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On your demo page, the first image in the 3rd block of images – fades the screen white and slides in a heading and some text:

I have a gallery of images that when clicking on an image I’d like the whole screen to fade to the image clicked (instead of white screen as in your demo) and slide in the heading and text same as in your demo.

1) Is this possible with this plugin?

2) Will this plugin work if I already have other formatting applied to the div – as in a isotope filtering?

Yes, HoverAlls can do this. Isotope or other filtering shouldn’t be a problem – worst case scenario with HoverAlls is assigning isotope to different containers to get it to work right. However, the way HoverAlls handles configuration you would definitely be better off with Boxaroo – Adaptive Lightbox – for lightboxes. You can pretty much create any type of lightbox scenario you can imagine with that plugin.

Thx for the response.

What I have is this: (gallery with isotope filtering)

I want this to be unaffected, and only when they click on one of the images does your plugin take over, am I correct.

I’m not sure your other plugin is great not sure which to use now :) Great plugin quality btw. I might get both – as long as you can help me with implementation?

Thanks :) Boxaroo use the exact same HTML structure as almost every other lightbox plugin. All of the special HTML/CSS, etc is done in an isolated #boxaroo container that is placed at the very start of your page, then positioned, etc – so it will not cause any problems with filtering, gallery, effects, plugins, etc. These plugins will still be able to search the DOM and locate your gallery elements as they do now. Since it is a lightbox, all of this was definitely taken into consideration during the build. HoverAlls is a different story. It takes 3 simple containers and re-arranges them in a bunch of different ways behind the scenes. This is how all of the effects are achieved using the same HTML – so people don’t have to stop and fiddle with “now how do I create a tooltip? a sliding panel?” etc etc. Its all the same. :) The strengths of HoverAlls is the flexibility, ease of use, and size. The strength of Boxaroo is it can pretty much look like any lightbox you want. More than that, it brings a lot of features to the lightbox that (unless some copycats have popped up) are still new and unique to only Boxaroo (animated gradient reflections that match lightbox transformations, multiple html elements for injecting additional HTML code/interaction, animated matte effects, etc, etc) – so you can get crazy if you want to. :) And I do provide support for all items. Hopefully this has answered you question, if you have any others – please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks!