ForumScript - Forum Application for Facebook

ForumScript - Forum Application for Facebook - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Description ForumScript – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2010-2014
Current Version: 2.1.1
Last Update: 9/14/2014

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If you are updating to a new version of the software, please read the readme file before uploading new files!

ForumScript was designed as an easy-to-use script that provides a seamless transition between an application on Facebook and a forum. Many times applications on Facebook direct their users to another website containing their forum – often requiring a login and other information. This can discourage users from participating in the forum. This is where ForumScript is different – the script is integrated directly with Facebook allowing the users to shift to the forum without any need for more information or another login.

The script is primarily designed to serve as a forum utility within an existing application on Facebook; however, it can also serve as a stand-alone forum within Facebook for any website. Installation is a breeze and in just a few minutes your own forum can be up and running!

If you want to integrate this software as an add-on, you will need at least basic knowledge in PHP and HTML!

Please note that this is an application for Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to create the application on Facebook. I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.

You will need to have an SSL certificate for your server. The script will handle the connection on its own, but you will need to contact your hosting service to work out how to add an SSL certificate to your server. If you are in need of a free SSL certificate, offers one.



  • Utilizes the Graph API v2.1.
  • Uses the PHP SDK v4.0.
  • Powered by jQuery AJAX for lightning-fast performance..
  • Seamless transition between existing applications and the software for users.
  • Easy-to-use admin panel.
  • Polls & BBCode Capability
  • Subscriptions and Notifications
  • 8 available color-schemes.
  • Very simple, clean layout.
  • Runs smoothly in all major browsers.
  • Complete protection from XSS.


  • Facebook Account
  • Server w/ PHP v5.4+
  • MySQL Database
  • HTTPS Capability / SSL Certificate