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Congrats for the competition ahah !

Looks great :)


Thank you, much appreciated :)

Congrats for your plugin and welcome to CC!

Would love to see a demo!

Thanks! The demo is not ready yet, but I’ve placed the Quick-start Guide here: http://www.c-point.com/goodnews/preview/goodnews.html

This gives you a very good idea of what the plugin can do :)

Does it have a subscribe and unsubscribe option build in?



To subscribe users, you have 4 options: 1. Add them to the selected list(s) manually 2. Import subscribers 3. Place the opt-in shortcode on your pages and posts 4. Place the opt-in widget on the sidebar

Actually, there is the option #5 as well: for people who sign-up as members of your blog, you can elect to automatically add them to the mailing list.

You can unsubscribe users manually. In addition, every message you send has an unsubscribe option built into it. You specify the unsubscribe instruction (for example, “If you do not wish to receive any more messages, click on the following link: “). The unsubscribe link is added automatically to the end of the message, all the user needs to do is click on it.

Looks nice. Great potential! A demo would be helpful…


Thank you! The demo will be available soon, I am working on it…

Alex are you closer to having the demo ready. I really like your plugin, but have not worked with WordPress for some time. When I used it years ago, you could email straight from it, send automatic updates to subscribers when you posted a new article or page, then all the mail systems appeared like Mailchimp and Aweber and I just assumed one had to go with these in order to be professional. Does your plugin basically do what they offer directly from your WordPress site? And is there a maximum capacity of subscribers it can handle?

The demo is coming soon – we’re late because we wanted to implement better click-through reporting (we’re currently using Google Analytics for this purpose).

Yes, GoodNews offers the same functionality as aWeber or Mailchimp, with not as many options as they have.

GoodNews does not impose any limits on the maximum capacity of subscribers. However, your web-hosting provider will not like it if you send thousands of email messages at once if your site is on a shared server. For this reason, the program allows you to limit the number of messages that you want sent per hour.

Alex, I would like to have a look at admin area before purchasing.


Of course – it’s just hard to organize because I am responsible for any messages that might be sent. Could you please open a support ticket at http://www.c-point.com/getsupport/ When you gain access to the admin area, please use it to send messages only to your own accounts.

Hello Alex,

I’m planning to buy this plugin, just a few questions I just want to ask..

How about the:

Automated bounce handling?

How about the subscription form, can I use the form outside wordpress?

Is there any option that I can send my post or page as my newsletter?

Is there any define rule that if ever my subscriber opt-in in my other newsletter they will automatically subscribed/unsubscribed to my other newsletter?



The interface for the newsletters is the same as for posts/pages. You cannot send the post/page directly, but you can copy it and send it.

Automated bounce handling – we don’t have it yet.

Subscription form: the shortcode and the PHP code can only be used in Wordpress. The third option is JavaScript – this one can be used outside of Wordpress, but you’d have to tinker with it, you cannot just copy-and-paste it.

You can automatically subscribe to a list everyone who registers to your blog. There are no rules to let you remove the subscriber from one list when he/she subscribes to another.


1) Can multiple autoresponders be run simultaneously? 2) What triggers are there to start the autoresponder? 3) How customizable are the autoresponder? For example, could I send a customer a different “reminder note” every other day for 3 months?


1. Yes, you can run multiple autoresponders simultaneously. 2. You get to choose from 4 triggers: Sequential emails (sent X days after user has registered), Fixed date emais, Every X days emails (predefined interval), and Weekday emails (for example, every Tuesday). 3. Yes, you can send a different “reminder note” every other day, every message in the autoresponder sequence is fully customizable.


Thanks! If I have a WordPress eCommerce site (for example, Woo Commerce) is there a method to have the autoresponder triggered when a customer makes a purchase? I would want to send a follow up email.


All this is doable, but you’d need to modify the source code to make it happen – there’s no native support for eCommerce sites. The source code is well-organized, though, and not obfuscated in any way.

I need to translate the plugin, where I can do, where are the language files? In the first step I just want to change the two fields “Your name” and “Your email” in the mailing list form. Many thanks and kind regards. performer


You need to modify the file views/signup-form.php lines 99 and 101. Also, you might want to change the text for the validation exception “You must enter your name”, which is in the file models/user.php line 187.


Many thanks …

This this plugin 3.71 ready?


Yes, it is!

What do the opt-in forms look like?


The program generates Javascript code, allowing you to place the simple form anywhere, and also the HTML code, which you can style to display the form any way you want.

Alex, I would like to know if the forms are Responsive? Will they fit well on Mobile Sites?


Right now the opt-in forms are rather basic. The program generates the JavaScript and the HTML version for you. You cannot change the JavaScript version, but you can style the HTML version any way you want.

is it possible to send mails to user how for example subscribed for 1 week, and after weeks 2 send the next one automatically. your presentations says it can, but i don’t see the settings in the screenshots.


Yes, the ability to automatically send the predefined autoresponder sequences to the subscribers, at the intervals that you specify, is the main strength of the GoodNews plug-in :)

does it work on wordpress 3.8.1, if yes i will buy it!


Great, thank you! Yes, it works with WP 3.8.1.

Hi. Great Plugin!

Is there a way to detect if someone has already subscribed and if so re-direct them to a specific URL.


Thank you! Redirecting people who are already subscribed in on my to-do lost, but I haven’t implemented it yet.

Hi Doctor,

I see that sequential emails can be sent. Am I able to decide the number hours instead of days?

If not, could this be altered?

Thanks, Mike


Hi Mike,

Right now sequential emails can be sent on a given date, or the specified number of days after people subscribe, or on a given day (for example, every Tuesday). You cannot specify the number of hours – but I’ve added it to the list of requested features.

Thank you, Alex

Does it work on WP 4.0 ?