Fine Zoom - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Fine Zoom can zoom images with different zoom of levels with smooth effect. Also drag and pan are done with a smooth effect. Just apply the plugin to any image and you can zoom in and out images just like Google Maps Zoom. It works everywhere even on touch devices(android and iosx). On Ipad and Iphone for zoom can be used the classic pinch method.


  • Best zoom algorithm, ultra performance
  • CSS3 hardware acceleration, with css2 fallback
  • Unlimited level of zoom
  • Mousewheel without plugin
  • API and Events
  • No need of other plugins, only jQuery
  • 1 finger drag, pan the image in the zoom mode
  • 2 fingers pinch , zoom in , zoom out the image
  • Controls buttons with custom position
  • destroy,enable,disable,option methods
  • Compatible with IE7+, FF 3+,Google Chrome, Safari, Opera