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Great plugin! One question before I can purchase this – Does this support multiple hashtags in a single gallery ?

Thanks, WPT

Hello wpthemers, No sorry currently you can only display galleries by one hashtag each time due a limitation of the Instagram API



shaneruiz Purchased

Just downloaded and installed. This is great! Question… So I read as mush as possible before asking and may have missed this.

I want to use a single line to fit across my site:

I used this code you provided: .mgl_instagram_gallery.cols12 .mgl_instagram_photo { width: 8.3%; }

but now the images are rather small and don’t spread the full page length. I would love it to look like this ( see footer ):

Can you help me with the correct code to use?

Hello shaneruiz,

Don’t worry you don’t need to add this code as we’ve already implemented it on our plugin on the last version :)

To have an effect like that you need to set the gallery columns to 12 and use a skin that has no space between photos, darkslide for example

Also (and that’s a theme thing) you’ll need to change the row settings to be full-width or something similar instead of container

Check it out because it changes depending on the theme

Hope it helps!


neueideas Purchased


Great plugin! Having a problem though. I set the plugin to display 8 but it is only displaying 6 of my images. If I set it to 9 the rest of them show up but begins another row. This could work but not ideal for my design.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

Hello neueideas, can you paste here the shortcode you’re using?


Hello! I just purchased your plugin, created my application through Instagram and it seems to have authorised everything ok, but it won’t display any kind of feed, it just displays as blank. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Hello EquilibriumDesign

Can you send us the URL where the problem appears and a user and password in order to see what are happening?

Thank you

Hi, is it possible to make instagram thumbnail pics bigger??? now they are 320×320 if i do inspect.

my goal is to remove lightbox and have high res pics as is…

Is there a way to have the basic style – but without padding like with the Dark/White slider?

Hello ArxDesign

You can overwrite by CSS rules to custom any of tubelab templates or make your own.

Hope this helps you!