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In your slider I may add a film (youtube)?


Yes, you can insert YouTube videos to LayerSlider.

Where I may see what I can do this? Becose now I have problem :)

Is it possible to add jQuery and HTML code as content on top of a slide? I’m hoping to use textillate.js to create animated text and would like to insert these animations on top of individual slides in a slider.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, Daniel.

That’s great and one more question. Do they have the option to schedule slide transitions? My client would ideally like to have a different slide appear each morning at say 9am

Unfortunately there is no feature like this at the moment.

That’s a shame, thanks for the feedback

Hello, I am using your slider, but I cannot get the links to work. I have tried the ls-link method, by putting an empty tag at the end of the slide with that class attatched to it, I’ve also tried wrapping a layer in an tag. I’ve also tried assigning a click handler to the slide in jquery, but it doesn’t register. Do you know why it might not work? This is a test page with it, you can see it’s not working: http://edelweiss-travel.ro/newsite/testslider.php. Thanks for the support!


You’ve set z-index: -1 on #mainSlideshow, which results the <body> element covering the slider. Using negative values for z-index will usually block every user interaction and JS events, since you’re clicking on a different overlaying element.

Oh, damn, that’s right, I’d forgotten all about it. Thanks a lot!

Dear Kreatura!

First of all, Congratulations for your outstandingly intellectual work.

I would really appreciate if you can answer me satifactorily to the follwing questions:

1) Documentation:

Do you provide the full documentation of how to animate layers with different styles like in your page:


I have seen your documentaiton page:


But it doesn’t say anything about the list of all possible 200+ transitions.

I mean, is there a full list of the effects and transitions that you claim to be more than 200?

2) Thumbnail Panel and Toggle:

At the bottom of the slider to navigate to different slides, can there be thumnail panel with previews (instead of bullets that pop up the preview)?

Can there be a toggle button that when clicked, should show/hides thumbnail panel?

3) Touch-adaptive Layers:

Say, I am using a slider in touch devices without timer (Thumnail Panel and Next/Prev Button will change the slide). Suppose I have 3 layers in any slide. Is it possible that first layer should come automatically and then there should be pause. When user taps his finger on the slider, the second layer should appear with transiton or effect and there should be paused. Again, when user taps on slide, the third layer should appear?

4) Popup Button As A Layer In Slide:

Can we use a button as a layer in slide and also animate it like other layers?

That button, on clicking, should popup PDF or Audio or Video or Image like Fancybox or Lightbox etc.. Is that possible?

5) Pinch-Zoom:

Is it possible to enable Pinch-zoom gesture-sensitivity in your slider.

That is, when user applies pinch gesture on slider, the whole current slide should zoom-in. And after zoom-in, again should get zoom-out when user applies fingers to pinch-zoom-out.

6) Customer Support:

I have purchased one Website Template from Codecanyon itself. In that template, I’m authorized to use your slider as the author of the template says that the license of Layer Slider is already included for the purchaser of the Website template.

So, since I purchased that template, am I eligible to get customer support from you or I will have to buy this product to get in touch with you to solve my queries?

I’ve seen that you respond to the customers very quickly which is the very good positive side of you which makes you different from other vendors.

In advance, Thank you very much for taking interest in answering my so many questions!

Regards, Parth.


1) The 200+ slide transitions are pre-made, you can view them under Slides -> Slide transition gallery. You just need to reference their IDs, the slider will do the rest automatically. Also, the documentation contains live examples, where you can see the code we used to build them.

2) Yes, we support thumbnail navigation, you can see it on our demo site. There isn’t a toggling feature in the current version, but you can use custom code to do it on your own with some web development experience.

3) There’s no feature like this in the current version, you can only use timed layers. Alternatively, you can use one layer per slide, since it would act very similarly with disabled slideshow.

4) Yes, you can use any HTML element as long as you’re writing a valid markup. You can also attach custom event handlers to those elements to open up a fancybox window for example.

5) Pinching is a browser feature that works out of the box. LayerSlider works the same as any other content on your site. Meaning it will also be enlarged in sync with the rest of the page.

6) You’re eligible to use the bundled plugins. The license belongs to the theme author, and they should provide plugin updates and customer support.

Dear Kreatura,

Such a fast response is very rare in this world! :)

You are an example of customer support.

By the way, thank you very much for the guidance and I’m sorry for missing the transition list which was already there in your Documentation.

Regarding Your Suggestion in Answer-3:

Is it possible to make same background Image for all the slides and slide transition as ‘none’ so that when new layer of next slide appears on clicking next button then there should be no transition between two slides so that it will look like only new layer has come up in the scene with the steady (but actually same) background image?

What exactly you meant when you said, “it would act very similarly with disabled slideshow”..?


Can you guide me how to activate Pinch-zoom in browser so that LayerSlider can sync to the rest of the page.

If answering these questions is out of your scope as I’m not direct customer of yours then feel free to ask me to buy your product. Because I liked the speed of your response and ready to purchase this Slider again, directly from you; if by doing so you are more natural and comfortable in replying with detail. :)

Thank you so very much!



Dear ParthMehta,

Thank you very much for your kind words, we really appreciate it! :)

I meant that you can achieve a very similar result if you disable the slideshow timer and use tricks like my suggestion. Anyway, slide backgrounds are optional and LayerSlider will skip the transition between slide changes if the next slide doesn’t have a background image.

I’m not sure what do you mean. You can use the pinch gesture on any mobile device with a touch screen. There’s nothing special about this feature that we need to support particularly. You would zoom the entire page, and not just LayerSlider, and it works the same as images on page for example.

how can i set the website slider to change height when the height of monitor resolution changes? e.g. in 1920-1366-1024 resolution monitors


The responsive mode should scale your slider proportionally when the window size changes.

Dear Support. A pre-sale question. Is it possible to have a layer that seems that doesn’t change between slides? ... for example in restaurant demo i want green leaves layer seems that remains in the screen between first and second slide, without flick (disappear and appear) effect. is that possible? How can we do it?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately there is no option to achieve this currently. The layers will always transition out when the slide changes.


Kratos1 Purchased

Is there a reinit api ? so I can build a SIMPLE!! AND STANDALONE!!!! WYISWYG editor with drag and drop


May I ask what’s your intention with this project and where do you plan to use it? If it’s for your own needs on a site, it’s alright. However, Envato licenses don’t allow if you plan to sell or distribute it otherwise. We would need a custom agreement to do that.

To answer your question: there isn’t a reInit API method. Just call stop, then handle the initialization as you would normally do.


Kratos1 Purchased

Yes kreature, Its for personal usage. Not gonna sell that at the moment. If I intend to sell it do we have to talk about it or do I just have to buy extended license of layerslider ?

The extended license is for theme authors only, so once you get there send us an email and we can discuss it.


Do you have a similar news/release list for the jQuery Layerslider like the the one you have for WP Layerslider ?




Not yet, but we’re planning something similar. In the meantime, you can find the changelog in our online docs: http://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layerslider/documentation.html#whats-new


tiptronic Purchased

Hi there,

on your website you list as current version v 5.6.1, but the one we can download here is 5.5.0. Since you promote the WP-version with ‘huge performance’ upgrade I’d be quite interested in the current JS version.

How about that?




The new jQuery version will also be available to download within a few days.


I use Youtube iFrame API to mute my Youtube clips in Layerslider – after i upgraded to version Layerslider 5.5.0 youtube videos wont autostart anymore ! ;o(

Seems like the latets version introduces a conflict somewhere – any surgestions?



If you show us your site with the slider we can check what’s wrong.

Hi Again

Heres a link: http://atn.dk/layerslider/

On the site the YoutubeIframAPI is referenced…så Youtube clips don’t autoplay anymore – if i comment out the reference – Youtube clips starts to play – but then i can’t mute the clip ! :o(

Thanks for the support ! ;o)


xerracol Purchased

Dear author, can you please tell me how can I set the slider to stop until a youtube videos ends. Automatically changes into the next slider and the visitor never get the change to see the full video….

P.S. Your demo pages is down?


You can find the autoplay settings in the documentation here: http://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layerslider/documentation.html#slider-options

Our demo site is working for me. Is it still down for you ?


CRISPPX Purchased

I bought this item 2 times by mistake, would you be able to refund me 1 of the purchases? thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


You can ask for refund from Envato on the following URL: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us