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Hi – i am trying to use your template which I have purchased.

I am on Mac and have tried in firefox, safari and google chrome.

I am editing with dreamweaver and have placed all the files into the MAMP htdocs folder.

When just trying to open the index page – the left bar loads up:

the music player never initialises and I get the error message:

SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT


cheers :)

PS i bought this as part of the DJ theme from Themeforest

HI – sorted!!

I needed to load it from http://localhost:8888

I was loading it directly into the browsers!!!

:) +


Ok cool!

Hi, is it possible to disable the fancy music player alert error messages? Especially “SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT” in INTERNET EXPLORER . Thank you Federica


Why…then you have an error! This comes up when you have not set the right path to the swf folder or when you are using the example files offline, I explain here what you need to do, when you test the example file on your local machine and you gettin this error:



Excellent player with outstanding support from you, thanks for making this purchase worthwhile. I’m amazed at how incredibly customizable it is and I’m sure I’ll find many uses.

Thanks again, Russ

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Hi Radykal, I’ve got some problems with progressbar. It starts playing from center and moves to the left. It looks strange :) I’ve tested in the Google Chrome and Firefox


Are you using MP3 or do you stream something with it?

Your player is very good but there is a problem timeout with Internet Explorer! I have to intercert the ontimeout event and reboot the player, between these two steps I have the error and it is rather tedious! I’m a a web developer, believe me, I read all the documentation carefully! So, if you can provide me a version without javascript alert, good, otherwise it is unthinkable Internet Explorer users have to click the error alert before the player starts! Thank you Federica – MantovaNet


Yes you are true. I notice that bug. It only comes up in IE8 /7 and I already fixed the preview. I am using soundmanager 2 as audio engine and there is a bug for IE8 /7 when configurating the soundmanager in the “document ready” handler. You need to configure soundmanager in the first lines of the script block before the document ready handler, like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
//ser here the swf folder
soundManager.url = 'swf/';
//need to be flash player 9
soundManager.flashVersion = 9;
//prefer HTML5 audio rather than flash
soundManager.useHTML5Audio = true;

$(dcoument).ready(function() {
//here goes the plugin call
A complete list with all soundmanager settings can also be found here: http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/doc/#sm-config

To everyone: I update the file now and the documentation, but you can also fix it by yourself following the top explained instructions.

Ok now it works perfectly! Thank you Federica


Great….please dont forget to rate it!

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I try to not display the playlist : playlist:’false’,

This don’t want to work … Can you give me an idea ?


Thanks ! Mike (France)


Fasle and true are not strings, these are Boolean values, so dont use quotes before and behind it like this:

playlist: false,
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Hi, great work! Just a question: I try to insert multiple fancyplayer (#fancyplayer 1 , #fancyplayer 2 ecc) in the same page. I want play just single song at time in differents div…... but Ican’t, the player play just one song …

Any suggestion to use your fancyplayer with 9 singles songs at the same time in the same page?




you can not put mutliple players in one page. Therefore you can create different links and when you click at one, the track will be loaded into the player.

So create one player in your page and create a custom HTML playlist with 9 list items or 9 different single track links. How you do that, just take a look in to the documentation.

Hi Mate,

Is there a way to make it so the volume slider is above the player and dragged down as apose to below the player and dragged up.

Thanks, Jamie.


Not by default… I can only do this in a custom job!

How much would you charge?

Thanks, J-Dog


Could you maybe send me an illustration what you exactly imagine? That would clarify everything and I can make a closer offer!

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Hey Rad, I get a mp3 error in chrome, when loading different pages? says: Music Player Error: song could not be loaded please check link? I am using more than one .xml file for each playlist, just wondering what could be causing this. http://www.gamebrothas.com

You still use V2.0….please go to your downloads section and download the file again. Read the documentation again, things have changed since V2.2.

Hi presume this player can be inserted into Joomla cms theme without any problem? I have a client who wants this configured for use on a joomla theme, thanks chris


Yes when you are familiar with javascript coding and joomla codex. I am not familiar with Joomla so I cant tell you which file need to be edited.

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Thank You Radydal!

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Is this a file directory issue for the swf file?.......[SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT.]


Did you set the right path in the soundManager.url like I explain in the documentation?

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hi i’m new at coding and designing websites. I purchased your player and I cant figure out how to put it on my site. I see the documentation but had no luck when trying it. Can you help me? I downloaded the files and extracted them and upload them to my webserver, from there i’m lost. let’s say I want to put it on a blank html, what code do I put on the head what code goes on the body?



Actually when you take a look at the example folder and the index.html, you will see what code you need.

Otherwise I can only help you when you show me a website where you are trying to use it.

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Thank you Radykal, Im looking into the example index.html but when i run it, it gives an error “SM2 fail to start . Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT

All I did was; on the download files from your project there is an example directory, inside that directory there are more directories and the index.html, i double clicked to see the sample and i received the above error. What could be the problem?



Then you need to try it online, there it should work fine!

I also explain in the FAQ why it could not work offline:


Read first FAQ !

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okay I got it playing here is the site where im testing it..looks cool. http://compunetxpert.com/audio.html. Now I have just one question, can the list that scrolls down be remove? Im talking about the little bullet with the list icon along with the list of artist below the rewind button. I would only like to have the “My XML Playlist 2 showing with the player. Can you please advise on this? if is possible how can i remove it? Here is the test link again http://compunetxpert.com/audio.html


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Sorry i found the answer. thank you


Ok dont forget to rate it!!