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Hi there, I contacted you via the contact form on this site- can you please respond via email?

Thanks, Peter Tucker


Hi there – 3 weeks and no response from you. Please refund my money immediately, or I will take up with Code Canyon admin. Transaction ID is 9fa45f82649011e3b2c4842b2b692e1a.

looks great! but, so many options for timer and nothing for slides styling?

Hi How should I use for example “icarousel_my-own” in Additional CSS styles for:

.icarousel_wrap .icarousel_content .icarousel_slides { border-radius: 4px; border: 0px #000 solid; margin:0; padding:0; font-size:100%; background: transparent; }

First I’ve installed on local and that’s worked for me, but on live site , same settings ,no 3d carousel.Only one slide on front visible(on settings are 4) an then only strange movement up and down

Is there any way to position the NAV arrows outside the carousel – see demo on this page of my non-wordpress site – the product slider under my big picture on the left – thanks!



Never mind! I figured it out by messing with the margins in icarousel_front.css here:

.icarousel_wrap a.iCarouselNav { margin:20px -170px 0 -170px; padding:0; font-size:100%; vertical-align:baseline; display: block; position: absolute; top: 45%; width: 43px; height: 43px; background: url(images/arrows_grey.png) no-repeat; z-index: 1000; text-indent: -9999px; cursor: pointer; }



When I click the image “Insert into Post” button (after adding an image to a slide) I get a blank screen and no image gets added. The only way I can add an image is by pasting the image URL directly in the box. Any idea how to fix this?

Also I want to add Alt tags to the images. How can I do this?


Any chance of a reply? I have been waiting 6 days!



Take note of the reply I received from Hemn…

Hi, Thanks for choosing my plugin.

Unfortunately iCarousel is out-of-date and i have no plan to update it, because i’m really busy.

Warm Regards

So it’s probably best if you purchase another carousel as you will not get any updates or support.


Thanks for your message, i will add my message to the iCarousel’s page.

Hello, I bought your plugin, but I can not make it work. When I put it on the site, however the slides are one beneath the other, as an example. I appreciate the help.

I´ve added the iCarousel to my website header.php with the code <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[icarousel slideshow=”my-first-carousel”]’); ?>

It worked fine in the homepage but not in single pages and posts. When I add the shortcode to the post or page it works, showing the iCarousel twice. Then, even if I delete the shortcode it keeps working. I´ve tryed to add the code to my content.php but nothing happens.

How can I solve this?


Nevermind I figured out

tfmwa Purchased

As everyone should be well aware: the author does not support this plugin. Which is a shame as it’s the best looking carousel I’ve been able to find. :)

However, you also need to know that this plugin uses an outdated version of the TimThumb script.

If you do decide to buy it, make sure you run the TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin (free) and use it to update the TimThumb files to a current and safe version.

Hi Author,

I received an error “Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object in /home/kevintom1/public_html/boostmysocial.org/wp-content/plugins/icarousel/lib/icarousel_functions.php on line 18” What does this mean and how can this be fix?

Hi, Do you provide a trial? even if just for a few days, I want to install then get my client to check and approve before I purchase. Thanks, Cathy

Hello I’ve just installed this plugn on wp 3.9 but there is no way to add the sliders i’ve created (no button in the post/page editor)

How do I get video in the slider like in the demo?

I used your plugin and it’s not working on my page: pls review my page: http://scruggs.stagemywebsite.com/gallery/



I’m looking for a 3D carousel slider like yours here but it needs the following functionality: 1. Auto Rotation 2. Pause on hover – when image is hovered over it must show text over the image, with a link to external url, this text and link must be on a solid colour background with transparency of 80%. So the colour background and text will take up the entire block that the image was in.

Can your slider do this, and if not how much will you charge to customize this functionality for me?

Or do you know of another plugin that will achieve this functionality?


b3pp3 Purchased

I can’t create slides, , when I press add a slide, nothing happens. I installed the latest version of Wordpress.

We installed this plugin in Wordpress v 4.0 After installation when clicking on “Add a Slides” nothing happens. There is jQuery bugs. Please let us know how to fix this bug

Dezzign Purchased

Yes I’ll second that, there are definitely bugs after updating to WordPress version 4.0. Nothing happens when clicking on ‘Add a Slide’... If you’re not supporting the plugin it should be removed, don’t you think? Thanks.