Fixtures and Results Plugin

Fixtures and Results Plugin

This Wordpress plugin stores competitions, matches, formations and players in a database for easy archiving and display of both retroactive and upcoming fixtures. The plugin is setup with preexisting codes (football, hurling, camogie, handball) and grades. Some of the sport codes are country-specific.

The plugin uses an advanced administration section, having its own top-level menu (FRP) inside Wordpress dashboard. Information is interlinked between sections, such as teams, formations, venues, competitions and matches.

The plugin also offers 2 widgets, one showing the latest result (either generally, or manually filtered by the user) and the other showing the upcoming fixture (also generally, or manually filtered). Widgets can extract information from ALL matches or from SPECIFIC codes or grades.

It features an auto-updatable player database and advanced widgets.

See screenshots and a demo site here:

See a working club site here:

= 3.1.0 =

  • UPDATE: Removed time picker (Pickled) and replaced it with HTML5 datalist
  • UPDATE: Updated date picker script dependency

= 3.0.0 =

  • FIX: Fixed shortcodes for WordPress 4.4.0 (note that your shortcodes need to be updated and all spaces replaced with a dash ”-”)
  • FIX: Fixed WordPress multisite compatibility
  • FIX: Fixed asset editing URLs and form actions
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • UPDATE: Updated plugin name
  • UPDATE: Updated admin styles (+ UI tweaks)
  • UPDATE: Updated database schema

= 2.0 =

  • Added maintenance/clean up buttons (duplicate players, empty URLs)
  • Added missing notification styles
  • Added native WordPress icons (Dashicons)
  • Added dynamic pagination for fixtures and results
  • Changed Twitter button to use HTTPS protocol and the new /intent/ URL
  • Changed all backend screens to use native WordPress styles
  • Changed input fields to use HTML5 types (url, number)
  • Removed deprecated form validation and replaced it with HTML5 native validation
  • Players are now unique, no more duplicate player names
  • Minified CSS styles
  • Cleaned up old editor button JS

A front-end demo, as well as more screenshots, was added here: