KU2D 1.02 2010-01-02

Let your subscribers stay current about new and updates.

New since V1.02: Some small fixes, more in the changlog below


KU2D allows you to offer a simple way to inform your clients (subscribers) about updates of one of your releases. You can use it for events, parties, new product, ... too.

Every category can be equipped with an Info URL.

KU2D is equipped with an confirmation system via email.

OPT-IN: After registration a link to activate will be sent via email.
OPT-OUT: After preperation for deletion a link to confirm deletion will be sent via email.
OPT-UPD: Every changes (subscriptions) have to be confirmed by following the confirmation links received via email.

The categories help you to seperate the different interests of your subscribers.

Short Features Overview

  • Each user operations have to be confirmed via email (OPT-IN, OPT-OUT, OPT-UPD)
  • Manage categories to seperate users’ interests
  • Sent messages are stored, so you’re able to get a view to your sending history
  • ...


URL: http://envato.homac.at/demos/Ku2d/
USER: admin
PASS: pass

Current Version SGM 1.02 2010—02

Update instructions and update scripts are included

Updates V1.02 2010-01-02

> -) Added some fixes to send message form (slashes / pre-filled-in message / HTML-special characters)
> -) Fixed “count subscribers per cat” in categories on message sending form or categories overview

Updates V1.01 2009-12-31

> -) Fixed variable collision ($url)

V1.0 2009-12-30

> official release

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