Google Maps Module with Geolocation

Google Maps Module with Geolocation

A new version is avaiable, for the same price ! ;)

Google Maps Module with Geolocation [V2]  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


Google Maps module was created to provide a simple service for those who need to provide a route easily. With geolocation, you can provide a route from anywhere to your home, business, factory etc … In addition, the geolocation is compatible with all browsers that support javascript account. In fact, if your browser is not compatible with the geolocation HTML5, it will take place with Google AJAX API.


Google Maps module offers many features:

  • A simple route, step by step.
  • Full compatibility with browsers.
  • Geolocation of two ways:
  1. With HTML5 for recent browsers.
  2. With Google AJAX API to others.
  • A simple design for easy customization.
  • English and French.
  • Integration very easy and fast.
  • JS code detailed to be modified by anyone.
  • ChangeLog

    Geolocation With Google Maps Module is very young but has already undergone changes:


    • Improved design
    • CSS cut into two parts to be more easily modified
    • Minified version of CSS is now included.


    I hope that this module will make you happy ! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you encounter any problem. In addition, I am young and French, thank you for forgiving towards my spelling :) Let me a comment or a link to see how you integrate the Module :)