IceCat product information for woocommerce

IceCat product information for woocommerce - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Automatic IceCat product information?

Icecat = Instant product specification upon saving your product!

Let me know if you want extra functions. I might put them in the plugin!
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Its a wordpress plugin that upgrades your website/blog/webshop with the great help of IceCat.

What is IceCat?

Icecat is an open catalog, wich means that all of the data is open to everyone! And best of all, most of them are free!

okay cool, but how does it work?

When creating a post, page or woocommerce product you will see an additional 3 fields.
  • Brand
  • SKU (partnumber
  • EAN
Complete those fields as much as possible. Want to lookup data? check out the icecat search engine. With the data you entered on your post, the module will lookup the database for a possible match.
If found, it wil download the data to your wordpress site and autocomplete the following items:
  • Updates the body field with the product description
  • Updates the title field with the product name
  • Updates the url permalink with the product name
  • Appends a specifications table after your content
  • When using woocommerce it will download and attach the image!

Can I choose my own language?

Yes you can!
You can set your language in the icecat admin page!
  • en = English
  • nl = Dutch
  • es = Spanish
  • fr = French
  • de = German

I want to see some examples

This is a sample shop

I like the module but I want extra features!

Feature requests are welcome!


 * Version 2.3 
 * Changelog:
 * -- Small bugfix that did not trigger the insert update function
 * -- Added curl fallback for hosts that do not support file get contents fopen.
 * VERSION: 2.2
 * Changelog:
 * -- Data will now be downloaded upon saving the product instead of viewing the product.
 * VERSION 2.1
 * Changelog:
 * -- Option to select where to display data
 * -- Option to select to display spec in tab
 * VERSION: 2.0
 * Changelog:
 * -- Extra fields for settings
 * -- Updated for Wordpress 3.6
 * -- Updated for woocommerce 2.0
 * -- Updated "beatifyd" the settings page