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Hello…great file and really looking forward to using it. I really bought it to use first and foremost with Facebook so…I created the Web App on Facebook and put in my ID and Secret…but whenever I try and add a role either with a username or a FB ID I obtain from the View Source of a page it tells me….”could not be resolved to a valid user ID or name…..I even typed in the GOTHAMonFOX username from your example…. What am I doing wrong??


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By the way the info about the 2 month thing is explained in the Facebook tab, but it’s also accessible in the screenshots before purchase: https://snag.gy/qNPRF3.jpg

Deadly…no pages feature in Facebook is all I need….thanks for that…very happy now!!


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Great :)


cw1539cw Purchased

Hi, I’d like to reset purchase codes. Please advise. Thank you…

I have photon enabled since it should serve images much faster.

I know photon changes the image quality on my wordpress images. I managed to turn that off with the following added to functions.php

add_filter(‘jetpack_photon_pre_args’, ‘jetpackme_custom_photon_compression’ ); function jetpackme_custom_photon_compression( $args ) { $args[‘quality’] = 100; return $args; }

It does not seem to be adding the 100% quality to the JIG thumbnails (seems to be working on the lightbox images)

I save all my images for web in photoshop to maximize file size so I don’t want another program to handle that for me further lowering the quality of the image.

Can you please help me get 100% quality while using photon on the JIG thumbnails?


Firsh Author

Hi, sorry I don’t know how to influence thumbnail quality with Photon. I do not recommend using JPG quality 100 for anything. For thumbs 80 is good and for full hd images to be opened in the lightbox/mobiles 60 quality is sufficient.

Use CloudFlare instead of Photon. It’s better and it does not redo your thumbnails simply serves them for you.

I already save images around 80% using photoshop so I don’t need extra lowering of quality. They look terrible with the resizing.

If you look at the links its missing the Quality=100 on the thumbnails. the lightbox includes the 100% quality.

Lightbox link http://i1.wp.com/www.willpursell.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/003-rain-engagement-portraits.jpg?fit=2200,1464&quality=100

Thumbnail link rain-engagement-portraits

Is there a way to add a similar addition to the link on the thumbnail?


Firsh Author

I believe there would be a way but it requires changing the code slightly. Contact me from my profile and we’ll figure something out.

Hi! I am unable to update the plugin after I moved my site from hostgator to siteground. It gives me this error – “Automatic update error! This purchase code has already been used on another host!...” Please suggest what to do about this. Thanks!


JIG Lightbox is not opening properly under the salient theme. i’ve switched off salient theme and it works fine. tried changing lightboxes and a few things as listed in your troubleshooting but that does not seem to help. Please can you help to sort out. www.xscape.zone . Many thanks,

Hi Firsh, cheers for the reply. yes, please can you help with this. [info removed] do you require ftp? Can you let me know what you changed and in the future if same thing happens i can just change myself. Many thanks for this. Justin

sorry, realised this is public thread. can i pm / email you pw?


Firsh Author

Contact me from my profile please.

Before I am going purchase your plug-in, I would like to clarify one issue concerning Instagram.

Instagram stated that they will help users to share own content: “Help individuals share their own content with 3rd party apps.”

This is exactly what I want. I would like to publish my own content with JIG on my WordPress page. Will this be supported in future by JIG? Will this remain in JIG in future?


Firsh Author

Don’t buy it just for instagram, it’s not possible to have a client legally approved for this kind of use (for now). http://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/whats-happening-to-instagram-their-api-is-changing/ I’ll see what happens to other plugins that somehow managed to do it, after June 1 and I’ll revisit the issue.


duffydj Purchased

Hi there. I’m looking to buy this plugin. In the photoswipe option is there a way or option to disable the zoom feature in the lightbox? Thanks.


Firsh Author

Sorry I don’t think so. http://photoswipe.com/documentation/getting-started.html settings can be passed on to it so if you find it then you can use it. But I never seen it without the magnify feature. If the image is small it’s not used by the way. But Magnific Popup is a good zoomless alternative by the same good developer.

Is there a way to randomize order of the photos so each time the page is loaded it moves images to different places in the grid?


Firsh Author

Yes on the general settings tab in the “order by” setting you’ll find the option to shuffle/random photos from any source. If you use caching this will be a cached random order.

Very nice! Thanks for the quick response. Will consider buying it for a project.

No problem. Let me know when you have more questions.

Hi, Firsh, I’m getting

    borders and spacing
between thumbnails just fine on my NextGen album galleries and gallery thumbnails at http://martyratcliffphotography.com/weddings/ using [justified_image_grid caption=slide last_row=flexible mouse_disable=yes load_more=click load_more_limit=20 ng_album=1 ng_breadcrumb=yes ng_bc_home=custom_text ng_bc_home_text=”Weddings Album” ng_description=yes ng_display_tags=no]

but I get

    only spacing and no borders
on my JIG/Media Library galleries at http://martyratcliffphotography.com/jigdivi/ using [justified_image_grid preset=1 ids=”1116,1115,1076,1113,1112,1070,1111,1077,1075,1072,1074,1109,1071” retina_ready=yes disable_cropping=yes-mobile mouse_disable=yes]


    only spacing and no borders
at http://martyratcliffphotography.com/jigdivi/jig-page3/ using [justified_image_grid preset=5 ids=”1116,1113,1071,1115,1111,1110,1114,1109,1075,1072,1074,1070” photoswipe_social=yes ps_social_buttons=FTPG lightbox=photoswipe mobile_lightbox=photoswipe disable_cropping=yes-mobile]

and I get

    neither spacing nor borders
at my JIG/Media library gallery at http://martyratcliffphotography.com/jigdivi/jig-page-again/ using [justified_image_grid preset=2 ids=”1116,1113,1111,1112,1076,1072,1075,1074,1109,1077,1071,1070,1115” disable_cropping=yes]

I can’t find anything in documentation that indicates limitations on where the borders and spacing can be applied (such as in combination with JIG built-in presets in those last 3 locations).

What am I missing in getting the borders and spacing effects to show in all those pages?

Absolutely, you can use my comments!

As for how to make the settings/presets/shortcode relationships more clear, I’m not sure that my slow speed of grasping that important facet of your plug-in is common or an accurate gauge, but I think for me, it is more a matter of where I am in the learning curve of Wordpress and the toolsets. I’m sure others further along the path get it much more quickly. I am not new to software development or coding, but I am new to web development, PHP, CSS, etc, and in my case, even though I had previously read through every single features page at the JIG website (all those accessible from the excellent categorized menu), until I encountered a few challenges, some of your points made in the features pages had no specific relevance. The capabilities sounded great, but I really didn’t fully comprehend the relevance.

The one thought I had early this morning when chasing the links you provided was that the user guide PDF could be more helpful if you included some of the web page features verbiage right in the user guide. Now that I know, I’ll make better use of the features pages when reading the reference manual.

If you’d rather this next comment posted to the support page as a separate question, let me know: Another example of where I am still having some difficulty is in grasping file sizes and cropping: who is doing what with my images (media library, NextGEN, JIG). This is very important to photographers who really, really want thumbnails to look the same as the actual image (not cropped any differently), and to understand at any point in time what has been done to the original, full-size image being referenced in thumbnails and in lightboxes. The documentation on what, precisely, is being done by JIG is a bit vague. I want high-res thumbnails (though smaller) and of course high res, retina-ready lightbox presentations of single images, but I’m going now on the assumption that uploading of a 2048-pixel image to NextGEN or the media library already compressed at 80% quality ensures that the latest retina devices will see an equally high-quality 3X image with acceptible speed without my having to do anything else. Your feature pages allude to that impression, but documentation for actual implementation to accomplish that seems missing, or maybe just over-simplified. Wordpress media library stupidly creates a set of 5 or 6 mostly-useless cropped and resized versions of my original, and it scares me to think that any of those generated images will be used on a device-dependent automated basis without my knowing it is happening. NextGEN seems to create an additional single tiny thumbnail that I would NEVER want used. Perhaps some browser/device examples of what happens when various end-user devices access a page referencing the original image name stored in NextGEN folders and in the media library or Real Media Library folders would help folks understand what JIG is doing and where it helps with both quality and speed. For me, quality always trumps any concerns with speed. Quickly showing a pixelated, crappy picture will simply chase away clients as quickly as they arrived. So far, I’m going on blind faith that JIG is showing the best-quality image available for the device browsing my pages. I have an older iPhone and 2 generations of iPads for checking perceived quality and responsive behavior, which seem okay, but I would like to know specifically what is being served up…

Thank you for your excellent support and insight into future plans.

Regards, Marty

Well custom presets and preset authority is not for everyone. It’s not forced on you (by not showing the colors by default). Those that need it will find it but you can certainly use JIG without know about them. That’s part of the concept why I have so many settings yet you don’t need to touch them at all and it’ll still work fine.

Wow you actually read the site? It’s very large, I’ve been hoping that there would be some people that don’t give up after looking into 3-4 pages but are actually interested in-depth.

Do you remember what where those features that had no specific relevance so which ones should I expand?

I’ll discontinue the PDF docs and move everything online. Everything will be linkable and will likely get intertwined with the feature demos and content could be loaded in the plugin’s admin on demand. That way it’s always fresh. Yes the PDF is written a bit with the tone of “what is it for, what can it do” and not the “step by step how-to/tutorial”. In some way the site is more informative. I would like to separate the 2 tones distinctly, the site will have the feature demos and the docs articles will tell you how to achieve everything step by step. So no more wall of text and missing screenshots :)

JIG need and gets only one image, the linked-to image size (that will show up in the lightbox). It creates the thumbnail from this and uses that custom thumbnail. It’s dynamic according to your settings and your device. The retina ready special treatment is only for the thumbnails. In my experience if you upload a full HD image saved at around 60% JPG quality equals to about 300kb file size. It looks good on desktop and on mobile devices where high end ones are going above full HD nowadays. I use this on the demo size, all are compressed like this. 80% is overkill, unless you have smooth gradients.

There is no documentation it aside from the settings reference. It’s entirely automatic. For example a Samsung Galaxy S4 has full HD resolution with pixel density of 3. It gets a thumbnail that is 3x as big as on desktop but with about third quality. It’s heavily compressed yet it looks much better. Showing the image at high quality but not multiplied size will be fast, crappy, ugly pixelated. Whereas a low quality but high res image will look spectacular because the compression artifacts are indistinguishable (unless you have smooth gradients). You can control “how low” will JIG go regarding quality and “how high” pixel density it’ll support.

Yes themes create those seemingly unnecessary image sizes. Also NextGEN, but on a much smaller scale and less. JIG uses none of these, except when you choose a size in the “Lightboxes tab > Maximum size for lightbox (the image will link to this size)” – if you prepare your images right, you choose the “Full” anyway like I do. While it’s certainly possible to prevent the theme sizes from happening and remove already existing ones (which I do on the demo site), it’s not the scope of the plugin to “battle” themes and NextGEN. I mildly “rant” about the theme image sizes when explaining timthumb: http://justifiedgrid.com/support/faq/why-do-you-use-timthumb/ and why I don’t use that. So don’t worry those are not used by JIG.

JIG is doing everything it can do show thumbnail right and optimized for your device as the chart shows on the retina ready feature demo page on my site :) The lightbox image doesn’t get any special treatment, it’s just how you upload your image, and mostly that is sufficient.

Thanks for the detailed explanation about file size usage. I’ll experiment with gradually lower quality but with plenty of pixels. I did read up quite a bit on the high-resolution trend in mobile devices and what resolutions they need in images to look great, but how to get appropriate file sizes created then served up to those devices seems poorly explained in the Wordpress community in general. That JIG handles it on-the-fly does relieve the need to worry about it, so thanks for your explanation.

Regarding the question of which sections of the site didn’t have relevance, I was referring to the custom presets and authority section, but I also simply meant that due to my lack of knowledge about JIG at first reading a few weeks ago, I could not really fully appreciate what that meant (that’s on me, not on you). So I’m not sure it needs further explanation—some will get it the first time around, and the rest of us will maybe eventually get it. :)


I am getting an error when “authorizing the current user”. I’m logged into instagram when the error occurs:

Access token acquisition wasn’t successful. Please authorize yourself on Instagram then click ‘Manually load Instagram data’. If you already closed the Instagram dialog, click ‘Add current Instagram user’ again.

Firsh, I just posted a question about borders and spacing special effects not showing up on some pages but working on others, and this question might be related to whatever is causing the issue with borders and spacing.

I’m having also have an issue with controlling the cropping that is applied to thumbnails.

I THOUGHT that the General Settings effectively worked as the default for each time I created JIG shortcodes to show images, but the cropping controls in general settings don’t seem to carry over into my shortcodes (the same ones I included in my previous question about borders and spacing). It seems that the Shortcodes will not pickup the General Settings that I’ve set to force No Cropping on mobile devices. Instead, I had to include the No Cropping-Mobile option at each instance of shortcode.

Is this normal? (that shortcodes will need to explicitly declare cropping controls?)

The cropping that was being applied (even though you’ve described it as minimal) was just too much cropping for many of my photos, and setting target row heights with deviations using 150/150 didn’t seem to change anything from General Settings, and it seemed that nothing short of completely turning off cropping at each instance of Shortcode changed anything at all on how images were being cropped.

I’m wondering if something in my Wordpress installation might be preventing some of the JIG General Settings (cropping, spacing, borders) from applying predictably to all pages…

I’m running JIG under a DIVI child theme and presently have both NextGEN and the Real Media Library plugins installed while I transition images over to NextGEN. I do have a functions.php in the child theme, but with just enough code to override DIVI’s viewport setting that restricts mobile devices from zooming with pinch-to-zoom finger gestrures.—I’ve re-enabled zooming sitewide.

Check out the link in my other reply. Shortcodes will need to explicitly declare anything in BLUE (preset authority settings label color). ONLY if you use a preset in them.

You nailed it! See my response to the other question. Thx,

No problem :)


I´m using watermarks in my photos and they where also shown in the thumbnails. This is not very pretty. But I found out here, that there is no solution for this problem. Am I right? So is there any way to put my logo into the lightbox under the pictures?

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your fast answer. You are right. Your solution with the nearly unvisible watermark at your page is a good way to manage this. I will try this. Of course, to put the logo under or over the picture won’t stop anybody from downloading the pictures, but it could have a stylish and advertising effect. Thanks again!

This customer http://justifiedgrid.com/reviews/i-just-showed-it-to-my-client-and-she-is-so-excited/ did something like this, but it seems like her client’s site is down at the moment.

I belive if a watermak is subtle enough to not show on the thumbnails very visibly, is a good watermark. I did it with Lightroom (it has pretty bad watermarking capabilities, but doable) and I had a large transparent PNG at the size of the max image size on each size – so it was a 1920 by 1920 square. It has some kind of fit option that it won’t scale the watermak, just fit it onto the picture 1:1.

Look at it now it’s working: http://www.alexandraboiger.com/gallery/ the copyright watermark is just positioned text/caption, not even an image and not on the image file itself.


We have integrated youtube video playlist in the following link. The thumb image is getting pixelated. The gallery is not working,if we set timthumb to yes. Kindly share the fix at the earliest.

[justified_image_grid preset=16 row_height=280 height_deviation=60 caption_opacity=0.9 caption_bg_color=#262435 caption_text_color=#fc8a3a lightbox=magnific mobile_lightbox=magnific last_row=flexible-match link_target=video load_more=click load_more_text=”Show more” load_more_count_text=”count mixes left” load_more_limit=8 rss_url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNWfTxI3AXP9pqwcGzNmJgdiRHthcbuNP rss_description=description rss_link=yes rss_link_text=”Listen to this mix on YouTube”]

Hi, one of your thumbnails:


It’s directly passed like this from YouTube and it’s 120×90 in size.

I assume if it would be:


480×360 it would be better.

I haven’t seen this ?custom part added after the “hqdefault.jpg” and other thumnbail sizes of YouTube yet. It seems they’ve changed something. Contact me from my profile please and I’ll work on a solution that I can share with you asap.

Hi I have a solution, in the file justified-image-grid.php add this line

$rss_item->get_enclosures[0]->get_link = preg_replace('/\?.*/im', '', $rss_item->get_enclosures[0]->get_link);

after each (2) occurrence of the line that begins with:


But I can also send you the changed file. Thanks for reporting this issue, it’ll be present in the next update which is likely to be released soon as YouTube is an important part of the RSS feeds feature.


I’m having some trouble with setup. I am using RML with a “Gallery” folder that has no images. The gallery folder has sub-folders, each with a set of images. Each sub-folder has an extra small thumbnail intended to be the cover photo for the main gallery page, as well as the main images.

I created a page. Using the JIG shortcode editor, I setup a gallery. I set the source to the RML “Gallery” folder. I set the setting to show Lightbox instead of opening a separate page. I generated the shortcode.

On the page I added the generated shortcode: [justified_image_grid orderby=title_asc filterby=on filter_style=buttons filter_orderby=title_asc rml_id=29 rml_count=yes rml_lightbox_groups=yes]

Problem 1: When I view the main gallery page I see thumbnails (the first image from each sub-folder). When I click a thumbnail, it does NOT show a Lightbox of the images from the associated subfolder. Instead it opens a new page. I need the thumbnails to open the associated images in a lightbox as I described setting up, but this is not working. Is this not possible, I noted another comment suggesting it is possible.

Problem 2: I am currently testing for a really big image gallery. My gallery will be using very small cover images 320×213px to keep page load time down. The thumbnails that currently show on the main gallery page are actually the first image from each of the subfolders (which i set to be the small thumbs). When I click a thumbnail and it opens the subfolder images, the thumbnail is included in this image set. I need cover images (thumbs) that do NOT show up in each gallery. Is this possible? I tried adding the thumbs to the main gallery folder by removing them from the subfolders, but then they don’t link to the subfolder images. Instead they become 1 image Lightbox galleries – obviously not acceptable.

Please help.

Thanks, Tony

Hi Firsh, thanks for the quick reply.

With the straight to lightbox option only available using collections, it actually defeats the purpose of trying to go straight to lightbox because a collection must first open to the next page anyway to show a thumb for the gallery. Only then can you click the thumb and go straight to lightbox. So what’s the point of that. Basically this nulls the objective. Is there a workaround? Am I missing something?

As for wanting to include the cover photo in the gallery, the reason is… my customer creates wedding cards. They want a very large and extensive set of galleries – a portfolio. Each card shown on the gallery page will link to a subset of images of that card (usually around 6-10 per card). And I will be including around 50 cover images… hence the need for really small file sizes. Page loads with 50 images at 900×600+ would take a really long time. The lazy loading helps, but it’s just too much I think.

BTW, is there a way to NOT show titles? I really don’t want to have to edit the titles of some odd 300 images just to show some generic text.

Any advice you can offer to solve my problems would be greatly appreciated. I chose your plugin over another because it could work with RML.

what if i created a page of images and each image had a link to a gallery that opened in lightbox? Possible?

Hi, why would it defeat the purpose? You select the RML “collection” object in JIG shortcode, and that collection includes multiple galleries. These galleries will not be opened on standalone pages but opened directly in the lightbox. See second example here: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/galleries/ <- this is what you describe in your latest additional comment, no?

If you nest multiple collections under each other and show the top level, you’ll be able to traverse collections normally until you reach the galleries. I fail to see how else this should be working. Mouse over the JIG on this page to see the “rules” of each RML object and what they can contain: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/

JIG will never load 50 900×600 images on its own unless you are using a sort of “one image per row” look. But don’t you only wish to show these in the lightbox? Can you send me an example URL of how you are currently using JIG? The lightbox’s large images are only loaded when shown. The thumbnails are normally really small and JIG can manage hundreds. A key thing that will speed everything up is W3TC caching plugin and CloudFlare a free CDN if you don’t have any better http://justifiedgrid.com/features/cdn-compatibility/

But I still don’t see why couldn’t a gallery cover picture be shown in large in the lightbox as the start of such gallery. That’s the expected behavior regarding UX. You might be able to open a different image than the thumbnail using JIG Custom Links feature, but I haven’t tested this with lightbox groups. http://justifiedgrid.com/features/custom-links/ Second example, last image.

It’s also possible to run JavaScript as the custom link, just in case.

You can disable the titles, go to Captions tab and set caption style to Off. Or if you mean the lightbox, then Lightboxes tab > What text to show inside the lightbox – set both to off.

It is a fantastic plugin and I have been using it for several years now. It’s very versatile and works very well but there is one thing that irritates me. I have disabled cropping, set a high row height tolerance (150px) but there is still some crop. My signature/logo is in the lower corner and JIG cuts it unfortunately, no matter what I do. The small crop is very visible in the grid and doesn’t look good. Some rows are perfectly OK, but the crop usually happens when there are 2 or more aspect ratios in 1 row. My suggestion would be: if it has to apply that small crop to create a justified grid, let it crop from the top and not from the bottom, or let the user decide. Or maybe there is a trick to avoid that small crop? The setting doesn’t seem to work. Other than that I am extremely happy with this plugin.

Hi, can you send me a link to where this happens? Maybe I can advise. There is a few 1-3px crop, it’s technically unavoidable due to rounding. Google photos and Flickr also does it as far as I’ve seen. Yes it’s from the bottom.

There have been previous requests for an ability to specify a URL with a filter applied. A little over a year ago you wrote “It’ll likely work something like this: www.domain.com/music-artists/#filter/rock”. Has this feature request been implemented?

It’s halfway there but it seems I’ll revamp the filtering feature with more extras and ideally unlimited levels, so we’ll see. No ETA on it yet, but it’s high on the list.