Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery, like Flickr and Google image search. Make your galleries stand out in an eye-catching and unique new way! Replace the standard WP galleries [gallery] as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WordPress manages the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or use NextGEN as an image manager/source. Unleash the power of image RSS Feeds and pull videos from Youtube, Vimeo and images from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, WordPress.com blogs and more! Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their featured images! Also works with custom post types and custom taxonomies. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!

Control every aspect: row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, free and premium lightboxes, mouse activated animation… It’s easy to install and comes with 20 presets out of the box. The setup is a breeze with two admin areas: the plugin settings and the Shortcode Editor (you can edit your previously generated shortcodes!). 315 settings are spread over a tabbed interface in two admin areas for quick access. The settings are available to change on a per gallery basis, extending the global settings and presets. No coding skills are required. There is no need to remember shortcode attributes/values because of the Shortcode Editor that has examples and contextual help.

Your download includes an extensive 82 pages PDF documentation with full settings reference, troubleshooting guide and clickable bookmarks – table of contents. There are also some narrated HD videos available. An excellent, fast-response support is provided with guaranteed reply. It covers installation, technical and compatibility issues. Buy with confidence, the author is here to help!

Extended license doesn’t cover multiple uses! You need to purchase a regular or an extended license for every site. You can’t resell the plugin as part of a stock theme, the extended license doesn’t allow you to do that.

Videos – make sure you watch them in 1080p!


  • Automatically align images to a justified gallery keeping their original aspect ratio
  • Responsive: adapts to the resolution of any device, provided your theme is also responsive. Try resizing the browser window! It’ll adjust as you stop dragging.
  • Uses the WordPress native way of creating galleries, you can use your pre-existing galleries
  • Facebook compatibility: use the Facebook authorization manager tool and the shortcode editor to visually select your single or multiple Facebook albums to load (page and user albums as well). Or just display all albums in your content using the Facebook overview feature – automatically create separate pages for the albums or just open them in the lightbox. API Requests are cached.
  • Flickr compatibility: load photos from a user’s Photostream, Favorites, Group pools, Collections (!), Photosets, Galleries or a global Flickr search tool! Includes a user manager tool. No authentication required. Optional backlink to the photo on Flickr is available. API Requests are cached. Breadcrumbs for collections! Sets can be opened in the lightbox directly from the collection view.
  • Instagram compatibility: load your feed, your recent photos, or your liked photos! Also, automatic content aggregation by Instagram tags, recent photos by any user. Furthermore pick any location or venue in the world to pull photos from, using Instagram and Worldcam! Optional backlink to the photo on Instagram is available. API Requests are cached.
  • RSS/Atom feeds, semi-dedicated support for these popular sites: pull videos from Youtube, Vimeo and images from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, WordPress.com – using a regular link to Feed URL converter tool. It knows the feed URLs on these sites and helps you get them easily.
  • NextGEN Gallery (both versions 1 and 2) integration, full support for nested albums and galleries, tag gallery, tag album, recent images, random images (all photos or from a gallery), individual photos, permalinks, custom links, limit, load more or hidden limit is used instead of pagination. You can transfrom your already established site using NextGEN shortcodes to use this plugin for the looks, in a matter of minutes! Hugely improved display performance over native NextGEN.
  • Compatible with NGG Custom Fields for custom links on NextGEN images
  • Built-in breadcrumb for Nextgen with lots of options, also for Flickr and Facebook sources
  • Recent posts: Create a homepage banner of the (recent) posts (or your custom post type) using their featured images, filter by categories, display categories/tags/taxonomies in the caption, or show an automatic excerpt trimmed to x words as well as your manual exceprt, author name, time… Pre-filter by custom taxonomies, date queries, author and more!
  • Filter using tag cloud or buttons by the terms of any taxonomy, ony the fly, for example: narrow WP posts, Flickr, Instagram or NextGEN content by tags! Extend WP post categories and tags to images to filter by. Works with custom post types with custom taxonomies. A second filter level/set is available to combine two taxonomies! Compatible with Media Library Assistant.
  • Clicks on thumbnails can point to a Custom link/URL with video support – images with link target (_self/_blank/video)
  • Load more type of pagination with Infinite Scroll
  • Limit image count or maximum rows
  • Hidden limit – limit the number of thumbs but cycle all gallery images in the lightbox
  • Flexible, dynamic row height
  • On the fly special effects: cross-browser desaturation, glow, blur, sepia, edge detection effects
  • Natively HDPI display or Retina Ready
  • Jetpack Photon compatible
  • Ability to crop images to a fixed aspect ratio (essentially similar to fixed width and height, but with reponsiveness in mind)
  • Ability randomize image width (without skewing image of course), this is the opposite of the previous feature, the fixed aspect ratio
  • Adds images to XML Sitemap with WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk
  • Admin area 1: Main settings page with clean and logical tabs and sections
  • Admin area 2: Shortcode Editor for the attributes with the ability to edit existing shortcodes
  • Both admin areas feature contextual help
  • 305 unique settings and shortcode attributes that you can change for each gallery
  • Mobile specific settings that apply when a mobile device is detected
  • Collaboration with premium lightboxes (WordPress plugins). These are FooBox which is social and responsive + the Social Gallery that allows Facebook/Disqus comments for the pictures. These are purchased separately.
  • Multiple free lightbox options bundled: a customized prettyPhoto with social sharing, ColorBox, PhotoSwipe – which is optimized for mobiles and features a touch swipe navigation between the images. It’s possible to use a different lightbox for mobile devices and for desktops. Also to disable the lightbox or to turn links off. Compatible with Jetpack’s Carousel, a full screen free lightbox.
  • prettyPhoto advanced deeplinking: Customized to Like images individually, with the Liked photo’s thumbnail showing up on Facebook, works with random order
  • Full deeplinking and extended social tools support for prettyPhoto: Like, Tweet, G+, Pin the individual images (toggleable and re-orderable buttons)
  • Most important prettyPhoto settings are easily changeable, theme, social tools, deeplinking. Optional Google Analytics compatibility.
  • HTML tags support in lightbox captions
  • Inner/Middle/Outer border with Inner/Outer shadow
  • Magnifier icon (can be changed) in the middle of the transparent color overlay
  • Error checking
  • Right click theft protection
  • Download link with browser pop-up to save the image
  • Ability to use multiple instances on one page
  • Option to hide the last row if incomplete or to match previous row’s height for same shaped images
  • You can choose any of the WordPress image fields (such as Title, Alternate Text, Caption, Description from Media Libray) to appear at any location as captions and in the lightboxes
  • Translation or localization ready with .po file (includes tinyMCE modal window texts)
  • Built-in tool to move images between posts in the Media Library without having to re-upload them
  • Crops the images as a last resort, can be set to never crop
  • Template tag generator in the shortcode editor, sidebar text widget shortcode compatibility
  • Features simply the best mouse enter/leave animation solution, hoverFlow for jQuery to solve the animation queue buildup
  • TimThumb prepares, resizes, caches the thumbnails for minimal bandwidth and resource usage (can be disabled). It’s also made cacheable by CloudFlare!
  • CDN support
  • Plugin files will only load when needed, not causing slowdown on other pages
  • Earn affiliate commissions by enabling a ‘powered by…’ link through your envato username
  • Continuous updates have been released and are to be expected as new feature suggestions and customization requests spotlight areas to improve. Also when 3rd party script authors release new versions. Bugs are to be eliminated when found.
  • Support is taken seriously, all efforts will be made to make an incompatibility go away. Also I listen to customer opinions and feature suggestions.
Note: The images and WordPress theme seen in the preview are not included in the download. Also this is not Pinterest style. You can make feature requests in the comments section.


  • “The Justified Image Grid plugin for Wordpress installed easily, and works fantastic. It’s simple to use, and the multiple appearances made customization a breeze. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants their image galleries to stand out. In all – a great plugin. // Nils Kristoffersen”
  • I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. This is one of best gallery plugins out there. Easy to install and use and looks fantastic. With it’s easy social media integration this proved to be the best solution for clients who were more comfortable uploading images onto their social media accounts than entering the WP Admin which can be daunting for some. 5* all the way. Highly recommended!
  • This is the best gallery plugin for wordpress. Great styles, loads of options, and totally flexible. I love it! Works perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you so much!
  • Great plugin and a great author!! Easy install, and when I had a small issue the author took care of it within minutes. Bookmarked :D
  • What a beautiful gallery plugin! Lovely work.
  • Just want to say: what an awesome plugin. I have been looking for a gallery for wordpress with these capabilities for an age! Great work Firsh.
  • 5 stars on this one buddy, up and runnin faster then my coffee maker! :D
  • This plugin is awesome, but Firsh’s customer service is incredible!
  • Perfect and easy! Best (responsive) gallery plugin by far! Great job.
  • You are awesome Firsh. The best customer service on the web!
  • It´s too bad that I can´t give you another five stars for your custumer service!
    So I do it this way: * * * * * :-)
  • Thanks for making such an awesome plugin, I really love it and am so glad I stumbled upon it today!
  • 1.2? OMG …its the gift that keeps on giving! Right on man, best 12 bux I EVER spent.
  • I love this gallery plugin….Been hoping someone would put it together, and did not imagine it being this good. Bravo!
  • I just feel the need to comment on how extremely helpful Firsh is if you ever have a problem with your purchase or even if you have questions not related to your purchase. I would recommend buying from him. He is patient, thorough, and overall, makes great plugins!
  • I did the upgrades of the plugin and it is working brilliantly. It takes true vision to develop such a piece of software and I applaud you for that! It solved a big problem for us and opened up some great new possibilities which we are using to extend our website design way beyond the norm.
  • Thanks for the lightning fast support. Firsh was great help. He answered my query in under an hour and fixed my issue right away..
  • You my friend have been awesome! You went beyond the call of duty to help me out! So easy to recommend your work and support to others! We need people like you out there on all Evnavto Marketplaces!


  • This is the #1 top selling WordPress gallery plugin on CodeCanyon since July 28, 2013!
  • This item made me the Nr1 Top Selling New Author For July 2012 on CodeCanyon, thank you my Dear Buyers!
  • This file hit the 3-months Top Sellers list in 2 months with 373 sales (ending Aug, 2012) and it’s there ever since.
  • This plugin is on the Weekly Top Sellers list every week since 1 year and counting, top position is 7th with 142 sales.

Updates / Changelog

What’s next?
  • The to-do is still too long, so more updates are coming in 2014. I also want to improve the product page and the preview site with more and better demos and do some marketing.

v2.0.4 – May 16, 2014 – SEO, quick improvements

  • Photo credit lines from Facebook album description are now filtered to only retain the name, not all the ids (previously Photo Credit: @[123456789:1234:Name of photographer])
  • Re-checked/improved Google indexing capabilities, XML sitemaps, images in RSS feeds – considering CDN, Jetpack Photon, TimThumb on/off scenarios
  • Shortcode editor is slightly more usable on mobile devices
  • Theme compatibility regarding -webkit-backface-visibility
  • No more urlencoded URLs seen by Google
  • Localization

v2.0.3 – May 14, 2014 – Hotfix

  • Using image_categories and/or image_tags without having MLA installed resulted in loading ALL pictures, fixed
  • Removed the fix that was added a year ago for this Chrome bug it sometimes actually caused the problem now that the bug was fixed in Chrome
  • Some custom links that contain certain characters are not urlencoded but the JS still tried to urldecode them and resulted in an error (e.g. you tried to open a form in prettyPhoto with this in the link ?iframe=true&width=705&height=100%)

v2.0.2 – May 12, 2014 – Flickr SSL, better translatability, show images by any taxonomy, cosmetic fixes regarding Retina Ready and special effects, better (video) sharing from prettyPhoto, numerous improvements and bugfixes

New features:
  • Customizable texts in JIG are now translatable via WPML String Translation as well (such as Load More, Read More, Download, etc.)
  • Modified TimThumb to use a list of allowed hotlinking sites. By default it allows your subdomains to hotlink, ensuring compatibility with WPML language subdomains
  • Image taxonomy: pull WP images using any taxonomy you have enabled on them, not just what’s possible with JIG or MLA plugin, ability combine this with categories and tags
  • Blog view limit: the ability to limit the number of images when the post is displayed among others (blog view, archives, author posts, category listing etc.) and shows a message to view the rest of the gallery (links to the full post like Read more)
  • Special Effects are now Retina Ready
  • TimThumb will no longer produce thumbnails that are larger than the original image (no upscaling on the server side). Maximum thumbnail size decreased from 2500 to 2000. When hitting this limit, it will no longer produce images that are not in the desired aspect ratio (modified the limiting mechanism). Most of these affect the retina ready feature.
  • Settings’ Import/Export is using JSON instead of serialize, if possible, allowing more portability between different installations
  • When pinning content to Pinterest, especially Video-based content (from the customized PrettyPhoto), the HTML is stripped from description but the links are retained in a pinterest-compatible format. Furthermore the video thumbnails will become the shared image on Pinterest
  • The optional ‘Remove usually unnecessary NextGEN files from the page’ feature is now much more effective, will block every static resource by NextGEN – only for cases when you just use JIG for display and never use native NextGEN
  • WP media library source: ‘ids’ and NextGEN source: ‘ng_pics’ shortcode attributes now accept ranges too, e.g. ‘10-35,40,51-55’ allowing quick inclusion of images by ID
  • Unveil Lazy Load won’t duplicate the images anymore (previously only the plugin called ‘Lazy Load’ was affected by this fix)
  • The instagram_tag_filter is now case-insensitive
  • Customized prettyPhoto to prevent themes from calling prettyPhoto on JIG with their own settings (this caused inconsistent prettyPhoto theme/overlay_gallery behavior and crippling the JIG video player in some themes such as Avada)
  • Adding a star * to the ng_tags_album setting will now pull all NG tags to the album
  • Custom lightbox feature’s ‘Custom attribute name’ setting can now be used even without its value pair
  • Image scaling performance improved for FireFox: images’ contents will no longer appear to be moving 1px when mouse-interacting with the special effects
  • Tweeting a videoplayer view of prettyPhoto lightbox will properly keep the link in the tweet
  • Liking a self-hosted video in prettyPhoto (played by the new player solution) didn’t use the video thumbnail nor re-opened the video when clicking on the liked content on Facebook this is now fixed to work the same as the images
  • HTTPS (SSL) Flickr API is used instead of HTTP because of New SSL Endpoints for the Flickr API
  • Custom presets were not properly removed from database on uninstall when partial or full removal is requested
  • Add Media dialog would be blank when wp-debug was true (PHP notice regarding line 14512)
  • Download.php wouldn’t work in a specific case, casted content-length as string
  • The Instagram backlink in the lightbox would say video even though it’s a photo type of content
  • Middle border color is no longer seen during loading (usually a white background)
  • When the video couldn’t be played in the video player solution, the image appeared shrunk
  • JIG Link field in the Media Library in now really longer
  • MobileDetect to v2.8
  • Colorbox v1.5.9
  • Documentation, Localization

v2.0.1 – March 31, 2014 – Hotfix, FooBox related bugfix

  • Developer link is also centered when the ‘Incomplete last row’ setting is set to one of the centering styles
  • Max rows setting is automatically disabled when using Load More
  • Shortcode Editor will interpret/load shortcodes that have more than one space between the attributes (likely due to manual editing)
  • JIG Link field appears longer in the media library and the labels are better aligned
  • JIG Settings screen is a bit more compact and shows the Shortcode Editor icon
  • FooBox will no longer open ‘larger’ or ‘maximum’ sized Facebook images in an iframe
  • When pointing a thumbnail to a link which is an image (using JIG Link) foobox will no longer open it in an iframe
  • RSS feed: sometimes youtube feed would say ‘no items’ error
  • Disabling ‘Custom links on images’ will no longer also disable ‘WP image custom classes’ utlity
  • MobileDetect to 2.7.9

v2 – March 27, 2014 – Custom presets, preset authority, video player, exclude Facebook albums, many improvements and bugfixes

New features:
  • Custom presets: You can now save your settings to a named custom preset that you can load (as global settings or in the shortcode) or edit/delete
  • Preset authority editor: You can now see the reach of presets, what settings belong to them and which ones considered global. Change certain settings to be global, regardless of preset (like lightboxes). This compliments Custom Presets very well and also provides insight into how presets and settings work.
  • Mediaelement.js video player (from WP core) in the lightbox: you can now play any video (custom hosted) by adding its URL to Custom link on the images (prettyPhoto or FooBox), also a new JIG Target: Video player
  • Instagram videos are now played in the lightbox instead of opening on a new tab on Instagram (you can still open their own page if you use the Instagram backlink feature in the lightbox), this is more consistent with the photos! The word ‘photo’ changes to ‘video’ automatically in the backlink text.
  • Exclude selected Facebook albums from the overview – a setting in the Shortcode Editor
  • Show Instagram photo owner’s username on the thumbnails and in the lightbox (optional)
  • Since row centering is available, added these new ‘Incomplete last row’ modes: Match + Center, Flexible + Center, Flexible + Match + Center
  • Presets selection UI in the settings was changed to a dropdown (minimizes clutter) and it looks more compact and useful while having more features
  • All JIG error messages that appear on the frontend have been wrapped in a .jigErrorMessage class so you can hide or style them with CSS
  • Centering the Filter tag cloud and buttons is changed to be much better and look more coherent. Tag cloud line height is now automatic, the tags align vertically on the same line, while their ‘selected state’ background also represents their size. Also works on IE7!
  • Updated the download photo script to use CURL where otherwise it would not be possible to download an image (0 filesize because of allow_url_fopen)
  • The ‘Lazy Load’ plugin will no longer show a duplicate gallery below JIG
  • Facebook tab in the Shortcode Editor is greatly improved performance-wise, loads faster
  • JIG Target field is now a more compact dropdown, which is nicer than messy radiobuttons, option values were renamed
  • When the custom link target is a video or youtube/vimeo content, official lightboxes that lack video/iframe support will not try to open them, so the video will open in a new tab instead
  • PrettyPhoto’s tweet button is now protocol flexible, supports https
  • Not using the deprecated jQuery .load() and .error() methods anymore
  • Settings, TimThumb tab: problem detection by a more meaningful red/green image, not just permissions check
  • Backwards slashes and/or multiple forward slashes are filtered from the thumbnail URLs from now on
  • New, better, more compact color picker (jQuery MiniColors) for the settings area and the Shortcode Editor (WP 3.9 TinyMCE 4 doesn’t have the color picker)
  • WP 3.9 compatibility: clicking the gray shaded area around the Shortcode Editor closes it
  • TimThumb cache files (txt) and the empty index.html files can no longer be edited in the Plugin editor (WP dashboard feature) for JIG, so it shows less clutter and one can find the files to edit faster should they decide to change them
  • Reduced Shortcode Editor’s memory footprint
  • Weirdest, oldest multi-instance bug: When selecting a preset in the shortcode, the subsequent JIG instances will inherit that preset when they don’t have one selected. This is fixed so the next instances start with the global settings properly!
  • Regarding PrettyPhoto, Pinterest button: fixed a JS error that breaks the grid when loading the page in an iframe like Stumbleupon: Uncaught security error: Protocols, domains, and ports must match.
  • Another step against prettyPhoto crashes, some vertical images with lots of text below them would still crash, this is no longer the case
  • Flickr collections, when opening a set in the lightbox and the limit is on default (25) and not set to unlimited (0) and the set cover photo is not in the first 25, the set would have a weird-empty caption, this is fixed (Facebook feature isn’t affected by this as it works differently)
  • Flickr content: empty-looking captions are now removed, orhan separator characters next to Download link or Flick backlink are removed
  • Certain images that have query parameters in their URL were not loaded by TimThumb (for example some Facebook photos)
  • Facebook feature giving ‘no albums’, ‘items are empty’ or ‘no pictures in any of the albums’ errors when they are not really the case are solved (when you had no limit set and wanted to use the Facebook overview features), meaningful errors from facebook are now also displayed, if available
  • Recent posts’ Filter by Taxonomy: Taxonomy filter term setting wouldn’t take more than one term, now it properly takes multiple
  • Facebook Overview had an error when you chose to display the manually set album covers
  • NextGEN custom links feature using the NGG Custom Fields plugin has been fixed when using multiple custom fields
  • NextGEN gallery paths were sometimes the absolute paths due to a change in NG 2.0.57
  • When disregarding Custom links, Facebook images would appear smaller (because the large image is added a link that points to the lightbox)
  • Filtering: Tag cloud tag sizes in relation to All button were once again fixed
  • Filtering: When using ‘Allow multiple filters’ the tags didn’t react to mouse over (highlight)
  • Shortcode editor could show a blank screen due to running out of memory when the site had many (thousands) of users that are collected for the Recent posts’ Filter by author setting – changed to only include Authors and work with much less data
  • When using numerical Filtering (years or similar), Chrome put them to the beginning of filter buttons/tags, disregarding your ordering choices
  • Removed PHP notices regarding some Flickr content + Flickr collections, also it was not possible to add Flickr collections when you had wp_debug mode on, due to the notices
  • Removed PHP notices that were only visible in WP 3.9 regarding wpdb prepare
  • Removed PHP notices regarding RSS feature
  • Recent posts feature no longer goes searching for NextGEN thumbnail when there is probably no such feature image
  • jQuery dotdotdot to 1.6.13
  • Colorbox to v1.5.5
  • Documentation, Localization
v1.9 – February 22, 2014 – Automatic updates, better tabs support, AJAX, more flexible borders, major improvements to Facebook overview and prettyPhoto Pinterest pin button
v1.8 – December 20, 2013Christmas update – Flickr collections, Multiple Facebook albums, new Recent posts features, individual prettyPhoto social tools, WP3.8 compatibility and much more
v1.7.2 – November 12, 2013 – Flickr search, Facebook friends, improvements, bugfixes regarding NextGEN, filtering, compatibility, 3rd party script updates
v1.7.1 – October 3, 2013 – Hotfix update
v1.7 – October 1, 2013 – Retina ready (native HDPI display support), vastly improved Filtering, theme and prettyPhoto compatibility (problems that were most often surfacing as “social tools are not visible”)
v1.6.2 – August 26, 2013 – Bugfixes, maintaining NG2 compatibility
v1.6.1 – August 26, 2013 – Hotfix and a new small setting
v1.6 – August 26, 2013 – RSS Feeds (any image source), NextGEN 2 compatibility, larger Facebook images, animated gifs, settings import/export and uninstall, custom taxonomy filter for Recent posts
v1.5.1 – June 3, 2013 – Hotfix update that affects Filtering, Aspect Ratio and Facebook overview
v1.5 – June 1, 2013 – The biggest update yet! – Instagram, Filtering, Facebook overview, Fixed aspect ratio, Randomize width, Individual Facebook like with prettyPhoto advanced deeplinking, better SEO, Admin interface improvements, and much more…
v1.4.9 – May 1, 2013 – Vertical caption centering, infinite scroll, Jetpack Carousel…
v1.4.8 – April 4, 2013 – New shortcode options, more bugfixes, some improvements
v1.4.7 – March 21, 2013 – Important bugfixes
v1.4.6 – March 18, 2013 – Jetpack Photon compatibility, NG+WPML, CDN support, better SEO, bugfixes
v1.4.5 – February 12, 2013 – User suggested new features, NextGEN core changes, browser and jQuery compatibility bugfixes for the shortcode editor, mobile experience improvements…
v1.4.4 – January 18, 2013 – Minor update
v1.4.3 – January 15, 2013 – Minor update regarding NextGEN (when soft disabled temporarily)
v1.4.2 – December 28, 2012 – Minor update
v1.4.1 – December 18, 2012 – Minor update
v1.4 – December 17, 2012
v1.3 – September 26, 2012
v1.2 – August 6, 2012
v1.1 – July 6, 2012
v1.0 – July 1, 2012 – Initial CodeCanyon Release

For the complete changelog, check out Updates and changelog on justifiedgrid.com – I’ve managed to reach CodeCanyon’s ~65000 characters item description limit so I had to remove all v1.1-v1.8 changelogs from this page!

We may make statements regarding planned or future development efforts for our existing or new products and services. These statements are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future availability of products, services or features but merely reflect our current plans and are based on factors currently known to us. These planned and future development efforts may change without notice. Purchasing decisions should not be made upon reliance on these statements.