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icacci Purchased

Hi there, i am trying to activate this plugin, but i am getting this error: {“code”: 400, “error_type”: “OAuthException”, “error_message”: “Invalid Client ID”}

I’ve create the client ID, and copied/pasted the exact provided info many times, but still getting the same error


icacci Purchased

Fixed, i had to save setting first

Hello icacci,

Perfect! happy to know that! :)

purchase code: 7ac7d0a3-f7eb-4bfa-b8fd-34359c0a0029 order ID: 16866759 / Invoice: IVIP4515282 – Instagram Photo & Video Gallery WordPress – questions

Hi, I recently purchase your wordpress plugin (Instagram Photo & Video Gallery WordPress (Regular License)

.....I’m having problem for it showing on my website..

please help… I spend the whole afternoon figuring this out and it’s just not working for me…

I want the Instagram gallery to appear on this link:

I sent you private message with my website and and istagram info..

please help. thanks

hello alain

I’ve recived your mails also, just answered please check


Would greatly appreciate if you can help me… Sent you private message with my website and Instagram info. Thanks

Hello alaingregcontreras, what problem do you have? You can send me your info to



socialdev Purchased

Hi,there. I was purchased your GREAT plugin today. but this plugin doesn’t show Korea properly. Original text is ”#wskoffsite #????? #??? #?? #108? #???? #???” but it shows the text as below.

wskoffsite #ag;e#;”?;ac;’m???:??;’?H?%?z?,?L;a??”?z??;’o;a????{)?;,*

i think this is the encode and decode problem. how can i fix this problem?


socialdev Purchased this is the site your plugin installed

Hello socialdev,

Thanks for sharing it, we are working on a fix, I will notice you when it’s done so I can send you a beta version until we release it on CodeCanyon




D2therJ Purchased


I have installed everything correctly, I think. Anyway you could take a look for me on my website and fix?

“Error: You don’t have an access token, have you configurated correctly the plugin from here?”

Hello D2therJ,

After creating the app and setting the secret keys don’t forget to click on the Authorize app button, if you have an access token you should see your Instagram Account info on the plugin settings page

Hope it helps!

Thanks, MaGeekLab.

That fixed the problem :)

Perfect! Happy to know that :)


Thanks for this Great Plugin ! I will use it for a lot of users on my site and each user will have their own account configured. I would like to known if this is posible? because of limited API request to/from Instagram API server

Sometimes with this shortcode:

[mgl_instagram_user number=”12” cols=”4” cache=”10” direct_link=”” next_text=”Siguiente” previous_text=”Anterior” cut_text=”80” username=”jardincanino” user_id=”2086343232”]

I have two errors:

1. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/paseadoresrespon/public_html/guia/wp-content/plugins/mgl-instagram-gallery/galleries/MGL_InstagramGalleryBase.class.php on line 210

When I refresh many times the site the plugin works again but another times I have the error:

2. Error: Cannot retrive photos from Instagram. Response code: . Message error: . Error type:

One profile on mi site is:


Best Regards,


Hello Daniel,

It is possible with no problem just be sure you set a good cache time to not overload with queries to the Instagram Server, It’s weird the plugin doesen’t show any error, do you have WP_DEBUG enabled?

Also what version of PHP are you using?


PD: You don’t need to use both user_id and username in the shortcode, with just one it’s fine :)

Hope it helps!

Hello again!

Thanks for the advice! My PHP Version is 5.4.37 and recently I enabled the WP_DEBUG :

1. The first error it’s about the theme, one deprecated function:

Notice: ¡El llamado método constructor para WP_Widget es obsoleto desde la versión 4.3.0! Utiliza __construct()

2. And the second error said:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/paseadoresrespon/public_html/guia/wp-includes/functions.php:3457) in /home/paseadoresrespon/public_html/guia/wp-content/plugins/mgl-instagram-gallery/MGL_InstagramGalleryController.class.php on line 66

Now, I set a time limit at 300 seconds (five minutes), i don’t know if it will be OK.



want to ask before purchase it, can we choose to hide one or many of instagram video that I don’t want to show in the same tag?