HTML5 Video & Youtube background

HTML5 video and youtube gallery / background with Flash backup for older browsers and many customization options and special features like skip intro with cookie detection.

Multiple layouts with optional playlist, clean video with no other screen elements, mini gallery and widget posibilities.

All demo examples included in the download package for easy setup.

1. Volume cannot be adjusted with javascript on mobile IOS (iPad, iPhone, Ipod). This is a restriction from Apple. You need to adjust the volume with physical button the actual phone.
2. Fullscreen is not supported in all browsers so fullscreen button is automatically removed from the browsers that do not support it.

Check this on your mobile phone:


  • HTML5 video with Flash backup, Youtube video
  • Supports videos hosted on Amazon S3
  • Responsive or fixed size posibilities
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Automatically generated thumbnails for youtube
  • Youtube supports video id and playlist id.
  • Multiple layouts with optional playlist, clean video with no other screen elements, mini gallery and widget posibilities.
  • Thumbnail position bottom / right
  • Optional gallery thumbnail orientation switch (vertical / horizontal)
  • Load new playlist on runtime with public functions
  • Optional built in skip intro feature (plus navigate to url video end / cookie detection)
  • Optional thumbnail playlist
  • Optional seekbar
  • Optional controls (previous, pause/play, next)
  • Optional fullscreen on supported browsers
  • Optional volume control
  • Optional video autoplay
  • Optional video looping
  • Optional random play
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Optional auto open playlist
  • Optional auto close playlist on video select
  • Public methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media or playlist
    • Destroy media
    • Toggle playlist
    • Set volume
    • Switch thumbnail layout (vertical / horizontal)
  • Callbacks
    • Component setup done

Updates / Changelog


version 2.35
  • added HTML5 fullscreen for IE11


version 2.31


version 2.3
  • updated youtube mobile playback


version 2.22
  • update to jquery 1.10.2


version 2.21
  • added youtube fullscreen button in all browsers
  • added youtube option to play highest video quality available


version 2.2
  • update to jquery 1.9.1
  • update jquery address (for deeplinking) for jquery 1.9.1


version 2.1
  • improved youtube filtering (private, deleted, restricted videos)
  • video updated for IOS 6
  • new layouts included (bottom/right playlist examples with jScrollPane, widget example, mini gallery example)

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