jQuery Category Grid Style Gallery


  Latest update on (04/12/2011)


This is a jQuery category image gallery featuring a tab gallery panel interface. The gallery panel allows for easy selection of categories and images. It also features auto image rotation with configurable image transition effects. Plus, the gallery is fully re-sizable and configurable through the plugin’s different parameters.


  • Can hold multiple image categories or just a single category.
  • Able to load unlimited number of images per category, each image can have its own text and hyperlink.
  • Choose from slide (horizontal/vertical) or fade image transition effects, also can turn off transition completely.
  • Customizable text description transitions available with scrollbar available for large amount of text.
  • Image gallery panel can be set to show different number of rows and columns.
  • Show or hide components, including play button, directional buttons, text description, etc.
  • Can set to automatically play on startup with customizable timer delay.
  • Image screen size and image thumbnails are resizable.
  • Text description can be set at different location, size, text color, and background color.
  • Can set control panel to appear on mouse over.

Updates on 04/08/2011:

  • Added vertical & horizontal image wipe transitions.
  • Added directional menu buttons to adjust for overflowing category menu.