Facebook Walleria - Wordpress Plugin

Facebook Walleria- WordPress Plugin

Facebook Walleria is a WordPress Plugin that embeds a number of Facebook Objects into your website. It uses the Facebook Graph to pull information about Albums, Photos, Feed, Comments and presents the information on your website in a sleek style.

Instead of doing a double job of updating your site and Facebook profile, Facebook Walleria enables you to update your albums and feed on Facebook with the changes appearing in real-time on your website.

Facebook sharing for logged in Facebook users is also integrated with Wall allowing interactivity with your visitors. Commenting and Liking has also been enabled on the Wall, thus your visitors can make comments on topics on your feed without leaving your website.

The potential of Facebook Walleria is massive, as you can also use the Feed/Wall to present any object with a feed, like comments about an event, a group or an application with minimal tweaking.

Call it Seamless Facebook Integration!


Facebook Walleria has many features that you will find handy for your Wordpress site:

Facebook Wall

  • A realtime Facebook feed (Wall)
  • Facebook feed (wall) comes with photostrip gallery
  • Inline playing of videos and media
  • Fast loading powered through ajax

Facebook Album Gallery

  • A gallery of all your Facebook Albums
  • Fast photo thumbnails loading
  • ICustomizable CSS

Facebook Photo Gallery

  • Display photos from page album, user album or friend’s album
  • Fancybox slideshow with customizable options
  • Callable functions for templates

Quick Start Video

To get a quick insight into Facebook Walleria realm please click the quick start video link below
View Quick Start Video