gzit - Protect Your Html, CSS and JS

gzit - Protect Your Html, CSS and JS - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

gzit is a single file solution that combining, minifying and gzipping JavaScript and CSS files, it minify the css/js files in one line, remove the comments, spaces and line feeds. it protect the html/css/js in some way, it combines the css/js files to one file and use gzip to compress and cache the contents.


This file do not process the php file automatically, only html/htm

if your files are .html, you can use gzit automatically to process the html, css, js

if your files are .php, you need use the package function and change your “header.php”(or other name) with the code below

<link type="text/css" href="css/app.v1.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="css/app.v1.js" ></script>


  • Single PHP file, easy installation
  • No code needed
  • No changes in the existing files
  • No scripts to run on any change in CSS/js or html file
  • Minify css, js and html
  • Speed up page loads
  • Data can be cached on the disk to reduce server load
  • Hide the css js source path, protect your css and js files
  • Gzip-compressed if client supports this
  • HTTP headers for agressive caching on client are added to the response
  • ETags are supported
  • Support oversite js/css
  • Support inline js on page
  • Support all major browsers even IE6,7,8
  • Alert error messages for the quick debug

v.1.1—3 July 13

- Remove the base64_decode for some server disabled this function
- Change the minify html function

v.1.0—28 June 13

- Initial Release