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How does it work in WordPress?What is the code in WordPress ? wordpress shortscode? Please help?


Hi, this is not a WordPress plugin, I’ve just recently added the WP Package Installer to make it easier since many people use it in WordPress. The code is simple and works the same as it would on a plain HTML site. With the WordPress Installer, just add class=”hoveralls” to declare your element as a HoverAlls effect, then customize your element(s) using the data-hoveralls=’{ }’ attribute. The usage sections in the documentation still apply to WordPress. If you have any additional questions that might go more in-depth, please feel free to email me directly through my profile page and I’ll be happy to assist :)

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one more issue need to fix… if i inject DIV tag in hoverall_lightbox “html_mode”: ”#myDIV”. then “text_class”: “lightboxText”, not working on it. any suggestion? temporary example is here [link removed]

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hi.. i also sent few emails with rel issue and code to stop user interaction to close lightbox. could you please look them and send me your review to find the solution how to stop lightbox disappear when user click on overlayer area..


Hi bhinder, I will look into those emails as soon as possible. Thanks!

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i tried your code but that not working so far. i sent back a email with detail and code. could you please look into it and suggest me to fix the issue. thanks

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Hi there did the uploading of the file but can get it to work on wordpress video tutorial on this


Hi, sorry there aren’t any video tutorials currently – the documentation is quite comprehensive. If you need specific help with something please feel free to contact me directly through my profile page. Sorry for the delay – just had a baby! I’ll do my best to get back to any emails as quickly as possible.


I wanted to use this for a wordpress recent posts or blogs…

basically my recent posts have no effect at all.. i am really pissed with avada theme about this…

but yeah.. can I declare my wordpress recent posts with hoveralls and put some fancy hover effects on the images/blog posts?



Sure, as long as you are comfortable working with a little PHP (the loop that calls that recent posts / blog posts). Inside the loop you’ll just add a class to the image tag. If you need specific effects for specific recent posts (like the first recent post should hover from the top, the second recent post should hover in from the left, etc) – then you’ll just want to add unique IDs to each image. Inside the loop this is easily done by using the loop counter variable as part of the ID-so you’d wind up with image-1, image-2, image-3, etc. It isn’t difficult to do and you can then customize all of these individually, but I would only recommend proceeding if you’re comfortable making that adjustment.

Pre-purchase question. I’d like to use Hoveralls in WordPress, but I would like to understand: (1) what exactly your WordPress Installation Package consists of (e.g., step-by-step instructions or automated script?), (2) how one implements the package (e.g., manual editing of WP templates or run script?), and (3) what modifications are made to the WP theme (e.g., adds script to footer?).

Can you please provide some specific details about your WordPress Installation Package?

Thank you.


Hi elanticuado, thanks for your interest. While this isn’t a WP plugin – a lot of buyers use HoverAlls in WordPress. As a convenience I’ve added a quick installation package and a section in the documentation covering WordPress installation / usage. This basically installs like any other WP plugin. From there, you use it according to the provided documentation (just like any other site). But, this will allow you to control the installation/activation of HoverAlls through your dashboard. All this essentially does is upload and link the necessary HoverAlls JS and CSS files for you. :)

hi this looks perfect for me except one thing. Would i be able to apply my designed hover effect with div to multiple images at once? I have thousands of images


Hi cupandsorceror, sure thing :) This is accomplished using classes, is very easy – and works the same for all types of HoverAlls effects. :)

An example with Captions…

1. All of your images (or other HTML elements) probably already have a specific class assigned to them. If not you can either add one. If you need to add a class to a LOT of images, contact me first through my profile page and I can help you out with a more advanced way of selecting just a specific set of images without needing to add a class to each and every one of them. ;)

2. Using that class name (or jQuery selector I would provide you with if needed), simply call HoverAlls and define the animation effect you want. For example, if your images use class=”my_effect” and you want captions, use:

$(‘img.my_effect’).HoverAlls({ “mode” : “caption” });

The above searches your page for all images with class=”my_effect” and initiates HoverAlls in Captions Mode on them. If you need any additional assistance, please feel to contact me directly through my profile page and I’ll be glad to assist :)


thank you for your excellent reply, I’ve just sent you an email with a problem I’ve been having. I’ll be sure to implement the above once I’ve got my head around hoveralls :)


No problem, I’ll respond to your email now :)

Hola, se puede usar con joomla?


Hola, HoverAlls es como cualquier otro plugin de jQuery. Sí, se puede utilizar con Joomla. (translated) :D

Hi Buddy,

Whats the new update about? Dont see the change log.

Thanks Srinivas

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The update is identical to ver. 2.6, which I downloaded last November.

Hey guys, sorry about the confusion! This is only a branding update. The preview image and screenshots were updated to align with the new item description page.

The main ZIP/plugin was not changed. I will document any changes made to the plugin in the change log.

HoverAlls version 2.6 is still the latest release (November) and I haven’t received any bug reports at this time – so the next actual update will be adding a couple new features (probably custom timer and page exit settings for all effects).

If you have any specific feature requests please let me know and I’ll do my best to work them into the next version. Thanks!


I try to use your plugin in wordpress … but seems that something not fit. I use in a page the folowing code:

<a class="hoveralls" alt="Tooltip 11212" data-hoveralls="{"mode":"tooltip", "opacity":"0,1", "bg_class" : "tooltipBackground", "text_class":"tooltipText"}">tooltip</a>

The resolt is: on hover the text what i see is “false” ... what should i fixe?

Thank you!


Hi, if you can email me directly through my profile page with a link I can provide assistance. Thanks!

Hi, it’s a pretty nice work!.

Just I have a dumb question. I tried to use it on wordpress with manual installation.

I added the CSS and JS files on the header. But it’s doesn’t work.

I uploaded the “demo page” on the server to verify, and it’s working, but the wordpress page doesn’t.

Thank you


Hi, if you can email me directly through my profile page I’ll be happy to look into it. It most likely has to do with using jQuery instead of $ in WordPress. Thanks!

Will this work with easy digital downloads? What I mean is, I want to create a grid using their custom post type and when you hover, it gives a short description of that download.


Hi Seo45, I’ve not worked with EDD before. If you’re able to install and configure a jQuery plugin then it most likely won’t cause any issues. If it doesn’t work you would need to contact Envato Help to get a refund. Either way I would be interested to know in case anyone else asks and I can provide some assistance – to the best of my ability. Thanks!


Well, EDD uses single.php to get it’s configuration. I took that template and copy and renamed it to single-download.php which is what it’s really looking for. Is the plugin able to work with custom post types?


Hey Seo45, please note this isn’t a WordPress plugin. I do provide limited assistance getting this running in WP, but this sounds like a more specific situation where my support would be limited. Thanks!