IdeaFeed - Interactive User Feedback System

What is it?

IdeaFeed is a feedback system which allows for the collection of different feedback properties from live users through a customizable form based survey.

This system is an intent to collect useful information for further enhancement and stability of a website whether it be in beta or production level.
Check out the WordPress extension for IdeaFeed!


Live demo:
Independant Forum:

Administration demo:
user: admin
pass: password


* Multi-Language support (English, Spanish)
* PHP5 and MySQL5 powered
* Ajax powered
* Built-in ORM
* Built-in forum
* Automated installation process
* Ability to post replies
* Ability to collect public vote (up or down)
* Categories: Question, Idea, Compliment, and Problem
* Secured admin panel
* Collective user system
* User rating collection at end of new feed
* A new implementation of color captcha
* Call IdeaFeed through custom element (i.e. link, div, span, *any element)
* Management of the system with staff accounts, permission-based
* Staff identified posting
* File attachments
* Best Answers by voting up/down
* Post editing
* Email subscription
* Take screenshot of webpage with user highlighting
* Private posting and forced interaction between staff & author
* Subdomain feature w/Admin management
* Post flagging system w/management
* "Best Answer" & "Community's Choice" markers
* Reply-to using hash/indicator
* IdeaFeed modal embeddable on page
* SSO Services (Google, Facebook, Windows Live,
* Emoticons
* SEO Friendly
* Fully Responsive
* Theme customization

* Extensive statistical information
* Staff management system
* Feed management system
* Post management system
* User management system
* Enable or disable system
* Ability to control which pages to display feedback button
* Easy language selection
* SSO Management
* Excel export
* Control email notification of new feeds
* Control automatic activation of feeds and posts
* Control whether or not to automatically start IdeaFeed button
* Configure start delay time
* Configure screenshot option
* Configure private posting option
* Customize title of feedback modal
* Customize button position
* Customize button text
* Customize button foreground & background colors
* Customize button radius
* Customize button's special border

Change log

v2.0.0 – 03/13/2014
+ SSO management system added in administration
+ Theme customization
+ SEO Friendly
+ Multi-manage users/feeds/posts
+ Export feeds to excel
+ Complete redesign
+ Fully-responsive layout
+ User/IP Ban system
+ Verification required after a free 3 votes per IP (controlled by admin)
+ Modal framework redesign
- Several other little features and tweaks as well!
- SSO Services fixed for cross-origin errors
- Re-Calculate Statistics - Miscalculation with feed votes
- Several other minor bugs fixed
v1.4.2 – 01/13/2014
+ Subdomain feature w/Admin management
+ Post flagging system w/management
+ "Best Answer" & "Community's Choice" 3 votes minimum
+ Reply-to using hash/indicator
+ SSO Services (Google, Facebook, Windows Live,
+ Emoticons
+ IdeaFeed modal embeddable on page
+ Attachments to reply section
+ Configure bad words
+ Configure states
- Minor additions and changes to administration
- When referred from email, fetch & save user info from db
- White screen in modal on first startup (and direct feed link)
v1.2.8 – 12/15/2013
+ Login using Google
+ File attachments
+ "Best Answer" system by vote up/down
+ Post editing with variable of 5 minutes
+ Automatic feed subscriptions
+ Emails to all subscribed along with unscription link
+ Status sorting
- Bad words filter for all posts
- Several minor changes and additions
- White screen in modal on first startup
v1.1.9 – 12/06/2013
+ Allow managment of the system with staff accounts
+ Take screenshot of webpage with user highlighting
+ Post privately and force interaction only between staff & author
+ Detect logged in staff, post under staff, and skip validation/activation for staff
+ More specific controls for form features (screenshots, private posts)
+ Added customizable filters on feeds page
+ Added post time on feeds page
- Several minor changes and additions
- Several minor bug fixes
v1.1.0 – 11/29/2013
+ Added gravatars
+ Added feed count to each category
+ Choose language on the modal
+ Highlight author replies
+ Highlight admin replies
- Proper feed display for posts
v1.0.7 – 11/23/2013
+ Manual initiation of IdeaFeed
+ Subcategorized settings
+ Control manual/automatic activation of feeds
+ Hide button on startup
+ Add time delay to show button
+ More advanced post management
v1.0.1 – 11/22/2013
- Bug Fix: Fixed hidden buttons in some browsers by adding a conditional scrollbar to new feed section