jQuery QuickSign - HTML5 Signing Plugin

Our Virtual Private Server is experiencing problems and none of our demo’s are available at this time – Please be patient and check back in a day or two. We hopefully will have this resolved soon. Thank You, -Nolan

A jQuery/HTML5 QuickSign plugin. Canvas/HTML5 Signing Plugin.

You no longer have to pay for third party services to create signable documents or pages.

Now saves to your server

  • Unlimited Signing Elements.
  • Customize background image, pentype and pen color.
  • Small footprint at 3KB minified.
  • Simple – just add the script and 2 divs.
  • Compatible with most non mobile browsers.(firefox, IE9, Crome, Opera, Safari) -No Mobile browser support at this time due to IOS security issue and android canvas bugs
  • Saves the form as a png screenshot to your server.

If you need a version that emails the form to you and your user as well as saving to your server get the pro version here


View Demo here if live preview is broken