Hmail is a fast and easy-to-use webmail front-end for your IMAP mail server and creating emails for clients without accessing the cpanel. Users can also register email for themselves without accessing the cpanel and manage their profile when they login to their account.

Hmail work just like, gmail, yahoo… and others. Simple setup without any programming skill. The integrated web administration panel allows you to manage the system settings without manual editing the config files.

This solution is best for users who need a clean and simple web mail application, which is fast and easy to use. The AJAX user interface is optimized to respond as quickly as desktop applications usually do, to keep response times low.

Main Features

  1. Admin for managing users (create, delete, update, change user passord)
  2. Users can create their own account with a simple signup form, update profile and change password.
  3. Login form
  4. Simple design user interface
  5. Editable language file
  6. Afterlogic webmail Lite 7.2
  7. Bootstrap 3
  8. Cpanel email signup and login worth $12
  9. Cpanel email manager worth $9
  10. Modern AJAX user interface
  11. Mail folders and nested folders
  12. Address Book (Contacts and Groups)
  13. Mail filters (with Sieve support)
  14. Attachment thumbnails
  15. Auto-responder, via Sieve
  16. Compose/Reply/Forward/Delete messages
  17. Mail Search
  18. IMAP synchronization
  19. SMTP/IMAP/SSL support
  20. Folders (Inbox/Sent/Drafts/etc)
  21. Managing IMAP folders
  22. Delivery confirmation
  23. Message preview pane
  24. Auto-complete of e-mail addresses
  25. Keyboard shortcuts
  26. Spell-check
  27. Compose e-mails in HTML (WYSIWYG) or plain-text modes
  28. Built-in and user-defined skins
  29. Personal user settings
  30. Web administration panel (manage system settings and domains)
  31. Full Documentation

Built with:


User Area:
Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: hezecom


For support, suggestion, pre-sales and others contact us at


  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Driver Enabled
  • CURL Extension
  • Cpanel Host

Change Log

 Version 1.0  - 02/04/2014
   - 02/04/2014 - Bug fix. session_header error