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Hi, i am looking to integrate this into our wordpress site as we already have an account with gocardless. Can we create recurring subscription charges (ie recurring direct debits) ? We are going to design a page which allows a user to choose a subscription package and then pay a deposit and off it goes collecting every month a set amount, can this plugin do this ? thanks in advance

Yes the plugin allows you to set up a recurring payment with an initial one-off amount.

Hey can it be setup so i can have payment types as a dropdown? as i see you have this code:

<input id=”amount” /> <select id=”paymenttype”>[options]</select> <select id=”currency”>[options]</select> [Link Text as per the Payments Set-Up page]

I am wondering how do i set this up?

Thanks Aaron

The payment types need to be set up as per the instructions – dropdown is not an available option.

Hi, thanks for reply yes no worries i fixed it another way :) i am using a dropdown but a js selectize.js and then using wordpress plugin form and inserting the “GoCardless” shortcode into that form :) and seems to be ok. you can view it here:

http://www.reallycleanwheelies.com – if you click pricing your see.

Hi, great plugin. However, I’ve installed the NYOA amount facility on my site but if, for example, I enter £3200 it will appear on the GoCardless page as £320.00 or sometimes £32.00. I’ve tried this with a few different amounts and it does the same. It seems fine on quantities under £1000 but it seems you need to add pence (e.g. £900.00) to make sure it works properly. Is there a fix for this? Also, is the maximum allowed £5000? – I can’t seem to test on a figure greater than this.

Hi. We can’t replicate this error. Can you tell me which browser (including version) and operating system you are using?

Windows 10 Chrome Version 47.0.2526.73 m – the current version. But we’ve tried it on all main browsers on different machines with the same result. It doesn’t happen every time but enough for it to be a issue.

Hi. I’ve been testing it out with Win 10 and the exact same version of Chrome that you have, but I can’t replicate the error at all. It’s possible that you may have a plugin/theme conflict – I suggest that you switch to a standard WP theme like TwentyTwelve and switch off all plugins except this one. Then re-enable the plugins one by one and see which one is causing the problem…

Hi, great plugin. However, I’ve installed the NYOA amount facility on my site but if, for example, I enter £3200 it will appear on the GoCardless page as £320.00 or sometimes £32.00. I’ve tried this with a few different amounts and it does the same. It seems fine on quantities under £1000 but it seems you need to add pence (e.g. £900.00) to make sure it works properly. Is there a fix for this? Also, is the maximum allowed £5000? – I can’t seem to test on a figure greater than this. This things also happens on your demo page.

Please see above comment.


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Hi There,

I’m currently looking to integrate a system like this, as part of a crowd funding site. Ideally we’d like people to have their payment details taken and submitted to GoCardless, but for the payment only to be taken once the CrowdFund has enough members.

With this plugin, is there an easy way to bulk-charge all members that have signed up, in one go? (i.e. once enough members have been gathered, we click one button and debit the same amount from every account).

Many Thanks!

The plugin would need customisation in order to achieve this.


Exit3 Purchased

Ah OK, is this something we could pay you to do separately? If so, I’ll drop you a direct message.

Yes, please send us your exact requirements, including a process flow diagram, and your budget.

Hi, are you going to implement something, so we can add a custom form and then a signup button to gocardless? as i am trying to do it but i have 16 options of plans i need to setup and do not want to create 16 forms as thats not practical lol.

We don’t currently have any plans to do this.

Hey, is there a way to create the Shortcode to get the GoCardless link, then remove the “Shortcode” and the link to gocardless for that plan link still works? As go Cardless are very likmited in terms of you cant change the name of a PLAN if already setup where as your plugin i believe you can do this to new or existing customers i believe? tell me if i am wrong. for example if i called a Plan

1 bin cleaned every 2 weeks, but needed it changed to 1 bin cleaned every month, then your plugin can do this without deleting the plan and re-adding the customer to the plan am i correct?

No, GoCardless does not allow you to do this.

HI when i fill out the GoCardless details it doesnt get added to go Gocardless any more?

Hi i just spoke to GoCardless there seems to be a bug inside your plugin, when you use a Custom Redirect URI no details are sent to GoCardless but as soon as you sset it back to Default all of the Details are then inserted into the GoCardless Dashboard.

I fixed it Mike, my bad i forgot to wrap my custom text inside your confirm and failure shortcodes :).

Thanks Aaron

Glad to hear that you’ve fixed the problem.

As a reminder to others reading this, you must put either the [obr_gocardless_confirm] shortcode or the [obr_gocardless_confirm_success] shortcode on your site, so that the transaction gets confirmed by GoCardless. I’ll review whether we need to make this more prominent in the plugin’s documentation.

:) thanks for the confirmation on you need to use that :)

Hi I can’t find the so called short code that I need to create these links? The help text says that they are contained in the table but there not so where do I go from here? Contacted Go Cardless and they don’t know?

Ok found it but getting a bad request page coming back as if the links not working?

Sorry! Bad request Signature is not valid HTTP Error: 400 Request ID: 3b408a7b-24ee-4149-8005-6dcda65ceca4

Ok so GoCardless don’t have the functionality to take a subscription payment and an initial set up fee on the same plan. So is that whats wrong with this? Its outdated?

The plugin allows you to set up a subscription with a separate one-off amount at the beginning of the plan. Just set the details of the recurring amount, interval and one-off amount on the admin page and when your users click on the link, everything will be taken care of automatically.

Does this module support the new GoCardless API? or is it build on the old one?

This does not seem to have anything to do with our plugin. As far as I can tell, you are not using the old GoCardless API and you don’t seem to have purchased our plugin…?

I’m not using your plugin yet because my initial question was if you were using the old or new API. Since you are not using the PRO api yet and GoCardless states it is going to deprecate the normal API in the coming week, I’ll wait for you to release a new version with the PRO api before I’ll buy this. I sent a copy of this thread to GoCardless so that they maybe can shed some light on the discussion.

Okay… I just got the following reply from GoCardless – Joeri Vankeirsbilck (Country Lead The Netherlands & Belgium)

To clarify, we will depreciate the old API in the near future, which is when we will notify all current old API users. We will continue to support the old API for at least 12 months to ensure everyone has ample time to migrate across.

However, we strongly recommend to do new development work using the new Pro API only.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Might be worth sharing on the forum to make sure there’s no confusion.

Best, Joeri

Hi Peter, so reading all this as I am considering to purchase the plugin is still worth is given @Outerbridge that are in development to cater for the new API.

Hope the transition will be simple for us with the old API plugin.

Best regards JP

Hi Guys, this looks a great plugin. I am considering initially using this for the collection of one-off rent however the amount will vary depending on the property. I guessed when a tenant makes the excuse (I couldnt get to the bank) ... having this payment page would help.

Is it possible to create the payment page, and to allow the person to set their own payment amount?

If this is not possible, how practical is it to set various amounts, example £450, £475, £495, £500, £525 and so on as a ‘one-off; option?

Hi. There is “Name Your Own Amount” functionality built into the plugin.

Hi outerbridge,

Pre-Sales Question – I am considering purchasing this plugin, but CodeCanyon says you do not offer support for it.

Do you offer support for the plugin somewhere else? I do see from the Comments section that you offer some support there, so I am a bit confused.

Kind regards,


Hi Simon.

We don’t support our plugins as we don’t agree with CodeCanyon’s introduction of support packs; you can read more about our decision here: https://outerbridge.co.uk/2015/08/support-for-codecanyon-plugins/

However, if you politely ask us a question here, you’ll probably find that you get an answer!

Regards Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for coming back to me. Yeah, what Envato has done with Support, their Terms & Conditions and business model since April last year has kind of sucked.

I just needed to know that you guys offer some kind of help if there are any, which you have offered to do if I ask nicely :)


Pre-Sale Question

I want the shipping address of the user when setting up a direct debit. Is this possible?. Is there any way i can edit the gocardless payment page to add shipping address fields.


The plugin does not do this as standard – you would need a developer to customise this for you.


Can you change the amount collected from the plugin? I want to sell a service which will have a variable price each month. Could i pre-auth a maximum amount, but change the amount in the backend for the customer at the invoice period?


Yes, you can pre-authorise up to £5,000 per month and then make charges against the pre-authorisation as your choose.


are the payments straightaway could you create a membership table for monthly payment


could you able to intergrate it with the kleo theme social network http://themeforest.net/item/kleo-next-level-wordpress-theme/6776630?s_rank=1

Hi. You use the plugin to create payment plans. You then use the plugin’s shortcodes in your pricing table, and the payment links will be created for you.

Any ETA for the new Pro API?

Awesome… will buy for sure when you launch… If you need a betatester let me know!

Any news about this pal? can’t wait to get the updates!

Still working on it I’m afraid. Will post an update once we have a revised launch date for you…


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Can someone confirm that the webhook endpoint for the widget is domain/gocardless/webhook ?

Hi. You shouldn’t need to be looking at this, as the shortcodes take care of everything for you. Please send us an email at contact@outerbridge.co.uk and we can discuss in more detail.