jQuery plugin - YouTube Video Player with playlist

jQuery plugin - YouTube Video Player with playlist

jQuery plugin that allows quick embedding of YouTube videos in any page. It is touch enabled and supports YouTube’s HTML5 player. Has fallback capability from Flash player to HTML5 player in case the first isn’t available. Compatible with all modern browsers and iPhone/iPad.

Create playlist using

  • single YouTube videos;
  • YouTube user playlist (retrieved based on user ID);
  • YouTube playlists (retrieved based on playlist ID);
  • YouTube search queries (any query you want to search for).


  • multiple players on the same page;
  • fallback to HTML5 player if Flash player is unavailable;
  • playlist created based on single videos or YouTube playlists (user, playlist or search query);
  • all CSS is external;
  • autoplay (can play all videos in playlist without user interaction);
  • YouTube playlists can be autoloaded or wait for user interaction before populating them with data;
  • allows creation of more complex playlists by providing autoplay functionality, stopping on a certain single video, individual item repeat in playlist;
  • scrollable playlist (touch enabled);
  • display status of currently loaded video.

Requires SWFObject and jQuery UI Slider. For touch compatibility uses jQuery UI Touch Punch. Fully compatible with WordPress, can be implemented using JavaScript files (jQuery, jQuery UI Slider and Touch Punch) provided by WordPress.


HTML changelog version can be accessed here: jQuery YouTube player changelog. An XML version of the changelog can be accessed here: jQuery YouTube player XML changelog.