GalleryJack Rebooted - A jQuery Fullscreen Gallery

GalleryJack Rebooted - A jQuery Fullscreen Gallery

In my first 4 years here at Envato, the original GalleryJack turned out to be my most successful file. And even though it has many features, I always felt that it had potential to be even better. So for the past few months I decided to rewrite the original from scratch and this time add twice as many features. Thumbnails were added, an HTML5 Audio Player was built along with a custom HTML5 Video Player. But where “Reboot” really shines is in the custom user settings. And the number of settings along with which ones chosen were really a compilation of 7 months of buyer feedback from the first version. It’s super flexible, it’s heavily tested, it’s GalleryJack: The Reboot. And thanks for checking it out :)


  • 34 Custom Settings
  • Use as a fullscreen or fixed size gallery
  • Use “Ajax Mode” to populate your gallery automatically from your website’s image folder
  • Custom built HTML5 Audio and HTML5 Video Players with Flash fall-backs
  • Optional deep-linking for enhanced browsing
  • Optional Thumbnails with Optional Tool-tips
  • Optional Image Descriptions
  • Custom built lightbox for HTML5 Video, YouTube, Vimeo, an additional image or even an external page
  • Four transitions to choose from: Fade, Slide Both, Slide Over and Wipe
  • Expandable Icon Menu that can display whatever HTML you want
  • Optional Keyboard Shortcuts for Prev/Next Image
  • Custom built HTML5 Canvas slideshow timer
  • Stretch images fullscreen or use “fit” mode to avoid cropping

Additional Options Include:

  • Choose to auto-play the gallery
  • Choose to randomize your category images
  • Set the auto-play delay
  • Set the image transition time
  • Choose to start the gallery with thumbnails hidden
  • Always display the maximum number of thumbnails or choose a specific amount to show
  • Choose to show image descriptions by default
  • Choose to disable right-clicking to help protect your images from download
  • Decide if an image click takes you to the next image or not
  • Open external links through image clicks
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Set initial Music Player volume
  • Choose to autoplay songs
  • Randomize your song order
  • Display custom titles for your songs
  • Choose to autoplay video

Special Thanks and Credits

Special Notes

  • The jQuery version used for this plugin is 1.10.2
  • HTML5 DocType is not required for the gallery to work
  • Ajax Mode does not support image descriptions
  • Ajax mode has the option to display image names as tool-tips only
  • Only one thumbnail size can be used throughout a gallery in Ajax Mode
  • Transition and type and scaling type will be the same through each category in Ajax Mode
  • Video and lightbox popups are not supported in Ajax Mode
  • TimThumb and similar thumbnail creation scripts are not included
  • “Slide-both” and “slide-over” transitions are not supported in IE7 and will default to “fade”
  • Thumbnail circle animation is built with HTML5 Canvas and will not animate in browsers that don’t support HTML5 Canvas
  • Fonts used are Google Web Fonts and do not need to be downloaded
  • Images, Video and Sound used in the preview are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the downloaded. Alternative media is included in its place.
  • “Fit” mode only supports the fade transition (the transition is not a cross-fade, view the preview here for a demonstration).

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