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When I upload files that have a space in them using File Manager, the url in the media library has the space removed instead of replaced with a ‘%20’, so when I select the file from the media library, it is not found. For example, instead of the correct

Yeah you can email me through my codecanyon profile too.


debbiedula Purchased

fyi, this seems to be a problem with the plugin I am using to display mp3 files and not with file manager. Thanks!


kmwalsh Purchased

Hi! Just bought and am having some trouble with your plugin. It’s giving me a “Fatal Error” every time I try to activate it on one of my sites.

  • My WordPress and all plugins, themes, etc. are up-to-date.
  • I have deactivated all other plugins.
  • I have switched to the default twentyfifteen theme.
  • I have attempted increasing the WP memory limit to 256 MB.
  • I did test it on another site and it’s fine there.
  • I am located on a dedicated server running CentOS 6.6 (not sure what other server info you may need).

Could it be due to the number of media files we have in a single folder on the site where it’s triggering an error? It is somewhere north of 30,000 (I am not sure on exact numbers, honestly. Could be double 30,000 or 30,001 files). This was the whole reason I wanted the plugin to begin with, as we are encountering some obvious trouble already with the number of files in this single folder, I was hoping to separate the large number of images that were uploaded into separate folders.

Am happy to provide login data to you—not sure if you have a private support channel or if you have an e-mail I can contact to provide these details.


You can email me through my profile, there should be a contact section in the right sidebar. The users are definitely the problem, email me and I will email you a modified version of the plugin in the morning, I will disable the folder creation process in the plugin.


kmwalsh Purchased

Ahhh, you are awesome! Thanks so much. E-mailing you now. Just wanted to express my thanks to you here so that others can know how awesome your support is. Thanks again!


The new email notification is only for one especific email or send an email to the folder user owner?

Its for a specific email you setup in the filemanager settings page. The default is the admin email.

Hi, I am helping a client with their site, they cannot contact their old dev and we bought another license for updates and support. I was having issues that got fixed with the latest update but the front end access is not working. I have all the shortcodes generated on my page but nothing shows up. This was working before (they were running WP 3.3.1) and now we are running the latest version. He moved to GoDaddy Managed Wordpress hosting environment. Any thoughts why the front end isn’t working?

Thank you!

Can you send me the backend access to this site, let me take a look.