J.B.Weather Widget 2.0 - Standalone

J.B.Weather Widget 2.0 - Standalone

Weather Widget 2.0 is a simple widget for displaying weather conditions and forecast for places across the world.


- jQuery driven
- uses AJAX technology
- Cache
- Search Bar
- Ability to set default location
- Ability to auto detect user location using HostIP service or its own integrated geoip database.
- Celsius or Fahrenheit units
- Kilometers or Miles units
- Displays today’s date, temperature, wind direction and speed, forecast for next 4 days
- Color or Black and White layout
- Has its own unique icons


- PHP cURL enabled or file_get_contents.
- PHP server is not blocking access to external sources (The Weather API in this case).
- PHP server has read/write permission to store the cache files in the widget folder (mkdir and file_put_contents).

Note: The Weather API is free of charge and does not require subscription.

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  • 28 March 2013
    - API url has been changed.
    - Added separate cache folder.
    - The widget will make 3 attempts per 3 seconds to get data on ajax error.
    - If the API return no data the widget will dump the full xml content for debugging purpose.
    - Added option for days translation (through translate.txt file).
    - Minor bug fixes.

NOTE:: You may need to obtain new API key if you already have one.