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jQuery html5 Buttons combines the power of jQuery, the graphics capabilities of HTML5 canvas component and the beauty of a design in css3, to give superb animated buttons, very easy to integrate.

The package contains the plugin, the documentation and this online smart generator : create your buttons in live and dowload them, ready to work.

For more informations, look at the Live Preview !


  • CSS3 design, load time optimized and easy to edit
  • Many jQuery parameters to customize the effects
  • An online live and smart generator included
  • Intelligent browser compatibility : the buttons work on all browsers, but are more or less detailed depending on its capabilities
  • 23 icons included, and add yours easily
  • Documentation and examples
  • CSS3 + HTML5 = Mobiles compatibility
  • Works with jQuery 1.6 and more

Plugin Parameters

  • fx : Rollover effect type : “iconCircle” , “shine” or “none”
  • fxAlpha : Rollover effect opacity : 0.0 -> 1.0
  • fxColor : Rollover effect color : hex color value, like ”#FFFFFF”
  • crystal : Crystal effect type : “linear”, “curve”, “diagonal” or “none”
  • crystalAlpha : Crystal effect opacity : 0.0 -> 1.0
  • crystalColor : Crystal effect color : hex value, like ”#FFFFFF”
  • iconColor : Sets icon color if iconTint is true : hex color value or “auto”
  • iconsPath : Sets icon folder path
  • iconTint : Tints icon or not : true or false

Online generator features

  • Creation of the buttons in live
  • Download your custom buttons ready to work
  • Creation of custom icon sets
  • Smart automations, to keep harmony


Create a button

To create a button, simply add the button classname to your link, like this :

<a href=”#” class=”jhButton”>My Button</a>

And initialize the jQuery plugin :


Differents sizes

Each button has three default sizes: default, “big” and “large”. To set the size, just add the correct classname, like :

<a href=”#” class=”jhButton large”>My Button</a>

Add an icon

Just add the icon classname to the button :

<a href=”#” class=”jhButton icon-home”>My Button</a>


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2012-03-30 : If the parameter “iconTint” is false, old browsers without html5 support will display the icon

2012-06-26 : The generator is now included in the package !

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