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Bugs after upgrading to WP 4, will these be fixed? As others have mentioned clicking on admin buttons do nothing, e.g. “Options”, “Add Slide”, or “Delete Gallery”. Essentially the plugin is now useless.

I noticed many javascript errors getting thrown back.

It was a terrific plugin before upgrading WP.

have the same problems like tedcoyle it don’t work for WP4 need a bugfix

Having problem when upgrading to WP4. Downgraded to WP3.9. Is the plugin discontinued?

Yip same here. Please update the plugin :(


have the same problems

Problem – i moved my wordpress to a new server. Now my icarousel wont work correctly :( I see all my old Carousel, but i cant modify something or make new ones :/ Nothing happens whe i push the buttons :(

Please help me.

with best regards – Christian


I purchased this item for the latest version of Wordpress and it does not work

I cannot add a slide nor can I access any of the other tabs associated with the plugin.

I am doing something wrong? I have also sent a few emails regarding this issue to Envato themselves… I would like a refund unless an update is to be released?


Laissoub Purchased

Hi hemn,

Could you release a new update asap please? Your plugin isn’t working on WP4.1 !!

I just hope you’ve got it ready.

Thanks, A