InfoClass - Information Extraction Class


InfoClass is designed for getting information about internal and user defined classes and interfaces. You can also use InfoClass to change code structure of classes and interfaces. For example, you can add new properties/methods, change access modifiers of existent classes, add PHP -doc comments to them and so on. InfoClass can be used as an auxiliary class for building your own code generator of classes.


  • InfoClass is easy-to-use.
  • Using tokenizer to get default values of static properties and other information about class.
  • Using Reflection API to get more additional usefull information about class.
  • Obtaining information about class is as simple as access to an array.
  • Changed code of any user defined class can be saved to the same file without erasing other code in this file.
  • Doesn’t require installation and third party libraries plug-in.
  • Examples are included.
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