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Hi aeroalquimia,

i’ve just bought your script month and month ago… I would like to add in the lightbox a description in html box in white background at bottom or on the right of images…. It’s possible? For example put the html in the data-attribute or some other tag or in a separate div… I don’t mean that the description go “inside” or over the image, but it’s a “expansion” of image zoomed…

Can you insert this features?

This script it’s fantastic ;-)


I sent a support message, please review. Thanks

What happened to the wordpress version of this?

jblumer Purchased

can I send you the source code of my index file to take a look to see what I’m doing wrong for this lightbox to initiate? Its a very simple page created in MUSE but the lightbox code that you have here wont work on it so far. I looked through the support documents you have and can’t find the issue myself. I think it would be really easy for someone with more expertise to see what the issue is. ...

Hi! Can i play video from my server with your script? Or only iframe?

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How do you hide scroll bars?

hello, I hope adding fields of reregistration form into the lightbox and button to go some page , is that available ?

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When I click outside of the lightbox it currently goes away. Is it possible to also have the parent page reload itself as well?


Hello, I’ve got a problem with W3C. “Bad value 121 for attribute rel on element a”.

How can I solve this ?

For anyone wondering, this Wordpress version got removed from Codecanyon and the author has replied.

Author Says… “We are working to improve the lightbox evolution for wordpress. Codecanyon has a quality policy in its market place and we are respecting it. Soon you will see again the plugin.”

I’m glad to hear!! I hope the turn around will be soon though. Anytime expected time frame yet so I can check back?

Nothing on the market compared to Lightbox Evolution.

- Cheers

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I have a same problem has charlyppopins.

I’ve got a problem with W3C. “Bad value 121 for attribute rel on element a”.

How can I solve this ?

Thanks @BrandDedication – was wondering precisely the same thing :) awesome lightbox, would love to see it back online again

We have purchased the wordpress version a year ago which no longer exists. Is it possible to switch the license to your script version OR do we have to purchase it again?

Best regards.

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Hi, I want to insert a mp4 or swf video in lightbox but it’s not working. Can you help me?

This is my code:

Example: www.giacinti.mx/chon/ (icon number 1)

Thanks! GG

Hi Can i to show in lightbox & fullscreen content (iframe) from other site ? (like LightWindow http://www.p51labs.com/lightwindow/ )