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ImagePress 6.2.1 has been released!

New demos available:
See client site here – Poster Spy
See client site here – CGButterfly

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= 6.2.1 =
  • FIX: Added (init) default Noir UI options
  • FIX: Improved PrettyPhoto compatibility and added gallery capability
  • FIX: Renamed several CSS classes for better theme compatibility
  • FIX: Added location to author tools
  • FIX: Fixed FontAwesome URL
  • UPDATE: Updated grid library and fixed several conflicts and performance issues
  • UPDATE: Removed number of images per row and made all images responsive and adaptive to screen width
  • UPDATE: Replaced radiobox sorter with a <select> element for better theme compatibility and better styling
  • UPDATE: Removed a deprecated function to get current user details
  • UPDATE: Updated the lazy loading library
  • UPDATE: Removed unused code from JS functions
  • UPDATE: Improved some functions
  • FEATURE: Added custom logo URL option (Noir UI theme)
= 6.1.0 =
  • FIX: Fixed another rare issue with notifications database
  • FIX: Removed non-functional zoom icon on single images
= 6.0.4 =
  • FIX: Fixed category being set up as integer instead of name
  • FIX: Fixed readme.txt installation steps numbering
  • FIX: Fixed a rare issue with notifications database
= 6.0.3 =
  • FIX: Renamed several functions to prevent conflicts
  • FIX: Removed an unused function
  • FIX: Removed an unused shortcode
  • FIX: Fixed a value being both string and integer
  • UPDATE: Updated custom post types and taxonomies registration arguments/parameters
  • UPDATE: Various UI fixes and improvements
= 6.0.2 =
  • FEATURE: Added upload limit per user role and username with a global fallback
  • UPDATE: Improved PrettyPhoto compatibility
  • FIX: Fixed search box being excluded from sorter
  • FIX: Switched option loading to automatic
= 6.0.1 =
  • Skipped and merged into 6.0.2
= 6.0.0 =
  • Skipped and merged into 6.0.1
= 5.9.3 =
  • FIX: Overhauled login and registration routines
  • FIX: Removed email notification override
  • FIX: Removed unused Email tab
  • FIX: Merged Compatibility options with Settings
= 5.9.2 =
  • COMPATIBILITY: Added new WordPress 4.4 admin styles
  • COMPATIBILITY: Added Noir UI theme options
  • FEATURE: Added Terms Of Use hook
  • FEATURE: Added required fields to the upload form
  • FIX: Fixed author images size (shortcode)
  • FIX: Fixed JS error for empty lists
  • FIX: Fixed JS issue with variable naming
  • FIX: Fixed colour options for the custom login page
= 5.9.1 =
  • FEATURE: Removed deprecated ‘count’ parameter
  • FEATURE: Added custom CSS editor instead of imagepress.css
  • FIX: Remove empty images using jQuery (only used for certain configurations)
  • UPDATE: Removed asynchronous display, effect was identical
= 5.9.0 =
  • PERFORMANCE: Removed option autoloading (performance gain)
  • DEV: Changed version format to x.y.z
  • DEV: Removed hardcoded plugin version and switched to get_plugin_data()
  • DEV: Renamed class files to adhere to Zend naming conventions
  • DEV: Renamed main CSS file to adhere to ImagePress naming conventions
  • FIX: Fixed user profile losing changes when updated both from frontend and from backend
  • FIX: Fixed option removal (removed unused parameter)
  • FEATURE: Added image upload limit []
  • FEATURE: Added new location field for images (optional)
  • FEATURE: Added new terms and conditions restriction (optional)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Added new WordPress 4.4 admin styles
  • COMPATIBILITY: Changed all URL placeholders to `https://`
  • UPDATE: Changed sorting to using a dropdown instead of fake radio options
= 5.8.2 =
  • COMPATIBILITY: Added error/warning reporting option (should be disabled on production/live sites)
  • FIX: Fixed settings tabs on WordPress 4.4
  • FIX: Fixed email notification
  • UPDATE: Cleaned up and updated the image uploader
  • UPDATE: Admin style improvements (based on WordPress 4.4)
  • UPDATE: Removed new installation pointers (as there was no real gain in using them)
= 5.8.1 =
  • COMPATIBILITY: Added full PHP 5.3 compatibility by declaring options as variables before using them
  • FIX: Added more translated strings
  • FIX: Added more inline/contextual help
  • UPDATE: Style tweaking and removal of some styles

The new ImagePress will be able to create standalone websites, like CGSociety, ArtStation, DrawCrowd, LayerPaint, 3DTotal, Blender Cookie, CG Hubs or Poster Spy.

The level of customization will include colours, fonts, templates, dimensions and switchable features. No two websites will be the same.

Short Summary

ImagePress is a WordPress plugin used to generate user galleries. Users can upload image, categorize them, tag them and add a small description. Images are grouped into separate sortable and filterable galleries.

Some of the features of ImagePress include:

  • Image upload
  • Image editing
  • Image variants, detail shots, progress shots (à la Behance)

ImagePress generates user profiles, user portfolios and user cards. Also, the plugin allows for frontend login, registration and password forgotten forms.

Some of the features include:

  • Author profiles, custom avatars, cover images (à la Facebook)
  • Frontend profile editing
  • Frontend registration and login
  • Author portfolios (white-labeled, unbranded, custom template pages)
  • Custom slugs (/profile/, /u/, /p/, /i/, etc)

ImagePress is able to create standalone websites, like CGSociety, ArtStation, DrawCrowd, LayerPaint, 3DTotal, Blender Cookie or Poster Spy.

The level of customization includes colours, fonts, templates, dimensions and switchable features. No two websites will be the same.