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Plugin works very good.

I am using the Simple Card theme and I’d like to remove the “zoom out” effect and just have a static image without any effects, how do I go about removing this effect?

Thank you!

wrong page, sorry about that :)

I was looking at your gallery with options to post images from Facebook, besides photos and albums is it possible to obtain Photos posted to the facebook account? Is there a sample page?

I believe it’s named the phtos_stream, at least that’s what I see on the facebook link when I see the photos posted to…

Hi, Have recently started using your plugin. Working great except for an issue I have with the displaying the grids in Safari browsers. This happens on Macs and iPads.

The issues is with the images on the homepage of my site which is https://www.offshoot.ie.

In Safari the images do not display as a grid but display as a stack:


In Chrome the images display as:


Any clues on how to fix this?


Firsh Author

Perhaps try another plugin. They should generally only filter the content, not sure why they reach the complete HTML source, including CSS rules. An @ symbol is not always indicative of an email address. This is a fault in CloudFlare too, but I’m sure there are plugins that work properly.

Thanks I had understood that. I was wondering if there was one that you knew was compatible with your product?


Firsh Author

Not that I know of. It’s not because none of them are, it’s because I didn’t deal with this kind of plugins yet at all. Do you have user-submitted emails on your site that it requires a plugin to mask them? Or you could upload an image of the email address of yours manually, if it’s just one address that needs to be protected. Maybe it’s not necessary to have a plugin for this?


eivindeh Purchased


I use YouTube rss feed to load my latest videos. Today I discovered that using Magnific Popup breaks the lightbox feature. When I click the video it doesn’t open in the lightbox. Instead I’m sent straight to the YouTube playlist. Also, the load more feature breaks.

Using Pretty Photo it all works like a charm.

This is my shortcode: [justified_image_grid row_height=230 mobile_row_height=200 height_deviation=0 link_title_field=title photoswipe_social=yes ps_social_buttons=FTGP title_field=title caption=fade caption_bg_color=transparent mobile_caption=fixed caption_text_color=#fff caption_opacity=1 caption_align=css v_center_captions=yes overlay=hovered overlay_color=#000 overlay_opacity=0.5 mobile_overlay=off lightbox=prettyphoto mobile_lightbox=no orderby=menu_order limit=0 last_row=flexible aspect_ratio=16:9 disable_cropping=yes randomize_width=0 load_more=scroll load_more_text=”Last inn mer” load_more_count_text=”count elementer gjenstår” hidden_limit=100 load_more_offset=400 load_more_auto_width=on load_more_mobile=click load_more_limit=12 rss_url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUsiNrFR-PIgOHafxX3atRog link_target=video]

Site is here: http://elverumfhs.no/film

Hope you can help.

Thanks Eivind Høimyr

Hi, it works fine for me (changed to magnific) and even better than prettyPhoto. Perhaps your theme already uses magnific and changes how it works with JIG? Try on a duplicated separate test page and set it to magnific so I can observe the problem on your site.


dpense Purchased

I see there’s a new update. I got an error when I tried to update through wordpress. whats the best way to upgrade? thanks


Firsh Author

Hi, what was the error? I’ve reset your license. http://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/your-license-has-been-reset-what-does-it-mean/ It was bound to a localhost address. Perhaps you had “update package not available” now that you tried on a different domain?


dpense Purchased

the reset fixed the issue. thanks

I’ve moved my site and think i need the license to be reset. Can you help? Thanks!


mdp451 Purchased


I purchased Justified Image Grid today. While trying to setup the same on our one of the “under Development website”, we are getting

the following error message.

“All of the images have failed to load.”

We have gone trough the documentations and tried many of the fix. But nothing worked for us. For your reference, we are hereby

sending details about what we did and its result. Just for your information, we are not using any CDN and Jetpack Photon right now.

(1) We have checked the cache folder permission under “timThumb and CDN” tab. Message shows “The permission for the cache folder is:

0755 and it seems to be writable. The plugin folder permission is 0755.” but still it show “timThumb error” button with red color

saying “timThumb is not working for you”

(2) We have tried putting following two lines at the top of .htaccess file SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPost Off

But this cased “Internal Server Error” so we removed the same.

(3) We have inspected network elements, and its shows “404” errors for all the images.

(4) If we are selecting option “No: Do not use TimThumb (not recommended). ” it is working fine. But we don’t want to use this option

due to performance reasons.

You are kindly requested to look into the same.

Thank you.


mdp451 Purchased


Sounds good. If you can share where in hide my WP was the setting to augment with the exclusion, it would help me make the FAQ better. For others that might have the same problem in the future.

Hi Firsh, As I mentioned I was getting 404 errors. I did the two settings to resolve this problem.

(1) I added the following code in .HTACCESS files <IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule>

But still something was blocking JIG from displaying thumbnails using timThumb. So I applied following setting too and it worked.

After installing “Hide my WP” plugin, under settings>>Hide My WP>>General Settings tab, there is one input box called, “Exclude Files” . I entered the path to “timThumb.php” into it. i.e. “wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/timthumb.php”

And it worked!

Details about this was found on the following article of “Hide my WP” plugins. http://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-wp-amazing-security-plugin-for-wordpress/4177158/faqs/16224

Have a Nice Day!!


lalu00 Purchased


Automatic update error! This purchase code has already been used on another host! You need one regular license for each different site. You can setup your staging area in a subfolder to have autoupdates on both installations. Contact JIG support to reset your license (only the username is needed).



lalu00 Purchased



joryh Purchased

Hi Firsh, I need to reset my license because auto update error. Thanks for the help.


Firsh Author

Hi, you are not in the autoupdate database. Have you added your purcahse code to the first setting of JIG yet? Unless that is added and valid, trying to update will not result in an available update package.

Thank you for the help.


McToth Purchased

I have a problem in my web with the display of images. The site is in two languages (Catalan and Spanish) and images are displayed only in Catalan.

I have seen that there is a point, a possible problem with the translation into Spanish:

“Small problem in the Spanish translation preventer the grid from being displayed.”

Could confirm if this problem is solved? What else could cause incorrect display of the photos?

My web: mctoth.com


Firsh Author

What version of JIG do you have? The update completely broke galleries on Spanish sites (no grid visible), so update to v3.1.1 if you haven’t yet.


wellboy Purchased

Hi! We change the site’s domain, today is workfilm.pro What we can do for regular work plugin?


McToth Purchased

I have a version Versión 3.1.1 but the problem with spanish (grid no visible) is not fixed in my site (mctoth.com)


Observe the single vs double quotes. If you have the latest version, make sure to purge server side caching.

Great !! Again the single quotes that solve all my problems! I have WPML installed and did not change the translation file. All right! Thank you very much!!