Flare Responsive Mobile-Optimized Lightbox Plugin

Flare Responsive Mobile-Optimized Lightbox Plugin

The pixelentity team is once again proud to bring you: Flare – a custom responsive, touch enabled, mobile optimized lightbox jQuery plugin, which can be used to display single images/videos or entire galleries.

Image/Video Navigation via:

  • UI buttons
  • Swipe gestures
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Keyboard arrows


  • Use hardware acceleratation on CSS transforms
  • Fallbacks to standard jquery animation in older browers

Image scaling supported (per image basis):

  • fit – entire image shown
  • fill – image shown fullscreen (cropped)
  • fitmax – as “fit” with upscaling enabled
  • fillmax – as “fill” with upscaling enabled

Media Support:

  • Images
  • Fullscreen Video (YouTube, Vimeo, and local Video)
  • Automatically retrieves cover image for YouTube, Vimeo and videos

Gallery Support:

  • Gallery Type A:
    • Optional scrolling thumbnails
    • Side-to-side animated transitions
    • Mixed media
    • Mixed scale modes
  • Gallery Type B:
    • Zoom black & white fullscreen image transitions
    • Optional scrolling thumbnails
    • Mixed media
    • Mixed scale modes


  • Supports multiple galleries in the same page
  • Supports hidden gallery contents
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Comprehensive browser based searchable documentation
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support

Credits: Design & Development of the Flare Lightbox Plugin by Pixelentity.


  • This lightbox is designed to be used on responsive websites, as such on mobile devices the plugin requires that the meta viewport user zoom parameter be set to “user-scalable=0”.
  • On desktops/laptop resolution this plugin supports non-responsive websites use also.