Gravity Forms: Connect to Google Calendar™

Gravity Forms: Connect to Google Calendar™

!! The current version does not work with the newest version of WP. If you have updated WP, please do not purchase until a newer version of the plugin has been uploaded !!

Add on to Gravity Forms.

Integrates Gravity Forms with Google Calendar™ and allows you to either approve submitted events before they go live or just have the users post an event directly to your Google Calendar.


  • Connect to one calendar per form
  • Select between several calendars in one Google Account
  • Users can post directly to a Google Calendar
  • Admin can select to approve all events before they go live
  • Admin can select that no two events can be created in the same time frame.
  • Admin can dissaprove a live event
  • Admin can edit or delete a user created event


  • Wordpress
  • Gravity Forms
  • Google Account

How to start

  1. Go to Gravity Forms General Settings and connect
  2. Create a Form
  3. Select a Google Calendar under Form Settings
  4. Setup the rest of the form as you wish


Fixed: Entries are created in calendar before payment is accepted
Fixed: Admin-only start date is ignored, should use default value
Fixed: Date parsing fails on Windows hosting (no strptime() function)
Fixed: Conflict with other plugin(s) loading Google Client API
Changed: Updated Google API to r608

Fixed: Forms editor field boxes always open since v1.2.5

Fixed: Approve/Disapprove links didn’t work in IE10 or latest Firefox

Fixed: Datepicker correctly loaded for Gravity Forms 1.7.7+
Fixed: Date / time field validations prevent silly dates / times
Fixed: When field has no format saved, date is lost on form submit
Fixed: Editing an approved event throws an error

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