iWeather - a beautiful weather client for iOS

iWeather is a beautiful, simple and feature rich weather client for iOS. It allows you to interact with the Wunderground API to download and present all the latest local/international weather information on the go.

Ever needed to show or use weather information in your iOS apps? iWeather will allow you to easily implement weather information to allow you to expand your application with weather based features.

Key features:

-> Get all the latest weather information from Wunderground weather service in just seconds! (Info including Temperature, Wind Speed, Humidity, Visibility, and much more!!).

-> 4 day weather forecast – includes weather icons, date and weather report.

-> Weather icon for current climate – updates automatically.

-> Support for the Retina Display and 4 inch iDevices such as the iPhone 5.

-> Use weather information to update your apps with critical information for weather based functionality.

-> Super easy to implement into your existing iOS applications.

-> Comes with Developer PDF guide to help you get started.

-> Shows weather using the users current location, no need for any set up! Works immediately out of the box.

-> Requires a Wunderground API key which can be obtained for FREE from the Wunderground Developer website: http://www.wunderground.com/weather/api

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