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I am trying to get my purchase code into the purchase code field for automatic updates and it won’t save. When I manually download the update from envato, it says I already have the plugin, but in my wp dashboard im clearly still running 2.4. Im out of ideas to get this to update. I would prefer the auto method, any reason my purchase code won’t save? Thanks.


For some reason my password is in there. I’ve tried erasing it to blank and saving, as well as simply replacing with the purchase code and saving. Both methods revert back to the password being saved in the jig settings.


Update available box says to manually download it or update my purchase code for auto updates. So it’s one vicious circle at the moment.

LOVE the plugin btw!



Browser autocomplete may mistake that field for your password. Please make it forget that password and only save it when you log in. Alternatively, use a different browser where you don’t make it remember passwords, to add and save the code.

You can always download the latest version from here and update via FTP upload. Or uninstall the old version and quickly install the new, your settings will be kept.

I’ll change that field to be less prone to autocomplete, in a coming update.

Hey firsch :)!

You are hands down my favorite image grid plugin and even though it’s not a lot of people I have gotten 20 people to purchase your plugin! You guys care about your product and I am so excited for the new version whenever it comes out :)!

In the mean time, I did a text scan on my plugins folder for this new security threat that envato is talking about http://marketblog.envato.com/news/wordpress-item-security-vulnerability/ and am leaving a comment for any premium plugins that I use where I found the use of “add_query_arg” or “remove_query_arg” Thanks and here’s the info:

A. Here is the location, file & # of occurrences of “add_query_arg” in jig: http://i.imgur.com/MMlGUog.png B. Here is the location, file & # of occurrences of “remove_query_arg” in jig: http://i.imgur.com/aKBVh91.png

v2.5 has the fix. Note that, the problem is not with the function, but with the use of the function. Simply just because a plugin has them it’s not the mark of instant vulnerability. I escaped the output of all those use occasions, which you can see by esc_url() a few lines below the occurrences, which is the recommendation of the WP Codex.


You’re welcome and thank you for your fast resolution of the problem :)!



Is it possible to set up a gallery with caption, external link and an icon to identify it?

Similar to this at the bottom




Yes! The icon by default is set for all elements per gallery (e.g. magnifying glass), but with some custom CSS it’s possible to have different icons for individual or groups of thumbnails (I can help you with that).

Custom link and caption feature is built in. You can’t vary the caption position individually, only on a per gallery level. Captions can be displayed at the bottom, below, or in the center of the thumbnails.

fabinho Purchased

Hello Firsh!

I am about to have my server upgraded to PHP 5.5. They recommended asking the plugin developers if their plugins are compatible with PHP 5.5.

Is JIG compatible with it?



Wanting to add in filtering via nextgen. Is there any other way to do this besides Gallery name or tags? As i want to keep both of these as is for oganisation (gallery names) tags (seo) purposes. Something like a category perhaps?