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Hi. Does this plugin allow you to display any of the analytic information on pages / posts via shortcode? (i would like to implement certain graphs / data for viewing on the frontend).


Currently it does not support that. Its in our feature list.

gAnalytics is connected to Google but on the settings page i see the error:

Could not load needed resources. Please check your internet connection or try after some time.

Exception message for WordPress developers: Error calling GET https://www.googleapis.com/analytics/v3/data/ga?ids=ga%**********&start-date=2015-01-07&end-date=2015-01-06&metrics=ga%3Asessions%2Cga%3Apageviews&dimensions=ga%3ApagePath&sort=-ga%3Apageviews&key=************************: (400) Invalid Date Range: end-date 2015-01-06 precedes start-date 2015-01-07

The stars are placeholder. Can you help please?

Regards, Klaus


please send me a private message with your skype id. Let me try to solve it for you.

will custom post type compatible with the plugin? will show statistics for custom post type?

Widgets dont work for me.

I try to insert them and it keeps saving, but nothing happens


I’m looking for a plugin which will enable me to track the number of views each individual post receives.

By that I mean for example of Mr M posts a post called Football for beginners and Mr M also posts a post called Footnall for exports for example.

Would this plugin show me the break down of the views received for each individual post?

I ask this because I’m planning in paying my contributors on per 1,000 uniqueviews basis however I need a reliable plugin to track that for me for each indivituak post.

Is this the plugin that will help me do this? If not do you have any suggestions which plugins offer this?

Thanks Mouiz

Hi cube3x,

I want to buy this plugin, but like to find out if you are still updating and supporting it?