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Hi, is it not possible to show ‘Follow’ button and count when using a shortcode? The follow button option is available on the widget.


Hi. Can you use the widget shortcode in the post content?


My first question is,  does this work with WordPress 3.91 (it's not listed here).

If it does, after generating my key and token I am getting “Bad authentication data” when I try to tweet an old post, is this a problem with the key or token?

Thank you!


If I test with curl with this URL https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json, it works, I get can the latest tweets from the people I follow…

I found the issue, a stray space got inserted before the token…

Sorry and thank you!


Glad to know it works now. :)

Does your plugin still work? It used to work on my site but it doesn’t anymore. Can you have a look: http://kineticsolution.com/.

Located in the footer. All Twitter api settings are correct.

Thanks Brian

Hi briangilbank. Yes, it works, you can see it live here: http://zourbuth.com/plugins/jet-tweet/

Please try check the your API permissions.

Hi Zourbuth… Love many of your plugins since many months. And I am sure I will buy many more.

But I have s suggestion for this plugin.

In German, there is a problem when translating the plugin strings.
In English, it is:
1 Week Ago
in German it is Vor 1 Woche (would be “Ago 2 Week” in word by word translation).
It is not possible to translate this plugin for germans. Could you add an before TIMESTAMP and after TIMESTAMP?
Like: before TIMESTAMP after

Hi, I have sent you email and the update. Please check. Thank You.

Hi. THank you for your email. This works for the translation. But now, I get a “Bad Authentification Data” when trying to tweet a post. In frontend, tweets are shown (translated, sure). But I can not tweet any posts since updated the plugin

Hi, sorry for the trouble. Please try to regenerate your API key or check the API permission settings.

Dear Zourbuth,

I really like this plugin. Great work!

But is it possible to dismiss somer users if I use search for tweets? Like showing all tweets except from username xy, username yx, ... ?

Thanks alot in advance ;)

Best, Sven

HI Max. Unfortunately the Twitter API can’t do it. You can try to use “list” and list all the username you want to include. Thanks.


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Where in godsname do i find a since/max ID? some how its doesnt show anything.? projectkompassie.nl in the footer


Meceda Purchased

i allready did, its on 48px


Meceda Purchased

can i send you login so u can check your self?

Hi, yes sure, please send me it via my profile page. Thanks.

Hi, I have just purchased this plugin but get the following message. ‘An error occurs while reading the feed, please check your connection or settings’

I have followed your guide to creating an app on twitter and created consumer and access tokens. However, still getting this message.


please advise

Hi. It should be working if the API credential is right. Have you check the if application is existed from your twitter account dashboard?

Hi, could you grant me access to your admin area via my profile page? Thanks.

Hi, I’ve got your Plugin working on a test site but the feed only shows when you refresh the browser (or navigate directly to the page in question). Is this some kind of conflict with the Themes existing Javascript?

Click here… http://www.roarimage-clientdev.com/showcaseavi_test

...then choose ‘Latest News’ in the menu (feed missing). Refresh browser (feed shows).

Thanks, Scott

HI I can’t access the site, please check. Thank You.

Hi, When i want use jet tweet, i got this message : The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/overview. it’s localhost site Need help

Hi. This plugin already uses v1.1. Try to deactivate all other tweets plugin. Thanks.

Hi zourbuth,

I have had your plugin working without any issues, but since I moved WordPress into a different directory I am getting the error: ‘Invalid nonce’.

I have double checked all of the Twitter API setting and have even tried creating a new Twitter App but have the same result.

The site does not use any caching plugins either, so pretty sure that is not the problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, are you using cache? If yes, try to empty it first.

Thanks for the reply. It seems to have sorted itself out somehow ;)


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Hi zourbuth,

I select resource: Statuses/user_timeline with Include Retweets but retweets don’t show. Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

Hi. I think there is an option to show/hide the retweets.


burbon Purchased

Yes, but I include Retweets but retweets don’t show

Hi could you give the links to the working twitter widget?


An error occurs while reading the feed, please check your connection or settings.

no matter what I try.

I have verified the oauth authentication is correct using the “test oauth” button on twitter dev.

I have two different shortcodes and different resources with known, specific details correctly filled in, such as user id and screen name.


Hi. Could you grant me access to your admin area via my profile page? Thanks.

Hi there, I added the plugin to my site and it crashed the entire site. I contacted my reseller account and this is what they said – any ideas why this would have happened? I am using X-Theme most up to date and Wordpress most up to date.

Hi Keron,

Thanks for contacting us.

You appear to have an issue with the jettweet plugin -

talenttechnology.co.uk Wed Feb 18 15:48:32 2015 [client] AH01215: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /home/sites/talenttechnology.co.uk/public_html/preview/wp-content/plugins/jettweet/library/twitteroauth/OAuth.php on line 8

This could cause your site to show asa white page.

I currently don’t see a white page rather the default index.html folder

Hi there – I wrote to you two days ago please reply.

Hi EarlySigns. Sorry for the delays. Please grant me access to your site admin via my profile page. Thank You.


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Hi, do you have the css styling handy for having the tweets displayed horizontally rather than vertically?

Hello. Sorry, there is no documentation provided for styling it, but you can Google https://www.google.com/search?q=multi+column+li&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

I’m having trouble getting this to work. I don’t get any errors. Do you have a trouble shooting guide or have any pointers for me?

Hello. Please send me private message via my profile page. Thank You.

I sent you a message, did you get it?

Sorry for the delay. I’ve sent you a reply please check.

Hi, Is it possible with your plugin to list all the tweets of a Hashtag or Tag, so I can moderate wich of the tweets wont be shown…?

Hi. No, it is not possible.

I see Timestamp out of bounds. on my website http://werkeninwonen.nl.

What is going on?

I refreshed my API settings already.

Hi. Sorry for the delay. Please make sure your server time is not set too far in the future or too far in the past

I did that. The server time is similar to the normal time. Any other ideas?

Hi Jonathan. Unfortunately I have more idea about that. Searched Google https://www.google.com/search?q=Timestamp+out+of+bounds and the answers are about time server.


As soon as I installed and activated your plugin, it broke my whole site, giving me the error message:

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /export/home/apache/htdocs/multi_wordpressdev/wp-content/plugins/jettweet/library/twitteroauth/OAuth.php on line 8”

I see someone else had the same problem above but you did not give a solution, only telling them to let you in to their library. Please tell me what to do to fix this, as I spent money on this plugin and therefore expect it to actually work.

Please tell me what to do by replying to this message, so that others can see. The practice of solving problems by sending private emails is very unhelpful to the rest of us who may have the same problem.

I’ve sent you email, please check.

For anyone with the same problem, all I needed to do was deactivate all other twitter plugins, and then the plugin worked.

Good day,

We recently purchased this plugin via Envato but was not able to use it for it kept on conflicting and crashing our wordpress website.

Though I have seen the demos and its a great plugin, we simply could not use it, hence would like to ask if we could request for a refund.


Hi. Please grant me access to your admin area via my profile page. Thank You.