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Can I schedule a post to go off on an specific date, instead of time delay?

I’m thinking of using this script as a events or live workshop reminders for users that sign up.


Hi there,

Thanks for a great plugin. Any idea if you will make an update to support the conditional logic in the notification field? I am willing to pay for this extra feature, for example using oDesk and hire you to customize the plugin. I really need this functionality, the sooner the better.

Thank you very much for a great plugin.

Hello I just came across this plugin and I have to say it’s a really awesome idea! I really like the concept and it appears you have done a pretty good job executing it now.

I will likely purchase it sometime this week for a project.

There is 1 thing that is really bugging me though. In your description near the very bottom you mentioned “there’s no way to stop sending emails after a sequence has been initiated so it’s recommended to only use for 1 or 2 auto responders.”

I understand how this could be an issue code-wise however I believe the issue still needs to be resolved. So I am asking, is there any plans to work on this issue? 1 idea I have (keep in mind I have not seen the code nor know how it is set up so I can only speculate at this point) I am thinking, perhaps there could be another database table created to hold user emails, there could then be an opt out link and when called correctly it would remove an email/user from this new database table. The code that sends the Drip emails could pull from this database table instead…so obviously if a user unsubscribed, when the time is triggered to send an email…it won’t bug an opted out user.

I realize this would likely mean re-structuring the plugin a LOT and would be a lot of work but I think the feature is important!

So I am asking if you have any plans to do anything, if not would you be open to me possible contributing and working with you to add in such a feature?

If that sounds interesting to you, shoot me an email jason.davis.fl@gmail.com I’m on Twitter too J@JasonDavisFL

It would be great if this had an auto-repeating schedule option. I’d like to send out a reminder every 6 months for the user to check their directory listing details to make sure it’s up to date. (Their listing is populated from a form, so it would be great to have a reminder scheduled from their form entry).

Can I schedule a post to go off on an specific date, instead of time delay?

Simple and seems to work great, but pre-sales people need to take note of the lack of conditional logic support!

I ignored that and this plugin simply doesnt work with conditional logic at all. Please do alert us if this changes plugin dev.

Hiii i m sending 6 notification emails one email is sent immediately after the form submitted so i have not set schedule time for that and for remaining 5 emails i have set schedule time 1st email sent on 1 hours 2nd on 2 hours and so on… but not receiving emails on the time which i have set and also not receive email which i have not set any time please resolve our issue.


Does this plugin support Wordpress 4.1 ?

Yes, it does. Thanks

Ok. But I made a test form submission on your demo page sidebar. http://codecanyon.net/item/gravity-forms-simple-drip-autoresponder-addon-/full_screen_preview/6114252

And I received all the notifications at the same time. Which means the delay timer doesn’t work.

I was one step away from buying the plugin, but now I don’t think it works as it says.

The search is still on…

Sorry, I was working on the plugin this morning. Give it a try now: http://simpledrip.com

Hi Scott Simple question which I’m certain I’m correct on but just checking.

If I wish for a weekly periodical email (for 10 weeks) then I guess after 4 weeks I’m selects 1 month and 1 week etc? for 5 weeks?


Yes, correct.

Can this work with contact 7?

No, sorry.

Others have asked this, but I didn’t see any answer to it. Can we set emails to go out on specific dates (like September 1, 2015) instead of “4 days from now” like that?

I’m really hoping you will soon support conditional logic, too!!

Not currently.

Hey there, Im having an issue where, even with a delay set, the notification still goes out right away. Any ideas?

Nevermind! I fixed it by setting the other notifications for the form to a delay of 1 second. Awesome plugin :)

hello is it possible for me to have multiple triggers, forexample I have an active blog and when someone signs in i want to send an email to say thank you like i normally would. BUT I also want to send another email a week and a half later as an example. Can I do that with this?

Yes, this should work depending on how complex your form is.

Hi – This looks useful – can i ask is there an option to choose a drip campaign based on a date field in a form?

No, sorry.