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Is it possible to block specific folder access to guests who are not logged into the site? For example, membership only downloads.

Yes, you can generate shortcode for non-logged-in users with any folder you want, with any type of access.

for example, to make sure unauthorised access is disabled to wp-content/uploads/{subfolders}?

If you want to block a folder from everyone else except the one with access to it, you can use htaccess, here is how you do it:
Uploads folders of the wordpress is public, so you may not want to use htaccess in it, but you can use it in a subfolder inside it.

My client requires a separate private, secured folder for each of his clients. He also wants to be able to upload the files and details about each file automatically, say via an API.

Does your product do this?

TIA Paul

Hi, you can have separate secure folders for each client, but there is no API to automate the process, you can try to code to make it work the way you want.

Thanks – does each file get an entry in a table somewhere that describes it and I could store attributes?

Files are only uploaded to folders, it doesnt keep a log in the database.

Activation of the file manager plugin is incomplete due to failure to create the tables. Install is successful via upload of zip file to godaddy hosted WordPress. Activiation shows successful, but with “The plugin generated 35099 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” File Manager does show as activated and the interface in WordPress seems complete. Checking the phpAdmin tool for tables shows no new tables. WP DEBUG lines are here:

Hi, Can you email me the backend access. I’ll see whats going on.

For others: solution was to activate for site, not for network.

Hi, i purchase the plugin and have all configurated but cant view the front end with the code [filemanager foldername=”*“] , my template is edu

ok, tell me where i mail you

You can contact me through my profile link.


Hi, i’ve got a problem with your plugin. I’ve installed it on a test website hosted on our servers, and it used to work well. Now we upload the website on aruba, and when i try to enter via backend an error message tells me that my permission is denied. The settings are exactly the same of the previuos web site. you can see the difference from the old one and the new one going in AREE -> AREA RISERVATA

Can you email me the backend, and also tell me which user are you logging in to see the front-end.


factordev Purchased

i’m sorry for bothering you. I’ve found the problem… moving the website an old path (that i didn’t notice!) has remained in the permissions’ folders.. Thanks again for you fast support! : )


bytesize1 Purchased

Hello. I’ve just installed this plugin and I cannot add any folders to any users. I do not get any error either. Do you know what it could be? I have WP version 4.2.5


bytesize1 Purchased

Ahh! I did accidentally activate it for the network. When I deactivated it and activated it for the site i’m going to use it on all worked fine :-)

Hi, I’m not able to download docx/doc/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx correctly. I need to let office repair them everytime and says the file is damaged. All others files (pdf,png,etc…) are fine. When I download the files directly from its folder using ftp the file is fine. Could you tell me what is wrong?

Actually when filemanager downloads files it adds header information to the downloaded file, in case of xml based formats like the above ones, if headers are modified the office thinks they are corrupted, so it fixes the header again. The filemanager cant work without adding the header information, I am afraid you have to live with it :)

Hi there,

I am finding that when using this plugin in IE11, I get the following error message when trying to upload files: Invalid Backend response. Data is empty.

I noticed that by refreshing the page the files actually upload, but what can be done to get rid of this message? My client won’t want to see that every time…

I noticed that someone else posted this issue a few months ago but I didn’t see a solution in reply.


So there is no way of fixing this?

Elfinder has not updated to address this issue, it actually appeared when wordpress upgraded to new version of the jQuery, the new jQuery has a few features internet explorer doesnt like, if I try to fix it, I may hurt the filemanager for other browsers, I am afraid you are going to have to ask your clients to start using browsers, IE is not a browser anymore.

OK, thanks


There are following doubts about the plugin.

We want to keep in wp-content/uploads/xyz folder where we can manage images through wp-admin – upload bulk (any number), delete, have count of items display everytime in the browser window. Will this plugin do these. So, a certain user can be restricted to only this folder view ?

When uploading, it should alert in case same filename is being uploaded and allow to replace. Is it there ?

Is list view of files present ?

- Subba

Yes, all these features are present in the plugin, except for the alert when replacing the existing file. It just overwrites without asking.


bobp451 Purchased

Updated File Manager5 to version 5.4.1 today and now users cannot access Library page. Administrators and Subscribers receive error “Permission Denied”.

I went into the Group setup to make sure those two groups had access to the proper Folder and they do.

I also went into the User setup and chose an Admin and a Subscriber and gave them the proper Folder access.

Still cannot get to the page.

Can you provide any advise or direction. Also how would I revert back to the last version if it becomes necessary.


Hi, If you are having problems with permissions, you can remove the folder access from those users/groups are assign them again. If you want to go back to the previous version of the file manager, you can just replace the filemanager plugin in the plugins folder with the last version files you had.


bobp451 Purchased

I did reassign the folder access to the users/groups and still get the permission denied error.

I don’t have a copy of the previous version of the filemanager plugin. I do have a copy of the database taken before I updated the plugin


Email me the backend access, I will take a look.

Can the uploads folder be on a server other than what the wordpress install is in?

I am afraid it can only be the wordpress installed folder.


wurdz Purchased

I need to upload files strictly from admin to a folder under the root directory. For example: /var/www/protected-files/* where the site resides under /var/www/public_html/*. Is it possible to define the “protected-files” folder as the root?

You can edit the plugin to change the root path, but the folder outside of the wordpress wont have any url for direct file access, so the downloads and previews wont work. The plugin is working specifically for WordPress, wordpress wont have access to the folders outside of its root directory.


wurdz Purchased

Ok. I have another system in place for accessing files. I just need to know that the file manager will allow the root directory to be changed. Thanks much.

No problem

How secure is the file management?

Hi, The default folders used in filemanager are the wordpress uploads folder which is a public folder, you can however choose other folders and secure them with htaccess.

Thank you, any tips on how to go about this?

Its simple, this is how you do it:

Hi, could you provide the change log for today’s update? Thanks

Sure, I will add now.

Added the feature to restrict visibility of the filemanager for User groups, example shortcode:
[fm_access group='administrator'] [filemanager folder="*"] [/fm_access]
The above code will allow only administrators to see the filemanager. This will help you add more than one filemanager in the front-end, each for one user group (user role).
This update is only auto-update for now, codecanyon may take a couple of hours to update.