jQuery Interactive SVG Map Plugin

jQuery Interactive SVG Map Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

MapSVG plugin turns any SVG file into interactive and fully customizable map or floorplan. Also available as WordPress plugin.

Current version: 5.6.3 (from May 15, 2014)

Need a customization of MapSVG plugin?

Please contact me through my profile page. Prices start from $50.


  • Any maps – works with any SVG map;
  • Preloaded maps – World, USA , Russia, Europe, Australia, Germany, Peru, Brazil, Malaysia, South East Asia
  • No Flash – works on iPad & iPhone
  • Cross-browser – tested
  • Resizable & Responsive – just set width/height
  • Zoom & Pan – zoom by mouswheel, pan by mouse pointer
  • Customizable Colors – base, hover, selected, disabled, strokes;
  • URLs – set urls for regions
  • Tooltips – show country names or custom text
  • Markers – put markers with to the any map
  • GeoIP location – show user’s current location on World Map
  • Event handlers – onClick, onMouseOver, onMouseOut