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Can I schedule a post to go off on an specific date, instead of time delay?

I’m thinking of using this script as a events or live workshop reminders for users that sign up.


Hi there,

Thanks for a great plugin. Any idea if you will make an update to support the conditional logic in the notification field? I am willing to pay for this extra feature, for example using oDesk and hire you to customize the plugin. I really need this functionality, the sooner the better.

Thank you very much for a great plugin.

Hello I just came across this plugin and I have to say it’s a really awesome idea! I really like the concept and it appears you have done a pretty good job executing it now.

I will likely purchase it sometime this week for a project.

There is 1 thing that is really bugging me though. In your description near the very bottom you mentioned “there’s no way to stop sending emails after a sequence has been initiated so it’s recommended to only use for 1 or 2 auto responders.”

I understand how this could be an issue code-wise however I believe the issue still needs to be resolved. So I am asking, is there any plans to work on this issue? 1 idea I have (keep in mind I have not seen the code nor know how it is set up so I can only speculate at this point) I am thinking, perhaps there could be another database table created to hold user emails, there could then be an opt out link and when called correctly it would remove an email/user from this new database table. The code that sends the Drip emails could pull from this database table instead…so obviously if a user unsubscribed, when the time is triggered to send an email…it won’t bug an opted out user.

I realize this would likely mean re-structuring the plugin a LOT and would be a lot of work but I think the feature is important!

So I am asking if you have any plans to do anything, if not would you be open to me possible contributing and working with you to add in such a feature?

If that sounds interesting to you, shoot me an email jason.davis.fl@gmail.com I’m on Twitter too J@JasonDavisFL

It would be great if this had an auto-repeating schedule option. I’d like to send out a reminder every 6 months for the user to check their directory listing details to make sure it’s up to date. (Their listing is populated from a form, so it would be great to have a reminder scheduled from their form entry).