Fancy Countdown - jQuery plugin

Fancy Countdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin that lets you create an outstanding countdown. It´s very easy to use. You can set an own target date with a timezone. The plugin comes with an extensive API. Set it up only in 3 minutes! It´s working on all iToys(iPhone, iPad etc.) and smartphones which support JavaScript!


1.3 – 15.12.2012
  • Responsive CSS file
  • Dimensions need to be set via CSS now
1.2 – 31.5.1012
  • I removed Cufon for better and faster handling, now use Google webfonts.
  • New Option: digitSize – Set the size for the digits via the options.
  • New Option: overlayImageUrl – Set the URL of the image overlay via the options. When you change the default size of the digit boxes, you do not need to change the image dimension anymore.
I also added the stop/start handlers in the plugin, when changing the window tab, so you do not need to do that anymore in your script block:
window.addEventListener('blur', $.fancyCountdown.stop);
window.addEventListener('focus', $.fancyCountdown.start);
  • Now you can set the amount of day digits
  • You can set the titles for the captions in the options