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Formalizer – Data Collection Engine

Formalizer is a powerful data collection engine, Formalizer is your answer to virtually any type of data collection purposes, should it be a general survey, RSVP form, assignment collection from your students, client satisfaction survey, event invitations, or any other type of data collection.

Formalizer will help you build your form, customize it and style it to your needs, decide who can see it, send out customized invitations, save the collected data, and have multiple forms of data visualization.

Through Formalizer you can:
  • manage system users
  • manage form creation
  • form customization & styling
  • recipients lists
  • send out customized invitations
  • view who filled your form
  • get visual representation for your data
  • create private/public forms
  • create invitation based only forms
  • receive file submissions with proper validations
  • &more…
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  • create unlimited system users
  • define system user permissions
  • drag and drop form elements sorting
  • dynamic form validation
  • private and public forms
  • private and public mailing lists
  • upload mailing list from csv
  • pie and bar chart data visualization
  • customizable invitation emails
  • manage form style via css
  • custom form background
  • custom form favicon
  • manage form error messages
  • custom form redirects
  • export collected data to csv

Form Elements Types

  • text box
  • text area
  • dropdown
  • file input
  • radio
  • check box
  • toggle box
  • star rating
  • date picker
  • time picker
  • password box

Validation Options

  • required
  • minimum length
  • maximum length
  • minimum value (numbers)
  • maximum value (numbers)
  • uploaded file types
  • url
  • email
  • number
  • digit
  • credit card

username: demo
password: demo
please note:
this is a regular user account
only certain file types will be uploaded to the server
some functions are disabled in the demo