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I have a bit of an odd question perhaps. See, we’re currently using a plugin to feature touch enabled, responsive, post sliders on a page. But, the height of those sliders varies, depending on the featured image in use. Unfortunately, there is no way to set a maximum size, or even limitations.

So I am curious, is it possible to set specific size ratios so that the thumbnail is resized rather than the slider itself pushing further content dynamically down.


Hello, thanks for your interest.

You can make of two ways: fixed size and variable size. There is an option in the plugin to set the size (width and height) of the image/thumbnail. Then the script resizes the image according to these measures.

If I understand well your second question, do not have this option in the plugin. There is a timer that works in the traditional way. The slides are alternate within a loop, till some of them being clicked.


Aha, alright, cheers!



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Just beautiful! Thanks so much.


Many thanks!

Great job, srvalle!

I will likely purchase the Extended licence, but would like to experiment with the additional skins first, since that’s where a lot of the cool features seem to be.

Is there a way to upgrade from a normal licence to an extended licence?


Thanks so much, oandb!

Yes, you can buy a Regular License and do all the tests you want with the plugin. So depending on how you will use, buy a Extended License.

PS: All features are available in all skins. Only are shown differently.

How can i remove shadow below the image in Boxed2 skin?


The image is not configured for link. The link is only in the title and “more” icon. To have the link in the image needs to be done a small change in the code.


can you help us to do that?


Yes, please send me an email through my user profile. I’ll send you a file adapted with the link to the image.

Hi great job!

I see iny our examples that it “Can be used any post type and any taxonomy. In each post can be configured options such as video (youtube, vimeo, auto-hosted MP4), large image, audio (MP3), link, lightbox or target page…”

but I do not get any og this options in my hopos panel. I cannot link to images or videos. Is it a common problem?

BTW, I am using the paid version


Hi, thanks!

No, it’s just configuration. Please follow the steps below:

1) In Hopos menu, select “Settings”.

2) In the “Enable Hopos Panel in Custom Post Types” option, select which post types you want to use with Hopos plugin. And Save Changes.

This will make that appear in the items marked (custom post types) a panel called “Hopos Slider – Options”. When you are editing or creating a post – or custom post type, this panel will be available with video, image, audio etc.

Regards, Srvalle


Many thanks, one more thing. When I enable the excerpt and define the number of words, no matter the number of words I set, it truncates the output to show only the first line of text. I suspect that the problem is not with the number of words but with the fact that it does not output more than one line of the content. Any ideas how to fix this?


If the excerpt has more than one line then it should appear.
In this case I will need to see your page and see what is wrong. Please send me an email via my user profile and I can check. If possible also send the login information.

Hi, I was wondering if I can select specific categories or taxomonies with this slider?



Hi. Yes, when you choose the post type you want to use, the plugin displays the taxonomies and categories that are related with this post type. Regards


i have a problem with my plugin, sometime the plugin can not run! what is the problem? please help me


Hello, please send me the address of your page (where the plugin is running) through my user profile and I’ll see what’s wrong. Regards

Hi im interested in the plugin i just have a couple of questions.

Im looking for something to do the following: On hover over an image an overlay is displayed containing a clickable web address, phone number, email and two icons one which links to facebook and one which links to twitter profile

I don;t want the image to open up any kind of lightbox.

Is this possible?



No, sorry. Would need to do a customization.
In the plugin you can do this, but only using the lightbox. Regards

Hello, I’m looking for a WP-Plugin to show a few hand-picked posts or pages or cpts in a horizontal slider with thumbnail and short description / excerpt text linked to the relevant post/page/cpt. And I’d need to style all elements of the slider acc. to the layout of the site. Is your Plugin the right choice for us? Cheers, Heike

Hello Heike, the plugin has a configuration area for css styles, with a list of classes that you can change. Then you can make many visual changes in the sliders using css properties. Please check the links below for some examples of use.

how can i install? I can figure it out! which folder should i extract and add it to my plugins folder?


Yes, you can add the “hopos-slider” folder to your plugin folder via FTP. Or install “hopos-slider-install-v1.6.zip” file through the administration of Wordpress, via Upload.

For full details, please refer to the documentation, the Install option.

Hello! I would like to use the hopos slider to show of my youtube videos, but then when i try to go to settings, i get this message> If you are seeing this text, it is because there is no custom post types on your site. what do i do? thanks!


Hello! This message means you do not have any custom post type in your website. But you can use the default Posts and Categories, to fill the Hopos Slider.

You can follow these steps:

1) Select the menu from Wordpress: Posts -> Categories and create a new category. For example: Videos. 
2) Select the menu from Wordpress: Posts -> Add New to create a new file (for each video, you need to create a new post). 
3) In the new post, select the category (Videos) that was created in step 1. Find the options panel called "Hopos Slider - Options". In this panel you will add your youtube video. 
4) Now create a new Hopos slider. Select Hopos -> Add New and in the settings, select the post type "post" and "Video" category. And set all other options. 
5) Then save the sldier and copy and paste the Hopos shortcode on a page / post / Text widget. 

If you have any questions I give email support. Best Regards

Any rtl support?


Hello. Yes, supports rtl direction. Just is necessary to add a property in the css. If you buy the plugin and to need support, please contact an email via my user profile.

PS: animations continue left to right.

I’m testing the Hopos and it works perfectly but when I put in the index it does not appear the title or the thumb or text I do not know what’s going on … if you can help me! Thank you


I deleted the widget and how you gave me

? <do_shortcode php echo (“[hopos id = ‘THE_ID_HERE’]”); >

It did not work, I tried to get the “do_” and the error is greater Had another plugin postlist and was operating normally


if you find a solution, I am waiting Thanks

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Hi, I need your help very urgently. As its said on the item description page – ‘Lightbox or target page” Where i should look for that option?

Another big issues i’m facing..when i’m selecting 2 or 3 post to show on the slider it never works..for 2 posts showing blank space for another 2 posts and while 3 its leaving a blank space for another one. I purchased the plug in mainly or 2 and 3 posts per slide.

I need help on this very urgently..

Please, confirm at the soonest..



Yes, this is correct!
Ok, I was seeing a solution to the navigation…

To change the navigation arrows to bottom, put the following script into the file “jquery.hoposslider.min.js”, or in some file ”.js” of your theme.

(function($) {
    $(window).load(function() {
        // inserts previous and next in bottom right corner
        var hoposNavNew = $('<div class="hopos-nav" />');
        $hoposContainer = $('.hp_container');
        $nextNav = $hoposContainer.find('.hp_next').css({ top:'auto', bottom:0 });
        $prevNav = $hoposContainer.find('.hp_previous').css({ top:'auto', bottom:0 });;
        hoposNavNew.append($nextNav).append($prevNav).css({ height:40 });
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Thank you very much..it worked. Sorry I could not update you at that time..since I was in hurry..and I had to leave for some urgent work.. just back now..so updating you.. Thank you again for all..


You are welcome! If you need support please contact again.
Best regards

I have a slider for a custom post type “news”

the slider is visible on each and every post type and also is working good on news articels and home page, but every post which is not a custom post type does not loades the slider, and if it does then the images which it takes for the slidera re the same as the featured image of the post being viewed.

can you help me ehre. please refer screenshot.


Hello Harsmeet,

I have a very limited time, so I can only give support to buyers of my plugins. Sorry, I hope you understand.

Thank you!

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I’m having trouble with my site using Hopos Plugin. There are two issues: 1. Some times Hopos skips some of the posts and shows empty spaces in the carrousel. 2. Other times Hopos puts a second line of post y some of the pages.

You can check an example of what I’m talking about in this link:


Hi, has many open html tags within the slides. This is breaking the slider.

I suggest you use only the title, image and a short excerpt (preferably plain text, no html) on each slide. And just put the full information on the page. If using any html, make sure all tags are closed correctly. With these changes should solve the problem.


Can I use it in a widget/sidebar?


Yes, inserting the shortcode within a Text widget. Regards