, it actually affected the formatting of a couple other layers. Before I added the first and second span style commands above to specify the color, the words ‘we need to’ ended up losing the overall color that I chose for the layer under ‘Styles’. This may be because I’m doing strange things since I don’t really know what I’m doing—just trial and error.


An issue: When I merge sliders as a way to add a slide to another slider I am getting a problem that occurs at the last slide of the merged Slider. On the slide transitioning into the 1st slide it goes grey and the whole page goes awry for a sec until it moves into that 1st slide. You can check it out: http://ninjatechc.com/ninjatec/reviews/

It is doing this in the interface also. I tried changing transitions but the grey you can tell changes as if it is trying the new chosen transition. You can almost see it but it is showing up grey.

I am also noticing duplicating sliders as a way to make new ones has a negative effect on the new created slider. On the homepage the slider seems fine. I duplicated the homepage slider and made changes to reflect it to be a reviews slider instead for a reviews page of which I included the link to. The preload shows the images for a sec then plays the animations. Check it out.